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22 July 2017

Encyclopedia - what tales you tell

Recently at my Embroiderers' Guild Branch, we had a most excellent talk by Amanda Clayton - one of those filled with snippets of information, the sentence in the midst of the topic which strikes a chord.  And of course the work, I loved.  Her own collection of things, handmade books, and, just pure deliciousness!

One of the things she brought along was an old copy of Therese de Dillmont's Encyclopedia of Needlework.  Two things I loved about this - its age and the fact it was a very fat little book.  I do already own a modern reprint of this book, but felt the need to buy an old copy.
So, Ebay search and this came through the door.

Its only A6 size, but over 800 pages

Look what I found within the pages
There's no date as to the print of this copy, save for it being a revised and extended version with colour plates.  It is full of wonderful phrases not used today, such as:
"Decoration of the gathers, known as Smocking"
Here are a couple of paragraphs which caught my eye.

"Mechanical power" - ooooh

So often we don't sit properly to work, and end up with neck and back ache.
"an awkward attitude" - mhmm does that include having a hissy fit when it all goes wrong.

This book is not so beaten up by time or use, I wonder who owned it, did they use it, was it a present for someone who hated stitching, but it was expected of them.
Who knows, I might make up a story of who owned it and when.

19 July 2017

Diary Dates - Embroiderers' Guild

Saturday 5th August 2017

Once again my Branch will be participating in the National Celebration of Stitch day.
I will be along from lunchtime to steward.  Please come along, we will have Make & Takes, a chance to share stitching and to chat with Members to find out what the Guild is about.

Saturday 12th August 2017
Branch Meeting
1.45 - 4.30pm
Balmoral Centre
Westcliff on Sea

This is our usual Branch Meeting, which will be a practical afternoon.  Bring your sewing kit. The theme of the afternoon will be Metallics.  There will be a variety of hands on practical sessions for you to join in.  I will be running one myself on Decorative Cords.
For more information on our Branch click, HERE 

I hope to see you at one of these events.

17 July 2017

Paper Everywhere

A plumbing issue meant a trip into the loft, so the much over due clear out of my Part 1 Embroidery commenced.

Out of sight out of mind... well nearly.  Plus at my P1 college all our samples had to be mounted for display, hugely impractical, mega expensive.  So the reluctance to edit came down to
1) blood sweat and yes lot of tears, to achieve 
2) the expense tied up in the presentation,
3) the evidence of a lifelong dream achieved, and
4) when would I feel ready to do it.
I'd already done the P2 work, because that was in folders, easier to edit, and never made it to the loft.

All of this is just the back up paperwork.... 10 x A3 files of design work for the Preparing Working Designs element.  There were an additional 2 files for the Full Working Designs - at my college we had to take a design further, and the item to be made from it, had to have full step by step instructions on how to construct, complete with photos, diagrams, costs. Happy to bin that.
Then there were the fat ring binders full of design techniques, principles of display, colour theory etc etc. All of that is in here somewhere.
The actual display of the 10 design themes, method of which we were not allowed to repeat, huge A1 boards, books, boxes and all sorts.  All out, phew.

Of course there were the actual embroidery samples.
Most of those have been binned.  Couple need dismantling, some need photographing before hitting the bin.  This is all that's left.

Not sure I have all the embroidery samples, think may be another box somewhere.  We had to make 3 Experimental Samples - the box contained 1 and 3, but no 2, and I can't remember what it was at all.  Quite a lot of the work was dire... so glad experience and practice makes improvement.

In one of the boxes I also found my childhood bible.   I can't remember if it was ever new, but its falling apart.

As a child I had heard that families kept their history records inside the cover of the family bible.  So naturally I thought I ought to do this, and kept a record of me!  I particularly like 'this is how I write long ago' - already writing it thinking of someone in the future reading!

I had also heard/seen that some books had gold edges to the pages... so I took a red pencil and coloured the fore edge of this bible!!

As an adult I would learn that indeed history of births and deaths were in a family bible. However my Great Grandmother was married to a violent man, she left him, but was ordered by the Courts to take him back, and in a fit of anger she ripped out this history, guess she was trying to remove his existence in some way.

I wonder if interests are forged in early childhood, certainly I love all things book... and I love words, but then as a child with nothing else available, I did used to read the family dictionary.  A big book with finger holes for each letter.  The last hole punch I bought makes the finger hole shape.

I'm in the midst of making more books.... perhaps its time to gold leaf the fore edge... or make a book with pretty edges, mhmmm good idea.

21 June 2017

Paper and Pages of Books, Events and Inspiration

Well the tidy desk soon became a mess again.

Covered with papers, buttons, paints, glue,
with the window sill occupied too
more paints, paperwork etc

So next tidy up will be when I lose something.

