01 January 2019

Its 2019 (with closure on 2018)


Firstly time for a catch up.
I've not posted in such a long time - mainly because not really feel well, not ill, just not well, I chose to have a defined course of action elsewhere, for me.
It is always so difficult to share things here, because a lot of what I make is for Exhibition, and its only right that first look goes to those events.  So it can very much look like I'm not doing anything, when there is something going on.

Following the Art Trail and Art Fair events, I didn't have anything else planned for me personally.  However, I did help the husband with his entries into the Essex Open, one of which sold on opening night.

At a friend's suggestion I have become a Member of S.E.W. 
I was somewhat hesitant, not sure if it was for me, but my friend persuaded me to give it a go, can only try and see.  I also expressed that I was really wanting to find a group I could join which involved BookArts.
So I sent off my application, following an open call out, and to my utter surprise it came back with... Yes we'd like you to join with your Books!!!  So that involved happy dancing.
Its a new venture, so will await developments, it could be that I/we/me are not a good fit, but we shall see.  Its nice to have the opportunity to investigate though.

I've got an event coming up - well if you call 2020 coming up.  New to me again, but decided to stop being a wimp and give it a go, so said Yes.

And a piece which was in my local Art Trail, sold independently in November.  So this has a new home.

detail of Strata

In the pipeline for 2019 is:
~plenty of work for The Material Girls exhibitions planned and pending
~joining in the Sketchbook Project  doing a Mini Sketchbook this time
~local Embroiderers' Guild Branch Competition - not done in many years
~signed up to Lifebook 2019 - new to me starts today
~possibly an Art Trail - may be the Art Sale Event
~possibly get around to the list I made out in January 2018!

Don't know when I will be back here - but hopefully will, with something I can share.

Have a happy creative, and funfiled 2019