22 December 2009

Natural light

Last week, back to hanging out of the window taking pictures - this time the early morning light, about 8am, love the soft peaches, and pinks.

Two days later and around the same time in the morning, this is what we have. As an "artist" seeing nature like this makes me so wish I could capture it myself - but I favour Abstract composition - my realistic attempts don't even look good enough to be described as naive art. But then why compete, when Mother Nature has done a pretty good job by herself. A long time ago my C&G tutor said, if you want a piece of work to look like a photograph - just take a photograph - so I'll continue to hang out of the window, and capture nature with the click of a button.

10 December 2009

Looking and Learning

I've been to a site visit for my next exhibition, suppose you could also say its a solo. However, its not open to the public. My work will be up in a corridor of a hospice, its to decorate, give a changing environment, for the benefit of staff and users of the centre. My work is going up in February. Lovely modern building and the display area is just off reception.

In the meantime I've been playing. A quilter I am not, far from it. However, I've been playing with continuous line patterns, in an effort not to keep returning the same one I always use.

These may be added in with the white hand stitching mentioned previously.
My poor little Etsy shop is empty... I will get to making and putting up more things, it's on the list.

30 November 2009

Chasing Words

Anyone who knows me will say that I have a love of words. I spend hours pouring over dictionaries and Thesaurus, hunting out word meanings, to give titles to my work or inspiration. Well in August 2010 I have my second solo exhibition, but it was way back in the Spring that I had to sign the Contract and give an exhibition title. I chose a very obscure word, not in present usage which meant "a kind of fabric". But its so obscure that it doesn't really give even a hint of what the exhibition is about. So decided to change it. Much pouring over the books, the internet, making up my own words combining real ones, trying to find something which sounds enticing, will give the lay person an idea. After all "stitch on paper, or fabric, collage or montage, or everything all at once, also with added twiddlly bits, by hand or machine, abstract, but could be based on realistic images" - isn't exactly catchy!
The word I've chosen, means "the act or process of making, creating, manufacture" and gives a subtle hint towards fibre and textiles. My second solo exhibition is entitled:

23 November 2009


What on earth is this? Well actually the photo was because a friend wanted to see the close up on my camera - so French Knots in detail. But this is part of my current playings, stitching white thread on paper. Not sure where its going yet, may get painted over and coloured - but it has me down as this mad person, producing little scraps of paper with handstitch on them, but its design development - honest!!

And at this time of the year this is the other thing which occupies me. Hanging out of the window taking pictures of the sky, because it really is that colour - you should see the oranges and deep blues... I'm thinking of making work based on colour - and my sky photos might well provide the answer. Mhmmm I could paint my white stitching in pinks....

08 November 2009

Rochford Art Trail....

is now up and running. I set up my small display, (3 pieces) in Barclays Bank on Friday. They are on a cabinet at the far end of the Bank as you go in. You can't miss the Bank at the moment as its shrouded in scaffolding. As I'm not in a window you will need to go in to see - so weekdays only. I didn't take any photos - doubtful photography inside a bank is appropriate!!! Attended the Launch yesterday, tried to do some networking, interfacing or whatever its called!!! If you are around this coming week, do visit the Trail - its small, but lots of lovely work from many talented people. Juliet is at Rochford Hospital, where she tells me there is a really nice cafe. Then there are other cafes in the town with art work displayed, shop windows and business premises hosting too. Hopefully if this is well supported it will re-appear next year. A new venture and I think a good time of year, bringing some brightness and interest to grey November days.

In the meantime, I'm going to change the title of the exhibition which I have in August 2010 - when I think of a new name, I'll let you know. Also exhibiting at Farleigh Hospice in February - which is not open to the public - but plans are moving on for that, and I will make a site visit soon.

26 October 2009

Next Appearance!!!

