31 December 2015

Here's to 2016!

Wow I am amazed, here we are Old Year's Night, as us Norfolk born people call it.
Or New Year's Eve.

We all review, assess, and perhaps set challenges of all sorts for the new year ahead. I've heard and read a lot recently on having a 'word for the year'.  Something which speaks, has meaning, and can inform and apply to many areas of your life.  My immediate reaction is.... 'oh dear, what rubbish'.  However it seems a word to guide is more successful than any Resolution.
So I thought on such a word.  Create is obvious, so many ideas not being realised.  It also applies to things like, making a nice garden, learning a new skill.  However, I think I've found a better word to live by.


For all sorts of reasons life seems to have become too grown up, sensible, practical.  Could do with a large helping of silliness, remembering how to dance whilst in charge of the vacuum.  Make art in fun bright clashing colours, just because I can.

I've challenged myself with my art this year.  Not a deliberate, prior plan, but found myself stretching ideas and techniques used.  Must not let those live in isolation.  New experiences too, such as the Book Fair, which had been in my thought process for a very long time before turning into reality.

As always my arty life is spent in the company of others, from my friends and colleagues in The Material Girls and Embroiderers' Guild, to individuals who share the interest and love of creating with a needle, with paper, and paints, whose company is shared and invaluable in all sorts of ways.  I would like to thank those who also share their art on social media, blogs, websites, Facebook, Pinterest.  You likely don't know me, our paths have never crossed, but much pleasure is gained from your generosity.

So here's to 2016
may your notebooks overflow with ideas, your needle be busy
and above all else, may the journey
be filled with FUN.

Bandit and Spike
The obligatory cat photos which increase readership
more than anything deep and meaningful!

24 December 2015

Happy Christmas

Happy Christmas 2015

Looks like no White Christmas on the way, not even a touch of frost, so you can have some white doodle stitch trees.
Best wishes to everyone

17 December 2015

Tis the Season....

for little bits and pieces, catching up and contemplating.

Well let's go back to the Book Fair.  A couple of things I don't believe I shared.

I made these brooches from book pages - Jane Austen - and sold a couple of them.  Wasn't sure of the what and how etc being my first Book Fair, so didn't go overboard with making.

Also at the Book Fair, I was doodle stitching into book pages, trying to make myself look interesting, and also needed something which didn't need a lot of concentration with people around, something to pick up when it was quiet.

I'd grabbed a chapter from a small book to take with me and a couple of skeins of thread.
Stitching in black.

Completed half of it and decided to do reverse of that already but in white thread.

Actually turned out several people asked about it, and I've had feedback that one lady was inspired to stitch in her own journal notebook.  So good idea to do.

Oh and in case doing any of this kind of work in a book has you screaming..... it did me when I first thought about it.  However, on discovery that charity shop books get passed down the line to other charities, and if not sold eventually they get dumped, plus at one shop I had to fight to buy an old book, as staff deemed it too brown and aged to possibly go out for sale. Learning that, made up my mind. The book gets a new life, repurposed, the charity shop gets some money, and I get to play, 

Here's some more play.

Wooden heart decorated with book page, teeny bit of my stitching on paper,
stencils, paint and a flower.

My friend, Pen, gave me a whole bag of wooden hearts, its about cm in depth.  So decided it was about time to reinvent and give back to her.  So I turned one into this.  I've got a couple more prepped with paper, so will see what they turn into.

Finally our last Embroiderers' Guild meeting of the year, this past Saturday.  Really enjoyable, lovely chatting with people, usual cheating and fun with the quiz.  And we had a quick make.

Really good idea made out of Christmas fabrics, they look very effective as we were shown samples on cards, wall panels, napkin holders, place settings etc.

So there we are - Christmas a week away, and so far I've consumed two mini mince pies and that's it! With all the prep sorted, cards done, presents delivered, parcels posted, I have a whole week to get on with makes needed for Exhibitions in 2016.

24 November 2015

I've Found the Light - Eventually

Gosh the year is racing towards its end... already paperwork for 2016 event has arrived, I will mark it in red in the diary, but what's the betting I will still submit only days before hand.  Also just noting the diary of a new exhibition and what do I find, I have the potential to need to be in two places on the same day, about 40 miles apart.  My diary really isn't packed with events, its just so incredible that whatever always seems to clash.

Now well and truly into the dark days, the endless grey outside, I have yet again explored the sewing machine light issue.  You may well recall past comments.

