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21 August 2016

September will be Busy

Thought I'd share a few taster images of things to come.
Prep, and delivery are starting from Monday.

Its gearing up to be busy - and as always its not the physical work that gets me, I find that doable - its switching the mind set from one thing to another.  Anyway plans are underway.  

First on the list HADLEIGH ART TRAIL  - entered very last minute and really to see how it goes.  I will have work in glass display cabinets, so you will need to go inside.  My hosts are also first time Trailers, so please visit and encourage.  I will also put a piece in the communal display at The Old Fire Station (opposite Morrisons).  It won't have new work in it, but will not have been seen in the area before.  So I'm submitting my map work, which I come back to again and again.  Here's a taster:

Following on and setting up before the above has been taken down, its time for ROCHFORD ART TRAIL.  
This year, the husband has decided to also enter.  He has never done anything of this ilk before - having been given the Library as a venue, and the foyer at that, please let me say I am not jealous, at a first timer getting a venue with lots of footfall   yeah right - I'm very pleased for him, but if he sells loads of work, I shall expect a Consultation Fee.   He's way too laid back about it all for my liking!   Here's a taster of his work.  The library is closed, Monday, Wednesday.

Its digitally altered photography.  He's very happy taking photos and spending hours altering the effects.  You will have to take a look at the one above to see it in full.

I am back at the familiar venue of the Opticians.  These people are soooo nice, and I will have new work to show.  Here's a little snippet.

I will also be taking part in the Art Fair on Saturday 17th September, The Tack Room, Horse & Groom pub.  I have never done this part of the Trail before, usually because the date clashes, last year I had 30 minutes to visit, and usually I have a meeting on the same day. So I'll give it a go, I have small sales pieces available - bring your CASH.

***All the dates, and venues are on right of blog page***

And then we move on to the hush hush stuff, so this is to be read through half shut eyes!!!

I have been offered a chance to join in with something, which excites me immensely, but I cannot reveal it, until October.  A big thrill for me, but perhaps a "is that it" for you.

The Material Girls meet also whilst the latter Trail is on...(I have 5 consecutive days where I have art related appointments, some 5 minutes, others more involved).  We will be cranking up a gear for our next project, details of which I can't share, but I have firm ideas now on what to make, (mhmmm think I can say, influenced by an Essex man in a dress) but not starting til our meeting, so as to check the brief again, in case its not the right fit.

In the meantime I need to play... so about to get fingers messy with some paint.

10 August 2016

Catching Up

Saturday was the Embroiderers' Guild National Celebration of Stitch Day.  As mentioned in older posts,  my Branch were involved, offering sit, chat and stitch at a local library.  I participated for a couple of hours, and met some very nice people, hopefully some from the day will come along to one of our meetings.

So whilst inviting others to stitch on prepared fabrics, which I had already helped start off with some stitching... I did my own thing.  Made this.

Its very me, and I have made similar in the past.

Its given me ideas for another project.

Yesterday, in the sunshine, I went out on a research trip.
Not far from my home, down very twisty turny country lanes, is a village.  A term to use very loosely, in that its an area two parts, quite a distance apart,  consisting one street each, and each street comes to a full stop.  The road ends you can't go any further.  At one stop there's a pub, which we frequently visit... but this time we went to the other area.  The road probably has no more than 10 houses on it, all on same side.  So we went to the end to take photographs, very quiet, except today for the buzz of harvesting.
See the distant telegraph poles?
They are along the road to the other part of the village.

Its important, to remember to look up!

Lovely to chill and just be..... until..... emerging from beside the hedges, through the fields, a party of about 15 walkers.  They chose to stop and have a lunch break. 

So left them to enjoy and went on to the next planned location.  This time what is the more usual layout of a village.  A place of history, and tales of witchcraft.  Sitting high up on what passes for a hill round here, with views across the countryside.
My home is down and to the left

Brilliant sunshine, if breezy, it was point, click and hope.

So between my point and shoot camera, and himself with two camera, lenses and all sorts, I think I have enough info.  We take very different photos, I look at the texture and detail, and he looks more for composition, which is why the field photos are his, playing with new camera!
You will have to wait and see what I've been photographing and the end result... but its not the images here!

This coming Saturday is an Embroiderers' Guild meeting.  'Share a Skill'.  I believe we will have about four areas with various tasks, in response to what Members asked for.  So someone wanted beading and I said 'I can do that' - so I am!!  I believe in making contributions if you can.... and I'm sure the Members don't want to taste my efforts at cake, heck even birds reject it.

31 July 2016

Awwww Time

The world is full of horrible news, heartbreaking stuff seems to now be a daily occurrence.  I certainly need to switch off from it.  So time for some fluffiness, and for those not on Facebook, these two haven't been seen for a while.

I thought I would check my camera, yesterday, before going out on a research trip.  Last lot of photos not as good as should have been and discovered camera not on correct settings.

So photo check, and we have this:

See the bashed up nose - always sticking it into things

Not to be left out, came home and took this one

He always says he's way too pretty to get his nose bashed up.

Got my photos for my research..... now need to think of what to make, have some ideas, but first, cats to fuss.

20 July 2016

Creative Happiness Is.....

Time for happiness photos....

I've been buying, and things arrived in the last week or so..

I ordered these as a parcel bargain from
should keep me going for a while.....

Also this week, my regular monthly shipment of these came
I belong to a Stencil Club in the USA
there is so much happiness in that envelope!

In the meantime though, I have all these, but not without problems.
I simply wanted a new set of flat brushes.
The clear handles were wrong order entirely -
so received 20% discount and could keep.
Another seller, purple -  what I wanted,
except there is a rogue blue round brush in there.
Currently awaiting the missing purple.....

So lots of indulgence stockpiling and replacing
what will happen with all of these, well I've got this to work through
Pre-ordered back in January and also came last week or so.
Had a quick look through, but its for savouring and enjoying.

Back at the start of the year, I opted for one of these
'word of the year'
things.  Not really me but...  you may recall I chose FUN
so all of the above needs to lead to more of this....
or some of this
or possibly a bit of this
not high art - just playing and having FUN.

See its all absolutely totally necessary purchases.

Only one thing missing....
chocolate, or may be
cake - or may be just
chocolate cake!