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19 February 2018

Essex Round Up

Gosh, I thought it was just Pinterest which snatched time, but looks like bloggyland has evaporated weeks as well!

I've been doing a lot of playing research on the likes of Pinterest.  Beginning of the year I wrote myself a list of arty things I'd like to explore this year, some of them are commitments to organisations/events, but still I've been trying to work out how to do what is needed, with what I want.
I couldn't settle, and I suspect its because the end solution wasn't the right one.

However, I've now got a good idea of directions to take, things which match my initial ideas, which ways to take them forward, and finally feel comfortable.  There's been lots of yes...oh... no.  As lots of this involves looking, reading, exploring, there isn't anything tangible to show for all this effort.
I haven't quite been lollygagging..... (hint towards my decisions)

Bandit - blogs need cat pictures

I've not been unproductive - keeping up with Wanderlust 2018. Some of the lessons have hit, right when a similar topic/technique is in my mind.  Other things are being sidestepped into a nod towards the weekly project, rather than slavishly following.

This technique appeared, but as I've already made, its not something I feel need to immediately explore.

I had a surprising afternoon, where in quick succession there was an email, ting, barely read it, when ting, a text appear, and then ting Messenger sent me something.  All of them art related, all of them unrelated, but requesting a 'can you'.  That's how it is, completely quiet, or everything hits at the same time, or ends up with deadlines for same month.  All of these 'tings' have been resolved or are in process.

So that's a little resume from the bottom of Essex, all that remains is to have another cat picture.  As they say blogs get more hits for furry friends, than legitimate content.

Spike - think he's broken!

20 January 2018

A Little January Colour

Its another dull grey January day here, so let's have some colour.

I have joined in (again) with Wanderlust 2018  for January the theme is Pathways - the first lesson is a personal pathway, road, journey.  I decided I would log the types of home I've lived in, only 7 homes, but 4 different types - this is a more unusual one.

Yes, for a year I lived in a blue caravan

At our last Embroiderers' Guild meeting, we had a guest tutor, Kirsten Yeates, who gave us all a practical afternoon in silk painting. This is what I made, I choose simple shapes.

I added the lines when I got home, with watercolour pencil
because that's the set of pencils to hand!

Having promised myself not to keep buying books, given book case collapse in middle of night, I have been good and made use of the library.  However, reading the blog of Karen Ruane, sigh, and seeing my friend Sue's posts about it, my fingers twitched and I hit the  'buy' button.

Its not a book about lots of different stitches, and if you know embroidery likely you will know all of the ones mentioned.  However, it is about construction of the stitch, and that is what appealed to me, especially as I have made my own grids etc

My promise not to buy more books isn't really working, given I have 2 more on order.  They are not creative books though, so won't go in 'my' bookcases, so don't really count, do they?
Oh.... I might just tell you about the Sketchbook I ordered too, another time!

05 January 2018

2018 Already!!

Happy New Year

Here we are already good way through first week in January.
Last year was quite full on, lots achieved and done, but not always to my personal satisfaction.  Record keeping of all sorts has gone amiss, inc in blogland.
I won't say its a Resolution to write more, but let's just say the intent to do is there.

2017 saw
The Material Girls with FOUR Exhibitions
John Harle at second venue
Essex Environment shown at two venues
and a very successful Exhibition Goodnight Children Everywhere

held a very successful Exhibition
then there was the National Day of Stitch
which was packed out all day
and I received a Certificate for being a Member for
25 years.

On a personal level
Once again had work in Rochford Art Trail

September, October and November
saw attendance at Workshops
Art Van Go
Seth Apter
Dali Graham

Phew, a lot there,
2018 may be a quieter year as lots of organisations seem
to be taking a break.
I do have plans and commitments to things, and await notifications of
any new opportunities.

22 October 2017

Comments Taken to Heart (and Scissors)

Much like my last posting, this one is about shining a light on my own thoughts, as instigated by others.  Like the last, I should have trust and belief I've done right... but found I was doubting myself.  This event took place before the last, so I guess I'm feeling hyper aware to such.

This was my piece for The Material Girls exhibition "Goodnight Children Everywhere" recently shown at Rainham Hall.

Whilst I was there doing my stewarding a member of the public asked after it.  So there I am, wearing my identity badge, standing next to my work which is also labelled with my name (in two places I might add) - and they happily tell me to my face what's wrong with it, and not in an art critique kind of way!

So this is where the light shines on my emotions.
Fair enough, no one likes everything, so you are perfectly entitled to think such.
But next I am filled with conflict.... is it really appropriate to say such to the artist?  Not to my taste, not my thing, all 'acceptable'.
However the comment, albeit throwaway almost trivial, and yet in one breath hurtful and also bemusing. Not really sure how I was supposed to feel about such.

I brushed the face to face comment aside, but days later it started to gnaw at me.  Why?  Could it be hurtful because it had an element of truth about it?  If I were totally happy with the piece, then the remark would have firmly planted in the bemused side.

I had never made a book like this before, it took a lot of working out the practicalities of the how, and I would make it differently another time.

Anyway post exhibition, I decided to take scissors to it - well a scalpel, as actually its too well made to succumb to scissors.
It needs some tweaking to sort out, few snips are not the end, and I've got to make best of it in situ, its neither practical nor something I want to do, to dismantle and reassemble.

So.... the irony is  "I Spy" (title of the piece) can no longer be spied as it was at this exhibition.  If its ever on show again, perhaps you'd like to play:  I Spy with My Little Eye - changes made!