I do have a daylight bulb as the main bulb in the room

 This light I hung behind the machine - no real use

 This bottom one is my sewing machine light
the top was sold as a Pygmy daylight bulb - yeah right
And there was the saga of Phillips telling me they didn't make little bulbs
- errrr what's this then with your name on it

I love my battery/mains Ottlite
but no room to use, get right angles on the sewing machine

There was another LED light which I variously tied to me or the machine
-  limited success.

Then came a swivel head, tap to work, stick anywhere LED light
couldn't find a good place to stick it!

That's it, give up, nothing for it, stop mucking about.
Finally, bought the made for purpose light
Guess what?  Its brilliant, in every sense!
Choose this one with round head, as it has a longer stalk and
two fittings to enable location move.  Electric.

Moral of the story
Buy the tool for the job in the first place

Also why constantly fight bobbin tails everywhere?
So I bought a new bobbin holder which supposedly keeps
everything in check.
Yet to be tested
Job for today seems like as its dullsville here.

I suspect, some problems really can be solved by throwing money at it
.... as opposed to throwing money away in the trying.

16 November 2015

Art of the Book - a Fair assessment!!

The box has been ticked.... my first ever artist book fair has taken place.

I enjoyed myself, lots of talking!  Met up with people not seen in a while - Hi again - met up with others I've only spoken with before from across the table, and saw some friends.  Lots of nice things said about my books, which was heartening.

This is my table display.

I decided to display a mix of types of books - so I have 3 very long books, 4 which involve stitching on plastic/acetate, and display in various ways with folds and extensions, 2 pieces of wall art and some of my postcards and I made brooches for sale.

Do look at the Facebook page here of Artbookart.  Scroll down and you can see an image from everyone who participated.  You don't need to belong to Facebook to see.
Such a huge variety in what represents the book arts, from the tiny only an inch or so handbound book, to those A3+ size.  Various materials, and formats, inspiration - can you tell its a wonderful mix of creativity, and I loved it all.  Had lots of lovely chats with fellow artists, there was an awful lot of 'wow' and other terms from me, so if you call that chatting!!!

The book in a matchbox was absolutely unbelievably in the inventiveness of people.  It was another of these "can you just" moments which come through so often after you sign up for an event.

Again, look at the Artbookart site for more images.

I was almost paralysed into not being able to do this project - purely because I ended up with so many ideas buzzing in my head, I could do this, and this, or that, there was a real danger of not doing anything.  So I decided to settle on book forms, and I chose the smallest matchbox size to work with - making my own matchboxes. So here are my pieces.

Closed matchbox - has book cover surround and gold leaf edges
Tiny book inside with same binding

Closed matchbox - beach hut shapes
A string of bunting of Japanese Stab Binding books

A folded book - not extended to full length here as it ends up about 2m long
Made from Rice paper - I liked the white box so added a clear sparkle finish to it

Again you need to go to the Artbookart site to see the viewer's winner.  Its Sally Chinea - with a divine little fire engine inside a book cover and narrative book.

Sally has had a busy week - as earlier on, she met with myself and other members of The Material Girls, and became our newest Member.  We are looking forward to sharing our skills together.

So, I asked him indoors, do you think I should do this Art Book Fair again then - and he said Yes, he had been reluctant in the first instance.  So looks like I need to keep my eyes open for the next one.

Do please look at the ArtbookArt Facebook page, and from there seek out the book artists - its such a pleasure to have this kind of display of art, almost on my doorstep.

12 November 2015

Artist Book Fair - Sat 14th Nov 2015

Well its almost upon me - my first ever Artist Book Fair.

Let's step back for a moment...
I've been making books for years... not sure if I made creative books as a child, I know I filled exercise books with 'writing'.
I've been making stitched bindings since 1979... over 35 years, goodness.  Working in the legal profession documents were stitched together using a Japanese Stab Binding.  Must have made hundreds.

Forward in time to studying City & Guilds Creative Embroidery, Part 1 (links to the story of which can be found via the Qualifications tab above)
For one of the assessment items I wanted to make a book, but alas my tutor would not allow it, so I didn't get to progress in book arts.  The exception being that each of the 10 Preparing Working Designs had to be presented in different ways, so some book construction skills came in handy for that.
Finally for Part 2 studies, I got to make my book.   It was a bit 007ish with a compartment behind handmade pages.   Plus a whole host of books to hold research and samples.
Over the years I've been on many workshops, books are an ideal way for creative stitchers to show their skills.  A tutor may well have one of her own amongst the wealth of goodies to look at, let alone the sketchbooks where you might find the addition of pockets, windows, fold outs etc.
Such bookbinding workshops I have been on tend to fall into two categories - the creative content/decorative covers based on a skill set or theme where the binding method has minimum complexity - or the construction, looking at a means of holding pages together, the latter is a rarer occurrence in my experience.