So what have I been doing.... well the Embroiderers' Guild Branch Exhibition is now over.
Lots of lovely work, met up with those not seen in a while and new faces too.  Please come along to the Branch.
The Spring Open Exhibition where I had one piece in, has also ended - told there should be another around October time.

I've entered the Rochford Art Trail - waiting for my venue.  Someone asked me how many years it had been going, well.....this will be Number 9.  I've been in every one, inc the pre-Trail tester exhibition.

I've also sent off a Statement of Intent for an Embroiderers' Guild event, but so far nothing more than that is in hand - pile of paperwork on window sill, its in there somewhere.

And now yesterday info on another local event, which I will have to be quick on, if I want to enter as deadline is only 10 days away!.

Toddled off to see a couple of things.  Up to Norwich to look at Turn the Page Exhibition, which is nothing but book art.  Lovely. Click on the link to see images from the event on their Facebook page.
I've seen some of the Exhibitors several times, can recognise their style. I saw a first time Exhibitor who clicked with me, Paula MacGregor.  One of these spooky muzak things, as I'd been working on 'found poetry' or 'found stories' - been frustrated by my efforts though.  If you don't know, its where you take original text on a page and highlight words to make something else.  I've managed to turn Charles Dickens into a daring burglary and escape by plane.  But my means to reveal this aren't as I'd like.  Paula's work showed me I could have a different viewpoint of this.  It felt much more comfortable to see her interpretations.

Keeping with books, I went to see friend Juliet's work with the group she belongs to - Seven.  Wonderful collection of Art Journals.  They had some common elements to use and/or techniques, but each gave their own interpretation to the artwork, in gorgeously well expanded accordion books. bursting with colour.

I'm currently doing lots of book things, ideas aplenty, hope it doesn't look like I'm copying because some of my ideas have been in existence prior to seeing others work.

I had better post this, before I lose yet another week and nothing gets done here.

12 May 2017

Paper Play

I had a very indulgent day playing with paper, only drawback is the need to clean up the floor afterwards!  But I love love love these - no project in mind as yet, its enough to do and sit and stroke.

Tomorrow sees "Ruby Stitches" Exhibition open.  Its my local Branch, South & East Essex, of the Embroiderers' Guild.  Over 60 pieces - contemporary, traditional, 3d showing the wide range of techniques which embroidery encompasses, proving that the Embroiderers' Guild has something for everyone.  Do come along and see - on until 17th June with Members in the Gallery at varying times, and a 'Make and Take' day free to all, on Wednesday 31st May.

04 May 2017

How Dead End Ideas Become Reality

So whilst its all so fresh I thought I'd show the piece I made for The Material Girls, the why, a bit of how, and what.

When we were given the brief of Environment, I thought 'oh dear' - I'm sooo not good at real, and a visitor last year made comment on the artistic interpretations of real design sources.  Of course it IS artistic interpretation, but it set up a dread inside.  So on my 50 minute drive home I'm mulling this all over and trying to think how on earth as a primarily abstract person can I do this, and what environment.  A short distance from home is a traffic light controlled one car width road, I stopped in the queue, to my right are fields, in front of me a railway line and right next to me, on the left, right beside the road, a Churchyard.  Still contemplating, the thought went through my head "what a dead end project this will be for me" - one more glance left and then lights changed and off home.  At home the irony of my thought at that place struck me - and ting, I could chose Churchyards.

So off on adventures to investigate local churches, and take photos.  Had several lovely trips out, time spent chatting with a volunteer groundsman, local dog walkers, and one very isolated church in a one street village, was suddenly interrupted by a group of walkers appearing over the fields, who were very bemused at my taking close up photos of lichen.

Discarded Memorials

Overgrown graves

And then amongst all my images I found the inspiration

And who better to be inspired by then someone who makes 'pots'
and Essex born - Grayson Perry.

So I constructed my pot, from card and calico

Abandoned any hope of being botanically accurate with my plants
as I've said, I don't do real...

Free machine stitching on paper - lots of paint of various colours and layers,
touch of crackle medium, and this emerged.

Him indoors loves his photography, and playing with images
So this original image
became this

I don't think Grayson will be troubled by this effort.

Having been swamped by too much realism, its time to immerse myself
back into the abstract, and just go where the mood takes me.

27 April 2017

Cat Pic and Other Things...

Gosh, there really is something of a time warp going on with little bloggy, turn around and weeks have gone by.

I have been sharing images on both my Facebook Page  and also over on my Instagram
You don't always need an account of your own with these sites in order to be able to see things.  I've updated the Sidebar, some date changes.  I always make a note of when updates occur, as you can see in the strap line above.

As well as making, I've also needed time on the computer to do things for others.  Quirk that these things all turn up at the same time.