She's here, there and everywhere. It is very true that one thing leads to another, indeed this weekend I've heard of yet another possible....
My next event has had a very quick timescale, 10 weeks from hearing about it, applying, being accepted and then taking part!!
Rochford Art Trail
7th - 15th November, Rochford, Essex.
My work will be in Barclays Bank, 15 West Street, Rochford, SS4 1BE this is right on the corner of the market square (market day is Tuesday). Unfortunately the Bank is undergoing refurbishment, and I will have a small display, 3 pieces. But actually this suits me, given the time scale and other things. And how cool is this - the Manager said my work would be put away at night!!!
I've decided not to join in the Xmas selling event - far too much going on the week prior and that weekend. Much as I want to particpate and support and show that there is an interest in such events, sense does have to win out sometimes. The event I heard about this weekend, when I see the details, will also need very careful consideration.

19 October 2009

Two out of Three Ain't Bad!!!

Well you wait on opportunities, and suddenly all the relevant emails arrive within 12 hours!!!
The bad news is that the calendar opportunity with a piece of my work is not going ahead - too expensive to do. But still I was on the shortlist of work to be featured, so that is a positive.
The other two events are rapidly approaching. One is a local Art Trail - which is a little over 2 1/2 weeks away!!! Thankfully I'd been sensible in my submission in terms of what I could manage. The other event is an Xmas Art selling exhibition, which is due first weekend in December. I've got to think about this, not because I don't want to do it - but simply because it clashes with other personal things, and we have only one car, so logistics to work out before I say Yes. Where would I be without a desk diary, to book custody of the car!
When I have links, more information etc I'll post back.

12 October 2009

Still time to see....

How quickly time races by - I lost last week somewhere!!! Our Knit One Stitch One exhibition is still on, but only two weeks (plus one day) left to go and see it, last day is Monday 26th October. Do go along, and you can always stop by the college cafe.
I've got paperwork laying on my table to check, for 2010 events, frighteningly, in terms of art work, the time flies by and deadlines get ever closer, with neon signs flashing - and I was going to be so efficient, that is until you lose the odd week or three....

05 October 2009

Juliet's Stolen Shrug

Here is a picture of the beautiful Shrug which was taken from our Knit One, Stitch One exhibition. It's a labelled designer piece - see Juliet's blog for more information or to contact her with any news.

26 September 2009

Knit One, Stitch One.... Rotten One

I'm very upset... poor Juliet has had one of her beautiful knitwear Shrugs stolen from our exhibition.
The College are doing what they can - but I'm very upset by it, and Juliet is likely 10 times worse than me.
So was it you????? I can only say that the perpetrator will get their comeuppance one day, and we have our eyes open for anyone trying to sell on a designer piece of knitwear.

25 September 2009

ERTF, Cambridge - be quick....

I've been up to visit the ERTF's first exhibition at The Shop, Cambridge. Alas I viewed it through the haze of painkillers, but I thought it was a good display. Although no photography is allowed, I did get permission to take a pic of my heart piece in situ... but it will go in my sketchbook, for my eyes only, not fair to show here as pic contains others work too. However, if you look at the ERTF blog, you will see pics taken during the exhibition and more information. starting 6th Sept. If you want to visit you will need to be quick as the exhibition finishes tomorrow, 26th Sept.

16 September 2009


I've been doing some tidying and re-arranging, of the computer folder sort. And realised that some of my work from recent months wasn't actually on my web album. So I've added more pics, and also there is the new album to show my work on display at the various exhibitions. It's not meant to give a detailed look at the pieces but rather an idea of the setting. So, do take a look at my web album
Next task is to have think about small saleable items for Etsy and the like. Its a bit sparse and been neglected and I have some ideas. My next event to work for is another exhibition in February, but its not open to the public. Its in a hospice, so exhibiting there is a means to offer a changing and attractive environment for those who use the facility.

03 September 2009

Knit One, Stitch One - ready to visit, please....