So far, for me, its the construction which has appealed.  I like the technical challenges, yes even the mathematics!  I have boxes of examples.

I have shown off my books, making as part of exhibitions, but books tend to need a table/plinth for display, and not every venue has that.

There you have it, how I have arrived at the Artists Book Fair - joining in from the other side of the table, having been a keen viewer of many wonderful creations, which stretch the conventional idea of what is a book.
In addition to each Artist's display they have been invited to make books in a Matchbox - voted on by the viewers.  There's a chance for you to win a prize as a voter, and the winning artist also wins a prize.  Yes I have entries, but no, not showing you them, vote for your favourite and just may be, it might be mine!
I'm looking forward to indulging myself in all things booky on  Saturday... not to mention artisan cupcakes!!

To find out more, you can visit the ArtbookArt website or their Facebook page - lots of enticing images appearing.

Come and say hello.

02 November 2015

Refreshing and Playing

Wow can you believe it, here we are in November.  I am an expert at losing days - past month I've managed to take two lots of meds on one day and not notice, then a day or so later realise I merged couple of days.  Last week did the opposite forgot to take the meds, obviously still thinking it was yesterday!

The Material Girls have their work (but not all which has been made for the project) in Rainham Hall, which is now open Friday, Saturday and Sunday until 20th December.

I have updated my website by adding a few more images, rewording some bits and pieces and generally trying to give it a little refresh.  I always change the date on the front page when I've updated things so both you, and I know when last it had a tweak!  Please go visit, and if you see any errors, let me know - everything merges after a while.

I am busy prepping for Saturday 14th November, Artists Book Art Fair  I find myself still in that mix of excitement and terror at this new, to me, venture.

I decided a while back that in amongst the making and doing for projects, which bring about challenges in their own right, I've forgotten how to play... as in make something and nothing, just because.  So out came a sketchbook, which will become an Art Journal.  Fancy phrase and I'm still really no wiser as to what it means - except its agreed its a place to enjoy yourself.  I'm not sure I'm ready for the deep and meaningful phrases seen in others journals.  So here we have some pretties.
This is a Gelli® print
Its at least 5 layers of design, the black goes on last

It didn't pull off cleanly in one pull
so added some pink paint and tried again
I really like the textures etc from this one

Oh, I have given in, and bought myself an Adult Colouring Book - noooooo, not that sort of adult.  As its all the rage, and I will likely have missed the moment and something else becomes the trend, let's give it a go.  Not tried it out yet, but I have also reverted to childhood, and sent for some adult (again that word) sparkly ink pens. Do you remember Christmas when all
you craved for was the pack of felt tip pens, gazillion colours in a really really loooong pack!  I know, C word - last night 1st Nov, Christmas ads on tv.  I really must become a professional bah humbug, qualified for it!

08 October 2015

The Material Girls, The National Trust and Rainham Hall

are pleased to announce
The National Trust property, Rainham Hall
 is now open to the public
where you can visit and see work made by the Group
"with the compliments of John Harle"

Sunday 11th October 11am-3pm
its FREE
Community Festival
(organised by The National Trust)
Meet The Material Girls with a community project to share

This is the group I am a Member of, we've been eagerly awaiting being able to share with everyone the work we have made for this venue.

Looking back in my notebook, earliest written notation I have, dates back to June 2013, but I am sure this was mooted long before that.
Take a look at this article from the National Trust's own website.
You can also use BBC iPlayer, search for BBC London News on 7th October and approx 15 minutes in you will see an item on the Hall.
One amongst many articles which are being published at this time, here.

The Girls have undertaken extensive research, adorned hard hats and his vis jackets, and have been involved with this project from its earliest days, earning their position as Creative Partners with the National Trust.

Our research projects cover all sorts of aspects of Georgian life, from shoes, to gardens, documents to decor, trade to leisure.
What you will be able to see is only part of our work, there is a lot more ready and waiting to be shared.

Please take a look at our own Facebook page here..... as well as The Girls blog and website.

