27 April 2017

Cat Pic and Other Things...

Gosh, there really is something of a time warp going on with little bloggy, turn around and weeks have gone by.

I have been sharing images on both my Facebook Page  and also over on my Instagram
You don't always need an account of your own with these sites in order to be able to see things.  I've updated the Sidebar, some date changes.  I always make a note of when updates occur, as you can see in the strap line above.

As well as making, I've also needed time on the computer to do things for others.  Quirk that these things all turn up at the same time.

I will show you my work table...

Ooooh tidy
Actually this is by accident.  I was using a scalpel blade to cut papers, and I do mean scalpel, as in medical, not as in the orange snap blade knife in the pic.  You can just see the handle of the scalpel... well the blade snapped in two, and the sharp pointed end, as in mega sharp, was nowhere to be seen - So this necessitated cleaning and tidying whole table top to find it.  Otherwise I could guess, that 

one of these two
would find it - particularly Spike on the left, as he's always in this room and finds all sorts to 'eat'.  Bandit rarely comes in unless its to ask if there's a biscuit stash somewhere.  Of course after tidying, even washing down the table and glass mat, said blade was on the floor.  But at least found.

So The Material Girls have an Exhibition this Holiday Weekend, and here is a little tease of my piece.  Its based on Churchyards, with a nod towards Grayson Perry....

I will reveal all next week, if you can't visit

Thanks for dropping by - think I've done the good bloggy thing - photos of cats, always get more visitors!!!  Wink