Knit One, Stitch One is ready to view. Poster below/right for details. There may be some Saturday opening, but this depends entirely upon the College and the classes it runs, so please ask them direct. 01702 544900
Here's a picture of Juliet's and my work. We put this exhibition together, but did did not collaborate in the sense of making work together. However, surprises like this one... many pieces matched in very well with each other. My piece here is Winter Sun.
More general pictures from the exhibition will be found on my web album, see the album "On Exhibition".
And whilst setting up, we heard of another opportunity, which is currently being researched. Its very true, one thing does lead to another.

Remember the or nue piece from several postings back? Well this is a glimpse of the finished piece below. Its called Meadow Lea. Alongside a snippet from Purplicious - a celebration of purple

26 August 2009

Romance and Reality

This is a little snippet of a piece which together with that on the last post will be on view at the ERTF exhibition "Moving Forward". The Shop, 18 Jesus Lane, Cambridge, 8-26th September.
I do not have work in the main exhibition, but have the Challenge piece below, and the above piece. From our ERTF study day behind the scenes of a museum, "Romance in the Store Cupboard" - we were looking at love tokens from the past.
My exhibition with Juliet Bryson - www.julietbryson.co.uk goes up in under a week, and its full on reality. Most everything is done now, but I've spent ages in front the computer, labels etc take such a long time, drafting an Artist Statement is even more time consuming. And then there was the casual request, can you just..... write a press release? Which as these things are, is followed by... within the next day or so. Lists, you need lists... and a big red pen to tick off the tasks done!!

06 August 2009


On Friday Juliet and I went over to the Warner Textile Archive in Braintree, Essex. We went for two reasons 1) to see our work on exhibition, and 2) to start work on another ERTF/Warner collaboration.
Incidentally, ERTF - Eastern Region Textile Forum: www.ertf.org.uk The above is my entry (sneaky peek on previous posting) for the 2nd Challenge, making A4 sized work from a sectional piece of fabric/design from the Archive. We had no choice, it was pot luck which you were given in a sealed envelope. My design had just the pink honeysuckle flowers, which you can see - a bit of computer manipulation and my end result. Its on display at Braintree until 21st August, and then it will move to The Long Shop, Cambridge, from 8th Sept. There are over 40 pieces on display, alongside the design source, its beautifully displayed well worth a visit. I don't know if a calendar will go ahead or not... but my piece has been shortlisted for it.
The main part of our visit was taken up looking at fabrics designed by Owen Jones, in order to make work for a future display at the Archive. We can make whatever we wish, its not juried but its specifically for exhibition at Braintree. No dates have been fixed, but likely to be on show from early Summer 2010. So there's time to think, especially to come to terms with fabrics from the 1870s in bubblegum pink, or hot citrus yellow!!! And we think of these as being so modern.
It was a good meeting - and 2010 is filling up with potential opportunities.... and..... even heard about things for 2011! And I thought last year being able to buy the following year's desk diary in August, was a bit extreme.... perhaps not.

01 July 2009

Catch Up Time

The Art Trail is over for this year - but I am pleased with how things went. My venue host was lovely, and tells me that visitors did look and wanted to buy work there and then, but that's not quite how the Trail works. If you were one of those people, do get in touch, I'm sure we can work something out. Bevtextart@aol.com

Sadly I was not successful at the Essex Open - not surprising. Textile Art is accepted but there are usually only 4/5 pieces to be found amongst the five rooms spread over two floors. Still there's always next year....

Knit One, Stitch One plans are progressing. The poster is finalised and awaiting copying for distribution.

I'm busy making my piece for the ERTF, Romance in the Store Cupboard project - hearts and love letters feature. That will be on show at The Shop in Cambridge in September. In the meantime next week the ERTF "Moving Forward" exhibition opens at the Warner Archive, Braintree, see previous post for details. There's an article on the Archive in the latest Embroidery magazine.

This is a detail of one of my Heart Series pieces, there are six - of this style, this one is Hearts & Flowers.

19 June 2009

Art Trail

My work is up and ready for the Art Trail which opens on Saturday 20th, and runs until 28th June. Here's a look. Apologies for the photo, its really hard to take a pic of things in a window, and also being a hairdressers, the mirrors are directly opposite. Apologies to those inside if you are revealed mid snip!! http://www.burnhamarttrail.co.uk/ I will be at The Museum this coming Monday afternoon (22nd) stewarding - so come by and say hello.