If you cannot come along on Sunday, Rainham Hall current seasonal opening times: Wednesday to Sunday, 10am-5pm (admission charges apply)
The gardens and cafe are free to access and open 10am-5pm daily.  (check before travelling)

Situated at The Broadway, Rainham, RM13 6YN 

30 September 2015

Post Art Trail Thoughts....

Well Art Trail is over for another year.  I think quieter than other years, but its undergone adjustment with change of people taking charge.
No sales or enquiries for me.  Not really surprised, and true I would love to sell loads, but I think there is a huge issue with people not understanding textile art.  Recently I've been adding further info labels, like ready to hang, or suitable for framing, even adding sizes, but it doesn't seem to help.  But may be its as a friend says, sometimes the art needs to be shown four or five times before it finds a home.
However selling is not the entire reason for doing.  As I always say its the challenge of the deadline, the display etc and being part of a community.  Its another element, my Venue (opticians) are really nice, when I walked in to collect I was introduced to the receptionist "this is our art trail lady" and when I left it was "we'll see you next year" - which is really lovely of them.  I certainly intend to fill out my application again.

I wish other businesses would partake, several have the attitude of "I'm not giving up my selling space to someone else".  Its 10 days, lots of free publicity, may be someone won't buy from a shop during Trail time, but that doesn't mean they won't come back in a week or a month, find shops they've never seen before, visit Rochford for the first time, to return..  I don't see promotions, ie buy something now, and get x% off further purchase within a month.   I sometimes wonder if places are full of idle rich playing shops, as so unwilling to promote themselves.  Obviously don't need more sales/marketing. I can only see it as win for artist, win for business, win for community..... and don't get me started on the office type businesses, with windows full of posters, sellotape remains and the occasional dead fly... we artists have an eye for making displays, for self promotion, (ie a free window dresser) and that business won't get me through the door.  And yes, I have exhibited where I've had to sweep away dead flies... but we'll forgive an historic house!

Whilst stewarding I had some lovely chats with fellow artists, learned about their practice and how their art is perceived, who their audiences are.  Was introduced to someone who immediately said, we did an art class together.  We did, back in 1996.  In fact we started off at college and then went on to have private lessons, so I think we spent two possibly three years together.  I still find drawing difficult, I can manage enough for me to know what I mean, but actually doing gives me a raging headache.  I think its because I'm more naturally an abstract art person, I'd love a flower to look like a flower but I'm happier making my lollipop flowers!  I've long given up the fight of trying.  I did the drawing a day once upon a time.  It was all the rage everyone did it, supposedly every day for a year, or more.  I lasted six weeks, but the drawing less than that, my efforts became playing with paints, colour, texture.
Yes, I did these, passable, but stonking headache making, 
concentrate so hard, it is literally a pain to do

Far happier with this kind of play

So one of the things in my future arty plans, is to allow myself to have some fun messy play time, get the paints back out and play.  I'm hoping it feeds into my actual work, but I need some arty fun without an end purpose before I've even opened the paint pot.

Come back in a few days when
Exciting News to be Revealed!

22 September 2015

Rochford Art Trail - My Pieces

First of all, managed to get new window setting photos, not easy with glass cubes in a window, but here they are:

Left window
Right window

To the pieces.... 7 completely new pieces made especially with the Trail in mind, all of which involve circles in some format, including the 8th piece which is not featured here, a book made from circular pages, seen in left window image.

3 small canvases 8" sq

Floret 1
collaged paper background, covered in machine stitch
machine stitched lollipop flowers with mono printed pattern - lace embellishment

Floret 2
collaged paper background covered in machine stitch, stenciled background
machine stitch lollipop flowers, with mono printed pattern - lace embellishment

Floret 3
collaged paper background covered in machine stitch, stenciled background
machine stitch lollipop flowers, with paint techniques

Candy Stripe
16" x 12" ready to be framed
mono printed paper, machine stitch, rusted metal heart embellishment,
with additional paper hearts and circles

Small Art Works - or as I called them Postcards
Each is 6" x 8" this selection can work portrait or landscape
have a high quality cartridge paper backing, suitable to write on
posted at own risk, but suitable for framing.

Each has a mono printed background and overall surface machine embroidery
hand stitched parabolic circles

All of these items are for sale, please email me for further information

The Trail continues until Saturday 27th September
after which time purchased artwork may be collected

I will be stewarding again at Venue 1
11am-1pm on Thursday
Variety of work on show, glass, pottery, printing, charcoal, oils, water colours
Come and say hello.

