19 June 2009

Art Trail

My work is up and ready for the Art Trail which opens on Saturday 20th, and runs until 28th June. Here's a look. Apologies for the photo, its really hard to take a pic of things in a window, and also being a hairdressers, the mirrors are directly opposite. Apologies to those inside if you are revealed mid snip!! http://www.burnhamarttrail.co.uk/ I will be at The Museum this coming Monday afternoon (22nd) stewarding - so come by and say hello.

The pic in a previous post of machine or nue, well I was hoping to finish that, but its still sitting here, undecided as to what to do with it next, so it hasn't appeared in the window!!

I've also put One piece into the Essex Open. It wasn't until last moment that I realised if work is selected it will over run with my exhibition with Juliet, so good idea in the end to only put one piece forward. Its been a while since I've been successful, so hopeful but not overly so.

15 June 2009

CHAT and plenty of chat!!!

Yesterday I went over to Thaxted, (near Stansted) Essex, for the annual Exhibition of the textile group CHAT. Last year was the first exhibition since their inception that I had ever missed, so I was determined not to repeat it this year. http://www.smallchat.co.uk
The group is much smaller this year (7) as Members have left to take up further studies and because of personal commitments, so I was a little hesitant as to what I'd find. BUT I'm rarely disappointed with this group. Always top quality work on show, their presentation skills and finishing skills on the work is top notch, let alone the actual creativity, design and execution. It always amazes me that with each person working to their own theme, the exhibition as a unified display works so well. There was 'clothing' with knitted wire corsets and memory pieces of times gone by. The natural world, with seed pods, the sea, and landscapes, work inspired by the concept of time, and intricate work displayed in glass domes reminding of a bygone era. Photography is not allowed, but the group sells photo packs. Part of the joy of visiting CHAT, is also a visit to their shop and also the chance to spend lots of time chatting with old friends!!! Do try to go, its on until 28th June.