23 July 2019

Coming up - 1

Well, I'm busy making, and for my sins am helping by being on the Working Party of
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12th-26th September

I have been a part of this since the Taster event.  This year we are coming back stronger than ever.  Events are planned - Workshops which can be booked through Eventbrite - also guided Tours of the town and art work.  There will be Free Art Friday - with work from artists which is yours to keep - if you find it!  We hope to have a plethora of Postcards - from the Artists and local schools, which are yours to buy for a suggested donation of £5.  Also a photography competition, with super prizes, and charity auction.
You will find Links as we gear up via the Facebook page, which you can click on above.

Please support - at very least please tell your friends and share the FB page as much as you can.  Thank you.

Oh, and me... well I'll have work in Oak Dental which is right in the Square (the bus stop is outside) Actually I used to work in this building when it was a Solicitors office.  I'm displaying book art.

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