17 September 2015

Rochford Art Trail NOW ON

Busy busy busy... teaching engagement, visited the Trail Art Market an AGM, followed by a very full on meeting with The Material Girls, lots of things going forward, more deadlines and ideas needed.

But the big news of the week....

Rochford Art Trail
now on
17th-26th September

My work is in Venue 11, Mendoza Opticians, where I have been before.  Its a window display so no need to go in, and can be seen outside of opening hours.
You can download a copy of the Trail Map here.   Or pick one up from one of the Venues.

I will be stewarding at The Rochford Hotel.  Following on from last year there is a pop up Exhibition here from Monday to Thursday, see the map for specific hours.

Stewarding at
Venue 1
The Rochford Hotel
Monday 12noon until 2pm
Thursday 11am until 1pm

Entrance to the Hotel is via the Back Lane car park.  Driving to the car park take the roundabout into Rochford, which is after, or before the Horse & Groom pub.  Immediate left into Locks Hill and that takes you into the car park.  The Hotel is situated next to the driving exit.

I've been to the Launch Event today... given an interview about me, not something I find easy at all, but it gets a little better every time you do these things..
So as a teaser, here are some partial images from my window display.  Everything this year has turned out to involve circles.....

Small 8" sq canvases
Comprising collage of various papers
machine stitching, monoprinting, surface decoration and may be some lace!
Hopefully the images will enlarge if you click on them.

I continue to make my Small Art Works (or Postcards)
6" x 8" suitable for framing, but have paper backing for writing.

There are a couple of other pieces too

Alas I need to retake my window photos.  Too much reflection, not helped by the white van parked opposite.

Please visit the Trail, everyone works so hard to make it happen, and there is such a variety of art in all forms.  Look at the Map as there are extra events, as well as the displays.
May be I will see you at my stewarding sessions.

30 August 2015

August Disappeared Somewhere

Wow, can't believe so much time has passed since I last blogged.  Just really not in the right frame of mind for things.  However, the art work hasn't stopped, just needed some space, and the blog/Facebook etc fell aside.

So, we continue with our work in The Material Girls - lots of things going forward to be considered.  We have a new logo, which you will see on future publicity etc.  Its already up on the website and blog

Our current project involves working with the National Trust.  Go to The Girls' blog and look through past posts, where you will find taster images of the work we've prepared.  More likely to follow.  We've attending meetings, and are party to a lot of 'behind the scenes' preparations, its certainly opened our eyes, in all sorts of ways.

You can see an image of my work on the blog - but here's another - there are other pieces, but I'm not even going to sneak a look at those yet.

In the meantime Rochford Art Trail is fast approaching, and work is still ongoing for that.  Ideas not a problem, just wish I had a studio so I could lay everything out.  Working in a room which is not totally my own has its limits.
But to keep you guessing on this one, here are some backgrounds made.

And there's been another one of the usual "can you just".... ha, but I'm getting the hang of this, always expect there to be another 'something' whatever the event.  It could be another make, it could be additional stewarding, it could be a photo needed.

Oh, and on the never ending quest for suitable light for using with the sewing machine - well I've hit the 'buy button' again today, and so we will see.  If not, I will soon open my own light store.

Please support The Material Girls, via, their website, blog and Facebook pages.  So much work being put in to Exhibitions for you to see,

Don't forget to add the Rochford Art Trail to your diary, 17th-26th September.

Please check in with me, via my website, and my Facebook page too.

30 July 2015

How Much Fits on a Table?

Some bloggers post a What's On Your Table This Week - well how about an explanation of what was there up until an hour ago!

This is actually partially organised.  Things are in piles to go away, but what are these things?

Back left, there's an artist canvas which I coloured in pencil, and didn't like, then covered in gesso, softening the colours, and still didn't like.  Next to it paint splodges which are actually to be cut up and stuck on jar lids so I can see what the colours are inside.
The spotty bag contains the new sewing needles I bought and had yet to file away.
At the left front under and over the pencil case, paperwork.  Some of it is for filing, and some current obligations.
There are odd bits which are not in the pencil case.
The yarn is an itch to be scratched.  I've been longing to recreate a shoulder bag from my early teens.  Just a crocheted granny rectangle, which I remember clearly and lining it with fabric.  Been looking for months at brightly coloured yarns, and finally bought some, but still not started.
Oh, I spy the glue tape runner which is now covered in gesso, cos I forgot to put the lid on my brand new bottle.....
But all of this is now tidy in its proper home, cos I needed the table to give my sewing machine a treat.

