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21 June 2016

Circling the Square

My afternoon workshop at the Embroiderers' Guild was well received I believe.  We had a nice mix of regular Members, from Members who now live long distances away, and we welcomed many new faces.  The word Guild had put them off, they were of the view that the Guild is very old fashioned.  Not sure what they made of my painted and dipped in wax piece!!!
The term 'guild' has been a source of discussion as long as (and likely before) I've been a Member.  (24 years).  Perceptions are always made whatever words and phrases are used.  Best advice give it a go and see.

So I can reveal that my Workshop involved using the puzzle page from newspapers as a design source.
I am in this photo, but which one?
Mwah ha ha.....
Photo courtesy of Penny

Last week was the regular monthly meeting of The MaterialGirls.  As always, moving forward with new ideas to explore, tentative plans for many months ahead are starting first thoughts. Sometimes its tough, but I joined to challenge myself and it provides that, in many varied ways.

You may have noticed, reference to the Eastern RegionTextile Forum has disappeared from this blog.  I have not renewed my membership, having been a Member since inception and played a large role in the creation of the current website.  Its been Eight years and simply I've changed, my needs and wants are not the same, and the organisation has moved and changed, so we are no longer a good fit.  I have met some lovely people, enjoyed their company, but I think I've found my natural end point.

I've not done much creating this week, however I have been watching some daily real time videos of making, from those who use paint and paper and others who stitch.  I like the quirky reality, the mistakes, ie the dropped brush, the unthreaded needle, in real time span.  I wonder if this is the way things are going, many people offer video tutorials for free, and others are doing these webinar things, ie watch as live and join in via comments.  As a severe (getting a little better, see above) photophobic, videos would be a long way off, unless its just hands!!!! 😀. Plus we perhaps are an unusual household, don't own and have never owned video cameras, just have the facility which comes on mobile phones and cameras.  But cameras.... we could open a shop!!

I have a new toy....

 a flower stitch foot
I've been looking at them for a long time.  For my machine the cost was prohibitive.  Last year I looked again and saw I could buy for £15-£20 but still hesitated as to how much use I'd have and was it just indulgence.  Then last week I found I could buy one for £6 with no p&p - well rude not to.
Had a little play and these amongst first trials - love it!

Current task - work out how to cobble together a quilting guide for the lefthand side of sewing machine, and still keep the right hand side guide.  It likely involves wire, paperclips and pliers..... whoever thinks textile art/embroidery are refined genteel exploits.

05 June 2016

Mind, Pencil & Needle - Workshop: Sat 11th June 2016

Mind, Pencil & Needle
Afternoon Workshop at
Embroiderers' Guild
South & East Essex Branch
Saturday 11th June 2016

Full Branch Information, see HERE

For your afternoon pleasure next week, you have ME taking the Branch Meeting.  Its a practical afternoon Workshop, open to everyone - visitor fee is £5. which includes tea/coffee/biscuits. (there is usually cake as an optional extra) - but there is no need to spend any further funds, if you don't wish to.
Its open to all skill levels, but if you want to just come, sit and chat, well that's OK too!

So what will I have on offer, let me tease, because I'm not revealing all cough.

You will need to bring with you, if you have:

A pencil (or pen)
Needles and Scissors
There is a task which uses only one thread, so don't feel you have to carry your entire stash - but you can bring as you wish.

I will have some supplies on hand, but not an extensive offering,
and if you forget, don't worry, we are all happy to share.

So what are you going to do in the afternoon - well you will need the Mind part - I know, but the best kind of mind is one willing to be open to the experience of the afternoon.  I can tell you that the afternoon does involve a bit of brain stimulation!

How about a couple of hints.....  mhmmmmm I wonder......

If you know me, then you will know I don't do traditional - I leave it to those who can. The afternoon however can be as challenging as you want to make it, but it really is nothing to be scared of.
If you want any more information on this Guild Branch, use the links to be found here.
Or you can always comment here - I am the Branch IT Rep.  You can find me on Facebook, and also via my own website.

Please come and join us at this, or any other meeting - I can vouch, the homemade cake is excellent!


28 May 2016

Task Management

Sooooo days have raced past since last posting.

Not exactly feeling my best with one thing and another, and working last minute, not the intention, but just how it happened.
Sent off an application for an Art Trail, day before the deadline - well, its not the rule you have to apply weeks before the deadline, just make it on time, and I did!

So that was what occupied most of a week, and it takes hours to fill in forms - joke its one page - well it does me.  Especially the 'caption contest' bit which seems to take forever, condense your style/the work, and be interesting in 50 words or less.
I write these things and think have no idea who that is... but they sound pretty good!!!

Sunday evening at 8pm I had every intention of just working on what is in my diary, couple of things for this year and a couple already for 2017.
By 1pm on Monday, I'd submitted another Art Trail application.

I had said No to it because it just felt like one ask too many at the time, and then I was asked by a friend if I was entering and suddenly a few questions, a few thoughts on other things, a 'discussion' with him indoors when he barely surfaced above the iPad and I found myself submitting paperwork.

I still feel like I need some head space anyone who shouted out thought it was empty anyway, will be dealt with later so quite why I did this is anybody's guess.

But the most important thing needed for these things is a List..... oh we love a List, it does actually come second to storage boxes.  Cough, bought a set of those recently, well can never have enough, can you?

Not finding what I wanted, I made my own To Do Lists - and having read that listing Three things to do, is very achievable every day.  A big list just makes it overwhelming.  Trouble is I have them and am not using.
In my web wanderings, I've also discovered Bullet Journals - which to me appear to be another way to write Lists!!  Except this time they are divided up into categories.  However, I suspect that much of the Doing Time is spent making said Lists look very pretty.  Take a look here.
I've also found that there is this whole other world which spends time decorating Planners, there are Facebook groups and all sorts devoted to it, people actually own more than one!  I suspect I might need a List of where I keep my Planners!
There's speciality inserts, and paperclips and sticky tape and fancy post-its - Its hard enough finding the yearly diary in Staples, let alone anything else.

Nearest I've come lately is tracking down a pen which will write in blue/black ink.  How hard would you think that is?  I wanted to try and be sophisticlated, elegant, look like I'm writing with consideration.  No I didn't get a fountain pen, too many memories of inky fingers, blotches on paper and sniffing Ink Eradicator.

So instead of making a Journal or prettifying your Planner - if you want to avoid doing any task I have a much more sensible approach.
Drink tea and eat cake!

30 April 2016

British Birds - November Revealed

Essex Wildlife Trust
Ingrebourne Valley Centre
Sat 30th April - Mon 2nd May
poster on right

Well as the Exhibition is up and in place, here are images of my work.  We had a draw for a month and I had November, so a bird you can see in that month.
From the previous clues....

~ a bit of realism
it's wearing Winter plumage....

~ a pun on words
look closely, and the bird species is revealed

~ interpretive dance
this one surely gives it away...

~a tongue firmly in cheek joke
living in a place of  multiple occupancy?

Well have you got it?

Its a