31 May 2012

Passionate Art

No, things still not back in cupboards... and I've more to add now since collecting my staging from the EG display.  This is the piece which I made for the event and which has a buyer, so it needs a little bit of an airing and its 5 minutes of fame before eventually it finds its new home.  However there's a little delay as the work is now going up at the Adult Community Learning Centre in Rochford.
Passionate Pink  6" x 8"

Immediate textile projects are to finish off the 'extra' for the Material Girls contribution to the Romford Art Trail.   To make an ATC by next week, cos I kinda said I would.... then there's shop things for Burnham Art Trail and a couple of bits for my display.  I am stewarding at the Museum in Burnham in the afternoon of Tuesday 26th June - if you want to say hello.
And then there's a whole stack of paperwork to do.... I think we should go back to carrier pigeon - this email lark makes everything so fast, by the time you've organised and sorted, decided you can breathe, there's a reply needing something else, my list seems to grow, not get smaller.  And I could be writing a couple of articles for a newsletter.. and I really ought to take a proper look at the textile book I was loaned two months back.  I think though the most important and first thing on the list should be..... a cuppa, want one?

28 May 2012

Tired and Contented

Today it's collapse in a heap.  The Textiles on the Hill weekend started off like this:

The Material Girls shop all set up with Carol and Jill ready..... and opposite them was the kitchen also ready.

Piles of the most gorgeous home made cakes - which our visitors indulged in and enjoyed a lot.
Alas I don't have any more pictures... helping out in the various areas, I forgot to take the camera out again!  But I'm sure full photos will be on The Material Girls blog, website and other personal blogs, so do check back.
It was a busy weekend, lots of visitors.  Vanessa I know you enjoyed your time, but thank you, you certainly made our weekend spending so much time with us.  And others who said "I promised my husband I'd be home by 2pm" - looking at the clock which was ticking towards 4pm.  Caught up with people not seen in quite a while, which is lovely.
And back home its recover, and find a way to put everything back into the cupboards it came out of.
Wednesday its out again to take down the Embroiderers' Guild display, which had extended time in the shop where it was hung and which moves on to another venue.
And I still have post-its up with lists... things to do in the next couple of weeks, then there is a break....

23 May 2012

Textiles on the Hill - Coming Up

Yesterday I asked him indoors to look over something on the computer, which included line diagrams.  Those are good he says, how did you draw them.... errrr with a pencil?  Sometimes low tech and scanning is a whole lot easier and faster than high tech.
Tick, tock.... time is evaporating and its getting ever nearer to:

The post-it notes are welded to the puter, and the "oh forgot, I need that" seems to get ever larger.  Its usually the obvious you leave behind.  Oh yes, I've got to make cake for the weekend.  I don't do baking, this could be interesting, a lot of cheating is involved, I don't even own a cake tin any more!
I hope you will come along to see us - everyone has worked so very hard for this - to share textiles with the wider community.  Come along for the demonstrations - list on the right - and I'm first up, as soon we we open, so come upstairs and see me.

18 May 2012

Wheee Good News!!

Email today to advise I have been accepted on the Rochford Art Trail.  Wheeeee.  More paperwork to complete for a couple of weeks time.
This week has been full of paperwork, phone calls, lots of personal stuff, as well as things for the various groups I'm involved with.
And 'paper' of a different kind..... I have custody of the wrapping from my mother's furniture, which has now been delivered.  Would you like us to unpack for you madam?   Noooo madam wants to snaffle the wrapping in good order for herself!  Its very strong, a sandwich of a plastic covering, bubble wrap middle, where the bubbles don't pop, and a vilene/tyvek type third layer.  Its cat proof, well survived being attacked by my furry beastie.  Him indoors looked and said "well you've enough for years now to wrap up art work".   Oooh so I guess that means I need to continue with this creating art lark.

12 May 2012

Embroiderers' Guild at the Art Trail

Westcliff-on-Sea Art Trail Opens Today
Here are the photos from the South & East Essex Branch of the 
Embroiderers' Guild

A few items in the window

Around the display unit on the lefthand side

The display unit by the haberdashery

Click on the photos to enlarge, but do visit to see close up details of the work.
Westcliff Art Trail.

09 May 2012

Still Working Hard

No pictures to show.... sadly.  I have completed another piece called "Which Way?" but again its for exhibition, so not to be revealed yet.
My list on pink paper now has lots of ticks.... wheeeee!!!
I've collated pieces to sell at The Material Girls weekend event Textiles on the Hill.  So now I have to prep for my demonstration.
I've work to do for my Art Trail display at Burnham on Crouch in June, they are having a sales event as well as the actual displays in premises.
And this week I'm going to help set up the EG display at the Westcliff Art Trail.  Then I have an EG Meeting, followed by a Committee Meeting for the ERTF.
I find my textile life like this.... full on and then space.  Of course if I was sorted I'd be more controlled and evenly working in the spaces.... but somehow it never works like that.  But the little weekly record book I keep I'm finding of enormous help.  It shows how far in advance paperwork is issued, how much time until a deadline.  Also which months seem to have full on working, and which are quieter and how come certain weeks in the year I seem to achieve nothing, and yet there's no logic to it.... its only keeping this record now for several years that I can see patterns, and its now beginning to prove helpful, both in terms of what outsiders expect and how I work.  For instance I do like a clear gap between one project and another.  I need to finish, let it soak in, enjoy its moment, but also leave the thinking space - and literally clear the table, put the threads and materials away, clean the sewing machine, and be ready afresh.  I've already tentatively started the next body of work for The Material Girls, through necessity, but I'm deliberately not pursuing it because I know I need the clear space mentally and physically to do things properly.  So I'm making myself take that gap, but more importantly I still have to savour and enjoy the current MG project.

02 May 2012

All so fast....

Rush rush rush.... got my tasks done last week, applications all in, phew.  Now we wait.  I have some potentially good news, someone has shown an interest in purchasing the piece in the previous posting.  Wow is all I can say, completed last Tuesday and enquiries re purchase this Tuesday... talk about hot off the needle.  No wonder I've no time to draw breath.
I've been out and about doing some research for another project.  Didn't really want to do it yet, but one of these wretched situations of can't go on this date, or that, or that, so it was go now or risk not getting there at all. Trouble with limited opening hours, and being that rare thing, a one car household.
Next week, 12th-19th May  Westcliff Art Trail  check website for details
Now back to my list... things to be done for after the weekend.  I need staff!