26 September 2009

Knit One, Stitch One.... Rotten One

I'm very upset... poor Juliet has had one of her beautiful knitwear Shrugs stolen from our exhibition.
The College are doing what they can - but I'm very upset by it, and Juliet is likely 10 times worse than me.
So was it you????? I can only say that the perpetrator will get their comeuppance one day, and we have our eyes open for anyone trying to sell on a designer piece of knitwear.

25 September 2009

ERTF, Cambridge - be quick....

I've been up to visit the ERTF's first exhibition at The Shop, Cambridge. Alas I viewed it through the haze of painkillers, but I thought it was a good display. Although no photography is allowed, I did get permission to take a pic of my heart piece in situ... but it will go in my sketchbook, for my eyes only, not fair to show here as pic contains others work too. However, if you look at the ERTF blog, you will see pics taken during the exhibition and more information. starting 6th Sept. If you want to visit you will need to be quick as the exhibition finishes tomorrow, 26th Sept.

16 September 2009


I've been doing some tidying and re-arranging, of the computer folder sort. And realised that some of my work from recent months wasn't actually on my web album. So I've added more pics, and also there is the new album to show my work on display at the various exhibitions. It's not meant to give a detailed look at the pieces but rather an idea of the setting. So, do take a look at my web album
Next task is to have think about small saleable items for Etsy and the like. Its a bit sparse and been neglected and I have some ideas. My next event to work for is another exhibition in February, but its not open to the public. Its in a hospice, so exhibiting there is a means to offer a changing and attractive environment for those who use the facility.

03 September 2009

Knit One, Stitch One - ready to visit, please....

Knit One, Stitch One is ready to view. Poster below/right for details. There may be some Saturday opening, but this depends entirely upon the College and the classes it runs, so please ask them direct. 01702 544900
Here's a picture of Juliet's and my work. We put this exhibition together, but did did not collaborate in the sense of making work together. However, surprises like this one... many pieces matched in very well with each other. My piece here is Winter Sun.
More general pictures from the exhibition will be found on my web album, see the album "On Exhibition".
And whilst setting up, we heard of another opportunity, which is currently being researched. Its very true, one thing does lead to another.

Remember the or nue piece from several postings back? Well this is a glimpse of the finished piece below. Its called Meadow Lea. Alongside a snippet from Purplicious - a celebration of purple