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Solo Shows

For some considerable time I have worked on projects by myself, or applied within an organisation as an individual.
To work on your own does give highs and lows.  But the ultimate is that all decisions are my own - whether that's to do with my pieces of work, making sure I timetable things properly or getting the paperwork done.  Lists become your best friend!  But there is only one person to blame, or cheer at the end of the day.

I've had a few small solo shows of my own, locally in Essex, from shows in a small gallery setting, to showing work in a hospice and a six month display in a hospital.

I have participated in many Art Trails, since my first in 2008,  Burnham-on-Crouch Art TrailThe Rochford Art Trail since its formation in 2009 - participating in every one.  I've also joined in Hadleigh Art Trail as an individual artist and there are others which I have joined in with, as a Member of a group, making a total of 20+ over the years, so far!

Having made books for many many years, predominantly finding my challenge in the variety of construction, I've also participated in an Artists Book Fair. Please visit the host's website

I was fortunate enough to have Three pieces selected for the Essex Open exhibition which took place in the Winter of 2016/17.  I have been in it previously, but not for sometime.
2017 saw a piece selected for the Spring Open organised by the Miss Annabel Dee Gallery. 

Its my intention to continue with my solo applications, judging each by its merits, what I can do in a given timeframe and whether it fits in the diary with other projects - because working by yourself is indeed a different aspect of being an artist, to that of working within a group setting.