19 August 2014

Rochford Art Trail - 18th-27th Sept 2014

18th-27th September 2014

Once again I will be participating in the Trail.  Here is the information for it:

Lots of exciting extras alongside the displays
(click to enlarge)

Here are the artists - find me at Venue 10
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A bigger version of the map
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If you would like to download a pdf copy of the Trail map, please go here
paper copies will be distributed by venues and artists shortly.

Also check out Facebook - Rochford Art Trail
for taster images of work from the artists, as well as updates

01 August 2014

Blinging the Beige

Well I have lots of things to do... and as usual I've designed and redesigned in my head a zillion times, but nothing is giving that "ta daaahhh" moment.

Sometimes I do wonder though about the drip feed of info into the back of the mind.  For a while I've been looking at a loopy stitch pattern, thinking I must do that... then as part of my research I'm looking at a document with this same loopy line.... duh brain taking ages to connect the dots,loops!!

Wednesday was the monthly EG meeting, where we stitch and chat, actually chat a lot, laugh even more.  We take along our stitching, I wondered what to take, I never like to take anything being made for another organisation, or for exhibition, and with so much chatter its impossible to concentrate, so nothing precious.  I had a look in things put aside.
Amongst them, I found this.... oh look it has loops - sigh.
Actually I think it looks quite good in retrospect, for the person who cannot do anything remotely realistic, at least looks like flowers.  I do have bigger versions, painted with watercolour.

However, instead I decided to take this.
Its one of three, where I was attempting something brilliant and failed.
It didn't improve after adding ink to it.
The colour is "old paper" but looks a dull green beige.
So consigned to the pile of Why, and that's where its stayed.
Until the EG meeting.
It now has some deep burgundy crosses on it.  Not exactly screaming gorgeousness at me - but now it has a purpose, it comes under that dreaded word so oft used in college by my P1 tutor - it has  potential.  The other two which go with this, are still in the "why on earth did you bother" pile.

In the meantime I need to get back to the main task in hand... I want to revisit some of this.  It wasn't right for the project I was doing at the time...wonder if it has potential now?  Ha

21 July 2014

Secret Revealed

Remember this previous posting, where my lovely piece of artwork to show, was just a ?

Well the secret auction at Burnham Art Trail  is long over and I'm assuming my Postcard has gone to its forever home.  Here it is to share with you all.

Of course, to match my window, it just had to be a Beach Hut!
The base is Kraft card with free machine embroidery
The Hut itself is has been closely straight stitched
then it was monoprinted and then attached to the base

close up detail

I hope its new owner enjoys

For the time being the Beach Hut theme is being put into storage.  I'm trying very hard to pursue an idea given to me years ago. That is to have 2/3 themes of work, to move between them, as both the mood and ideas strike.  To this end I've gone back to my Map theme, for my personal work - although I also like to play and just make whatever and have ideas on a third theme.  All of my ideas could mingle with each other, ie take a journey (map) to a beach hut!  But that is more accident than design, although may be a link can be found between anything, if you just look.
I don't know if this process will be long term, will be a good thing for me or not - its just not a way of working I've pursued before, but I can see benefits. So watch this space, and the Maps are due out on show in September.
Beach Huts, Maps and other pieces can be seen on my website which has a selection of my work.  Anything which interests, please contact me.

15 July 2014

Salvage to Selvedge - My Workshop

Past Saturday I took the meeting at my Embroiderers' Guild Branch.  Finances mean we do several of our own 'inhouse' events, usually a practical session.  I've done many of these over the years.  Between that and the other Members who take the meetings its getting harder and harder to think of something to offer up, not seen before or a new slant on things, for a room of mixed interests and abilities.

I have a reputation in my Branch - heard it said  a few times - "oh you know who Bev is, she does the weird stuff" - Moi!!!  Its more that I'm abstract... realism is beautiful but my brain and fingers just don't co-ordinate to make it.

So... can't let them down can I? Mwah ha ha.  I decided enough, can't expect and assume people have finances for things, nor for an afternoon out do they need to bring masses of stuff.  So in my world, whatever you have in the house can be transformed.  bbq sticks, wire, magazines, chunky beads from the 'buy this garment and get this lovely belt for free',calendars, and books, cardboard boxes.
My intent was not necessarily for them to go home with something beautiful, but rather just to go home and think of what was in the house which can be transformed with a bit of effort.  Its doesn't have to be from the stand point of finance, recycling, more just because its the right thing for the task.

So this is what I had to show them.... plus some of my own work.

You can't assume anything - I asked if everyone knew how to make a cord with thread, pencil and a door handle. I've been doing since a young child, kinda thought one of these things everyone did... For some it brought back memories, for others they'd never come across.  So we had a go at that.  Yes I do have a cord winder machine, but that is no good if your students don't have, so I left it at home.
A selection of the afternoon's play....

I must tell you, one of the ladies brought along her mother, who has early stages memory loss etc.  They have been having trouble getting her to engage with things in the assisted living place she's now in.  There is a crafts person with meetings, but she flatly refuses to join in.  Saturday though she leapt in at the pile of things, took an image from the book, cut it out, and made a piece.  Her daughter was thrilled.  May be the image struck a chord with her, may be it was not 'wasting' precious products, or just simply the different environment.  Anyway everyone had a go at something, chatted, ate cake - which was delicious - after all, that's really the main purpose of the afternoon.

I've already been thinking of what to do for them in the next Programme......a twist on a standard...
Oh and I was 'paid' - here's what I received.
Thread packs from Texere