31 December 2012

End of....

Well its the last day of 2012... phew.
So what more appropriate I thought clear up a few things on the table, and be ready to start over.
These are more postcards.  Sorry for the bad photography.  Its pouring with rain here, dark as anything and dreadful to try and record things.
The two purple postcards have been on here before... they were a large piece which wasn't going anywhere, but after chopping up it seemed more suited the purpose.  The patterns were marked when the colours were whole, then after chopping and stitching together a few times, I added the surface stitch patterns, which makes them now nicely randomised, if that's a word.  The greeny coloured one in the background is the same cut/stitch/cut method, just includes patterned paper.  All these pieces actually needed was a backing.  However I'd held off wondering whether I should add something else or coat with varnish, and they moved around the table not getting anywhere.  So today, enough, put the backing on... which is actually a good quality cartridge paper, printed up with my details.  And done, at last.
I also finished these today. An Xmas gift from a dear friend.  Make your own earrings kit, of course in my fave purple and long dangles, she knows me sooo well.  Lots of beads left over from the kit, to sit and stroke lovingly!!!

So today, as far as I'm concerned is Old Year's Night, as we always referred to it, in my native Norfolk. End of a year which has brought me challenges in all sorts of directions, could do with the next year being a little slower in order to recover.

20 December 2012

Tis the season for......

How come time seems to evaporate at this time of year?  Even though I've done my Xmas stuff, such as it is.  Cards and presents done and delivered.  Present, yeah, sorted my present for me for Boxing Day alone time.  Nope its nothing from childhood memory... but it is something I've drooled over for a while. Eeeewww  All I will say is it will involve glue and paper, given that I've also my own dedicated bottle of something fizzy and a box of posh chocs at the ready, the end result may not be as anticipated!

I had a nice trip out on Monday, meeting up with Janette from EAST.  When viewing their latest Exhibition him indoors came up to me and said he really liked a piece of work, so I said, why not get it then.  Here it is.  Made by Susan Canfield.  Thank you Susan.
I've also bought Lynda Monk's latest book, which I think so far others have had more of a look at than me, as I've taken it to show various people.  Lynda is one of the nicest people you can meet and incredibly generous with her knowledge and sharing.  If you get to see her work in person or take a class with her, do.

Today, a nice lunch out with Juliet.... finally updated all my accounts.  Sounds posh/important, its not, just not touched a thing, shoved receipts into a folder for the past entire year.  So now its time to hibernate for the duration!  As long as I have intravenous chocolate I'll be OK.

Wishing Everyone Who Drops by for a Read
A Very Happy Christmas

12 December 2012

All the Twelves!

Well today is 12.12.12 - and I've been out and about taking photos.  I think this is my last Date Day recording.  I like these funny dates, could be because my birthday is one of them, and so is my wedding day.
So I've been recording things on these days since 1.1.1  Now the trick is actually to find where I've kept them all, sure not all of them are in digital form.
Sunrise this morning.... and no they are not hills in the background, nor even a forest of trees - its actually dark cloud.
This piece of work has found its way home to me.
Its been absent for about 18 months or more.  It was made for the touring exhibition of the ERTF Owen Jones inspired work.  This piece was based on the colours of the fabrics found in the Warner Archive alongside Owen Jones Proposition 32
Ornaments of any colour may be separated from grounds of any other colour by edgings of white, gold, or black.
The piece is called: "Pastiche".
Thanks to Lorraine for organising, with help from many many others along the way.