I am quite firm on cleaning out lint and changing the needle - but it hasn't had a drink of oil for a long time.  I had to buy some - and you will see that laying on the table - last lot I had went a horrible colour so I binned it.  So it had a nice wash and brush up, a teeny drink, and to insult it, I've covered it with a cover from an old machine I no longer own and moved it back to its usual spot.
On the back of this table are boxes of wooden beads - actually necklaces I buy and chop up, and a box of heart buttons, and the top box is miniature buttons.  Behind is a pin board which doesn't have any work pinned on it as such.  Does have inspirational quotes and pretty things.  And what you can't see here, is above it, is a piece of Betty Pepper's work, which I bought for a special birthday.

So now things are back in cupboards, sewing machine is purring - we are ready to go again!  Good job too, cos I've bought my 2016 textile diary, and I'm thinking Feb is going to be a deadline month for all sorts of things....

19 July 2015

Thrilled - Feel the Fear....

Well  did you hear the squeals?  Time to update on the opportunities which were pending.

First of all there was a boo hoo - I didn't get into the Essex Open.  I've been in it twice, but not for many years, so no real surprise, except going in to these things hopeful, else why bother.  Still it gives me moaning rights "oh my piece was sooo much better than that one darhling" :)

Next comes an old faithful.  I did know over a week ago that I'd been accepted, but waited for my written confirmation.  Having been a part of it since it was just a couple of days and only a handful of artists, and in my home town, its nice to once again be part of
Rochford Art Trail
17th-26th September 2015
I have again been allocated the opticians window.  Its such a specific venue, being glass cubes - the staff are lovely too.
Here's a sneaky look at what I have planned to fill the window with.

I've offered to help out with some stewarding, and will add details of when and where as they are confirmed.

If you recall the previous blog where I'd listed the opportunities pending, I'd said there was something which was completely in my comfort zone, and completely out of it.  Last week I said to a friend, right now, if the answer is no I will feel disappointment and relief.   However, if I get accepted, I will likely feel excitement and scared.
So here I am happy dancing, thrilled, and gulping my fear back down!

I am going to participate in my first ever Artist Book Fair!

HOFS Artist Book Fair
Saturday 14th November 2015
HOFS is Hadleigh Old Fire Station - its now artists studios, but retains its big red doors and fireman's pole!
This is a new venture for me.  Although I've been making books for years and years.  Part of the reason for applying is that space to showcase book arts isn't always easy to come by.  Some venues are wall only, or security is a concern.
I have participated in countless artist/public situations, talking to and demonstrating techniques.  I've also been part of groups with textile stands at art fairs - but I have never done one in my own right, just me, at a table, by myself, with only my work and never primarily my books.
So time to step out of the comfort zone, and give it a try - who knows what will happen, I may be useless, no-one may like anything I make - but after giving it a lot of thought, and I mean a lot of thought, its have a try and see.  One way or another, a box will be ticked!

Please make diary notes of these events - hopefully I will be back with more publicity posters etc.

10 July 2015

Bye old friend....

No, not quite so morbid as the title, but still a little sad.

This is the very first ever 'sketchbook' I bought.  I just adore the cover.  Its not proper quality paper but it was my very dear friend for a long time.
I used to go to workshops and make notes, and then come home and transfer them and the photos (back in the day real ones, not digital) and samples into this book. Playing with ideas those samples too would go in this book.

So I decided this past week that I needed a set of samples to have a book of their own, instead of in different places, so out this came to have them removed, and HORROR.

The beginning of the book pages are covered in black mould.  I suspect this has a lot to do with the bookcase being in the far right corner of a north facing room.  A room I usually hung wet washing on an airer to dry.  But why only partially infected?
I don't suspect it helps but there is within the pages samples of paint and salt, and sugar with pva - don't ask - its does funky things!
So I've had a last look through written out info I want to keep a record of and poor notebook will now be consigned to the bin, no point in trying to salvage things.

I suspect its partly due to the cover, but all I keep hearing in my head is the song - Seasons in the Sun, by, I think, Terry Jacks.  We Had Joy, We Had Fun, We Had Seasons in the Sun!

So its got its own little blog post, because it needs its moment in time recorded, but actually looking through it, so much of this information I don't need, its become ingrained, part of me, and doesn't need any 'how to' record.

Suspect I need to take a look and throw out some more stuff........