The pic in a previous post of machine or nue, well I was hoping to finish that, but its still sitting here, undecided as to what to do with it next, so it hasn't appeared in the window!!

I've also put One piece into the Essex Open. It wasn't until last moment that I realised if work is selected it will over run with my exhibition with Juliet, so good idea in the end to only put one piece forward. Its been a while since I've been successful, so hopeful but not overly so.

15 June 2009

CHAT and plenty of chat!!!

Yesterday I went over to Thaxted, (near Stansted) Essex, for the annual Exhibition of the textile group CHAT. Last year was the first exhibition since their inception that I had ever missed, so I was determined not to repeat it this year. http://www.smallchat.co.uk
The group is much smaller this year (7) as Members have left to take up further studies and because of personal commitments, so I was a little hesitant as to what I'd find. BUT I'm rarely disappointed with this group. Always top quality work on show, their presentation skills and finishing skills on the work is top notch, let alone the actual creativity, design and execution. It always amazes me that with each person working to their own theme, the exhibition as a unified display works so well. There was 'clothing' with knitted wire corsets and memory pieces of times gone by. The natural world, with seed pods, the sea, and landscapes, work inspired by the concept of time, and intricate work displayed in glass domes reminding of a bygone era. Photography is not allowed, but the group sells photo packs. Part of the joy of visiting CHAT, is also a visit to their shop and also the chance to spend lots of time chatting with old friends!!! Do try to go, its on until 28th June.

30 May 2009


Had a meeting with Juliet regarding our joint exhibition in September. As she makes constructed textiles and wearables, and we both embroider, but mine is more likely to include the use of paper - finding a title has been difficult, but we have that solved now.

Knit One, Stitch One
I think it sums up exactly what we will have on offer. And once you have the title you can do all the rest, like info to magazines etc. We made great progress in working out the what, when, how and who.

Work wise progress has been slow... lots of ideas but none of them appear to be THE idea! Here is something started... since the photo its actually progressed considerably, as its almost 7" wide. What next for it....

08 May 2009

ERTF Exhibition at Warner Archive

Moving Forward
Exhibition by Eastern Region Textile Forum
8th July - 21st August 2009
The Warner Textile Archive, Silks Way, Braintree, Essex, CM7 3GB
Wed - Fri 11.00am/4.00pm Entry £3
I will have some work in this Exhibition. Made in response to the Members' Challenge, using a piece from the Archive as inspiration to produce new A4 sized work. You can see my piece in an earlier post. There is some good news about my piece. Its amongst several to go forward for possible inclusion in an ERTF calendar. As and when there's further news on this I'll post. But that was a very pleasant surprise.

28 April 2009

Art Trail - update

Burnham on Crouch Art Trail
20th - 28th June 2009
The 2009 Art Trail website is now online.
You will find me at Venue 6.

20 April 2009


Just to advise that I've updated my web album today. http://www.picturetrail.com/BeverleyFolkard
Its here you will find an up to date cv, extra information and lots and lots of pictures of my art work.

14 April 2009

Looking Forward

Today, along with my friend Juliet, (whose creativity lies in knitted textiles) we've looked at the exhibition arrangements at the local adult community college. Some very long corridors, but very bright, as they run around a quadrangle. We've a lot of space to fill, but its a great opportunity - reaching out in both directions, giving both local artists and the college a wider audience.
So we've got until September to make new work, organise ourselves, find a suitable title for our exhibition, and sort all the other things which are necessary to put on an exhibition.
But... before all that, June is full of deadlines - 4, if I try for them all. Well I've been shopping today, bought some larger canvases - just in case I can fill them!!