I will show you my work table...

Ooooh tidy
Actually this is by accident.  I was using a scalpel blade to cut papers, and I do mean scalpel, as in medical, not as in the orange snap blade knife in the pic.  You can just see the handle of the scalpel... well the blade snapped in two, and the sharp pointed end, as in mega sharp, was nowhere to be seen - So this necessitated cleaning and tidying whole table top to find it.  Otherwise I could guess, that 

one of these two
would find it - particularly Spike on the left, as he's always in this room and finds all sorts to 'eat'.  Bandit rarely comes in unless its to ask if there's a biscuit stash somewhere.  Of course after tidying, even washing down the table and glass mat, said blade was on the floor.  But at least found.

So The Material Girls have an Exhibition this Holiday Weekend, and here is a little tease of my piece.  Its based on Churchyards, with a nod towards Grayson Perry....

I will reveal all next week, if you can't visit

Thanks for dropping by - think I've done the good bloggy thing - photos of cats, always get more visitors!!!  Wink

27 March 2017

Is Anyone There?

Knock Knock
Is there a blog wanting to come out to play?

Poor little neglected blogy, aww.  Sorry just soooo not been in the mood for things.  Head filled with lots of minor stuff and nonsense, so much nonsense can't remember what it was, but somehow just seemed occupied elsewhere.

Since last I wrote, himself sold his piece at the Essex Open, I think I should charge commission, because of all the advice I gave him on entering, form filling etc.

So where have I been....

The Material Girls of course, which I can't tell you about, because its all exhibition work - took me a long time to think of an idea for work for the next display, but I might have solved it, as usual its in my head and an absolutely brilliant piece.

Embroiderers' Guild - had a couple of meetings.  The first one was a really really good talk from John James Needles.
I had already started to sort out my needles, to be honest I think some date back to when I was 12/13 - yes that is a lifetime ago.  So following the talk and looking at some of the unopened packets, realising I will never ever see to thread that needle.  I had a clear out.
This has been on my list for a long time.

This is a temporary (cough) needlecase I made way back when doing City & Guilds - so that's mid 1990s.  Just a bundle of felt machined together.  I have always wanted a needlecase like my gran's leatherette little fold around tab with a snap.  Just not found what I want, and yes with bookbinding skills you'd think I'd make my own... well I haven't.
So I decided enough, and the above has been consigned to needlecase heaven.
Needles went too, and I now have this:

I did already have some of the Pebble cases, but now have more.  I've mixed up a pack and now have that in my "out of the house box" - it is soooo much easier to just grab this A5 box and go, no more needing a wheelie trolley, and if its not in the box well tough.  Having a little pack of needles in a protected case in this box - sigh, bliss.  Yes I have gone to stitching events and forgotten needles.  John James says it should be a new needle for a new project - its something I always do with the sewing machine - but hand stitching it has never occurred to me.

Also at last EG meeting we had an afternoon practical, taken by one of our own, Lynn.  I made this, no idea what its called.

Rather effective.  Nothing nicer than a bit of fun stitching, chat, and cake.
April EG is fast approaching and we have a guest speaker - Rachel Duffield.  She is "dressing Queen Elizabeth I" - looking forward to this as she will be putting on the costume from underwear upwards.  I'm not really a costume person - but I do like reading and learning about QEI.  So 8th April.

The opportunity I mentioned last time, I didn't go for - was truly excited by it and would love to have tried for it, but reality is, I need a bit more growing time, so hopefully it will come around again.

I did however come across another opportunity, locally, which is an open call type exhibition, so myself and him indoors have sent in images for it.  We will have to see, but if chosen, work will be displayed April/June.

The Rochford Art Trail call for entries has also crossed my path - deadline for that is not til end of May, need to think of something for it.  I have an idea which has been hovering, which might emerge.

So in the next couple of weeks its:
~ finish some work for an exhibition for Material Girls
~ pack up and deliver work for the EG Branch Exhibition
~ may be deliver work for another event.

So things bubble along, as ever.  I might even call round to play with blogy more often!!

08 February 2017

Thin Lines

A look at some makes...

I've made myself a book - errr why?  Don't I own a zillion sketchbooks already - but of course I do.  However I have a particular project in mind for this.  Yet again I've made a fat book - this time its not long, but has a deep spine. 5cm and thick paper 250 gsm.  I attached each individual page, so teeny stitches, but pleased with my straight lines.

I have been stitching - this is the reverse, and I love it.  Just wondering if its actually worth doing to get this effect, might have to find a means to see something both sides.

Reminds me of this set of design work.

And because you need to see a bit of colour... here's a detail of some paint play.

