01 July 2009

Catch Up Time

The Art Trail is over for this year - but I am pleased with how things went. My venue host was lovely, and tells me that visitors did look and wanted to buy work there and then, but that's not quite how the Trail works. If you were one of those people, do get in touch, I'm sure we can work something out. Bevtextart@aol.com

Sadly I was not successful at the Essex Open - not surprising. Textile Art is accepted but there are usually only 4/5 pieces to be found amongst the five rooms spread over two floors. Still there's always next year....

Knit One, Stitch One plans are progressing. The poster is finalised and awaiting copying for distribution.

I'm busy making my piece for the ERTF, Romance in the Store Cupboard project - hearts and love letters feature. That will be on show at The Shop in Cambridge in September. In the meantime next week the ERTF "Moving Forward" exhibition opens at the Warner Archive, Braintree, see previous post for details. There's an article on the Archive in the latest Embroidery magazine.

This is a detail of one of my Heart Series pieces, there are six - of this style, this one is Hearts & Flowers.