09 August 2018

Preparing for New Projects

So the endless hot days here are making it so anything is hard work.  We are not used to such here in the UK.  I even questioned if the radiators were on, as they felt warm to the touch.
The room where my stuff pending creativeness stash is kept is South facing, so its mega hot.
Anyway thinking the best way to get myself in a better creative thought process is to sort and tidy a cupboard not touched in years.  So here it is - boxes have been done, but all of this has to go back in its place, but way too hot to do that.  Today we've got rain predicted all day.

So I need to get ready, as I think there will be updates to the creative diary, as in new things and new deadlines.

One of these came about this past weekend.  Something which I had thought wasn't taking place this year, suddenly there's an email, a deadline 10 days away and an event a month away.
But, but but.... of course, it clashes with something else...
There must be something about certain weeks in a year, as I often find there is nothing for weeks or even months on end, and then suddenly two or more things crop up for the same date.

Its my local Embroiderers' Guild meeting this coming Saturday - I volunteered to help with any stitches people struggle with.  One which often crops up is French Knots.  I've stitched one or two....