30 March 2009

Exhibition News

Steam Into Stitch
4th - 19th April 2009
The Long Shop Museum, Main Street, Leiston, Suffolk IP16 4ES

I will have a piece of work in this exhibition by the Eastern Region of the Embroiderers' Guild. Last Summer I attended a Study Day looking at the artefacts in the Museum, from which we were asked to make work for an exhbition.

This is from my design process.... not on the day. I was saying to a friend my Sketchbooks look more like a cross between architect plans and a novel. Not the beautiful attractive things others produce. But I've come to realise that I can't be what I'm not, and I'm more comfortable with words, rather than drawings.

22 March 2009

Sneaky Peek

Life is full of deadlines and then suddenly nothing... well not for another few months - time to be efficient and get ahead of the game!!

I have my venue for the Burnham on Crouch Art Trail in June, more information will be posted on that nearer the time.

I've to finalise details, but have an opportunity to exhibit at a local adult college in September.

And the sneaky peek - work made for a competition of a group I belong to. Hopefully it arrived on time and safely, if so, it will be seen at the conference in April.

10 March 2009

Added to Etsy

This is part of my HEART SERIES - so far there are 6 pieces, 4 of which are mounted up on canvas and are currently on exhibition, but I have 2 on Etsy which are unmounted. Leaving it for the purchaser to decide how to display.

This one is LOVE IS...
There are lots of techniques involved in this small artwork, in fact this series is more complex than some of my larger pieces, for instance there are 4 layers of fabric below what you can see!! A paper base, painted with water colour paint, and a spritz of other paints, printed on the computer - there's very subtle wording. Then its cut and stitched with chiffon in a Convergence Quilt technique. The heart is padded dyed fabric covered with silver leaf, alcohol inks and the words
As I have a project to do based on 'love tokens' in a museum collection, I'm sure the heart image will appear elsewhere.

19 February 2009

Exhibition News

I've sold a piece of work

"Sky" - this is based on a photograph taken by me from an upstairs window, and yes the sky can really be those colours.

I went along today to see the red dot for myself (a friend had told me) but there was no red dot, just a very satisfying, and large SOLD. And yes, I did take a photograph of it.

I asked today about returning in the future, and I've been offered a slot in 2010, in fact the last available slot in 2010.

By the time I got home however, there was already an answer phone message - would I like to extend my exhibition, someone hasn't shown up with their work. So from 27th Feb until 27th March, a few selected pieces will move into the cafe itself. Talk about right places, right time... if I'd not bothered to stop and chat this morning.....

10 February 2009

My First Solo Exhibition

Well my very first solo exhibtion is up and running. It continues until 27th February 2009, (Monday-Saturday, 9.00am - 5.00pm). Its at The Mill Arts & Events Centre, Bellingham Lane, Rayleigh, Essex, SS6 7ED.

Its been a long while coming, both on a personal level, and also from confirmation of acceptance. Going solo has its pros and cons. Yes there is only me to please, BUT... there is also only me to do all the work, and more importantly, no-one to say, "have you remembered" "have you thought of" "what about". However, experience of exhibitng with others, and the experience of being an Exhibition Co-ordinator for a big event.. and an ever handy notebook helps!

This actually brings me to the title of this blog, my Etsy shop and my Exhibition. On receiving the Contract for the exhibition, I had to insert a title... mhmmm, what was suitable? As I like fabrics, threads, and all things stitchy, but also have a reputation for using the unusual, such as acrylic tubes, or metal chain and of course paper features heavily in my work - what would cover all of that as a concept? Suddenly it hit me, all of my work is a Reaction to how I view the various materials. Fibre can just as easily be fabric as it can paper... and thus Fibre Reaction was born.

07 February 2009


Hello - my name is Beverley, as you might have gathered and this is a new creation for me.
The main purpose is to provide another means of access to the wider world, to view my art work.

It is my intention that this blog should provide background information, perhaps work in progress pictures, of work which I am making for exhibitions, or for my Etsy http://www.fibrereaction.etsy.com shop.

I don't want to bore you all with the trivia of my life, so its my intention to keep this blog purely based on my art.