I am not a stamper (though can't resist buying alphabet stamps) but I particularly like the effect of these thin crackle lines.  Suits my kind of stamping, ie don't put it on a block, just ink it up and press on the bits you want.  Perfect.

Oh bit of a theme, spidery thin lines......

An opportunity came into my inbox last week, requested details and am giving it serious thought - but I suspect it might be something to wait for the next time round.

In the meantime only a few days left to see the Essex Open.

Oh yes, I've changed the name of my Facebook Page its now: Bev Folkard - Paper Stitches.
Truthfully because I discovered you can, and this now seems a better fit.  Its the same URL if you have it down as that.

27 January 2017

Racing Through January

Wow, we are racing towards the end of January already.

I've completed my commitment of taking the Meeting at our local Embroiderers' Guild, and new year brings a flurry of information and notices to share out to the Members, so the computer has been occupied for a while.

I've already started with my online courses, though of course I should have realised, that one which is committed to videos no longer than 15 minutes, doesn't mean it only takes 15 minutes to replicate the technique!

The Material Girls have now removed the exhibition work "With the Compliments of Capt John Harle" - however, not only is the work to be shown in another venue, the Exhibition time as been extended.
So now you will be able to see this body of work from 29th March - 8th July at Havering Museum.

Take a look at The Material Girls website and blog to see what is coming next, because the Group will be back exhibiting at the Hall in September.

I still have a piece at Rainham Hall, and it will be there for, an as yet, unknown to me, time period..  This is because it (purely unintentionally) fits in with the display of the original Will its based on.  My work in the fireplace.

Its the entire Will of Capt John Harle, machine stitched onto paper.  From memory its over 20m long.

I would love to show you other things, but let's think.... new work for The Material Girls, no can't share that.  New work for the Embroiderers' Guild, no can't share that.

Don't forget though the Essex Open Exhibition is still on, until 11th February - and the CD Project at the Inchmore Gallery in Inverness continues until March.

Hopefully I will come back next time, with pretty things to share, but thought it was time for a catch up.

As I update the sidebar to the right, and any of the individual pages, I do add a notification to that effect at the top of the blog page, so keep an eye on that.

03 January 2017

2017 - Here I Come

Salutation and Felicitations

What a weird year 2016 was... all sorts of things left me feeling discombobulated. Anyway what do they say, New Year, New Start.

So much to do.... The Material Girls have lots of plans for the year.  My local Branch of the Embroiderers' Guild have an Exhibition, so I wish to participate in that.  I wish to attend the Book Fair again.  So it looks like May will henceforth be known as Manic May.

As I write I still have three pieces of work on display in the Essex Open Exhibition - this is on until 11th February.  Do try to visit, its in what was previously the Library, two buildings down from the Southend/Liverpool St rail station.  There's a small car park next door, and parking opposite.  Details of items in this post.

I also have work still in Inverness - as part of the CD Exhibition - this isn't due to return to me until March.  Would be nice if I sold one piece - but with so many to choose from.... you can see my pieces from this post. 

As if all of this wasn't enough, I've got so many things I want to create and try, but they don't come to fruition, as other work takes priority.  Plus, working for events, they have the 'look see' first, so I can't really share until the moment, and it looks like I do nothing!

So, wanting change, wanting exploration, wanting fun - as part of that I've signed up for two classes - yes I know mad, but its self regulated, so its down to me what I do and when.

The first is this one.

Its already started, and consists of daily short video of technique/project, from the world of Mixed Media.  It is what it say, Jumpstart, so is only for January.

The second is

This one has yet to start properly - later in week, and lasts the year.  I've joined this one because I follow several of the tutors via Facebook or blogs, so like their style.  Again no pressure to do.
Actually its been a surprise to see more and more people are adding stitch to their paper projects - so as you can imagine, I'm very happy.

As my ideas for Fun didn't work out last year, I thought if I actually schedule Fun into the diary, and having paid for it, I will do it.  I believe this is the premise also in the book, 

which I've partially read - the premise being to make a habit of doing.  Whilst yes I do create and make, its not such a regular scheduled thing.  Partly I don't want this, but also partly I think I need it!!  So we will see.
I've also changed the format of my 'art calendar' this year so will see how that goes.  I have this propped up near where I work, in part also so him indoors can see what I need to do, and when I need the car!

Next on the Agenda is the EG January meeting, at which they have to put up with me! Nothing too taxing, we are just looking at ways to frame and mount work for exhibition, and means of packaging etc.  We have several new Members so no doubt latter especially useful.

So here we go again with whatever 2017 brings forth - all I know is that it needs to change in all sorts of ways for me.  I don't know if anyone ever comes and reads this blog - in some ways it doesn't matter, because I use it as a means to record what is happening in my art world.  So if you do read, please say hello, and please keep me company for the forthcoming year.