31 July 2016

Awwww Time

The world is full of horrible news, heartbreaking stuff seems to now be a daily occurrence.  I certainly need to switch off from it.  So time for some fluffiness, and for those not on Facebook, these two haven't been seen for a while.

I thought I would check my camera, yesterday, before going out on a research trip.  Last lot of photos not as good as should have been and discovered camera not on correct settings.

So photo check, and we have this:

See the bashed up nose - always sticking it into things

Not to be left out, came home and took this one

He always says he's way too pretty to get his nose bashed up.

Got my photos for my research..... now need to think of what to make, have some ideas, but first, cats to fuss.

20 July 2016

Creative Happiness Is.....

Time for happiness photos....

I've been buying, and things arrived in the last week or so..

I ordered these as a parcel bargain from
should keep me going for a while.....

Also this week, my regular monthly shipment of these came
I belong to a Stencil Club in the USA
there is so much happiness in that envelope!

In the meantime though, I have all these, but not without problems.
I simply wanted a new set of flat brushes.
The clear handles were wrong order entirely -
so received 20% discount and could keep.
Another seller, purple -  what I wanted,
except there is a rogue blue round brush in there.
Currently awaiting the missing purple.....

So lots of indulgence stockpiling and replacing
what will happen with all of these, well I've got this to work through
Pre-ordered back in January and also came last week or so.
Had a quick look through, but its for savouring and enjoying.

Back at the start of the year, I opted for one of these
'word of the year'
things.  Not really me but...  you may recall I chose FUN
so all of the above needs to lead to more of this....
or some of this
or possibly a bit of this
not high art - just playing and having FUN.

See its all absolutely totally necessary purchases.

Only one thing missing....
chocolate, or may be
cake - or may be just
chocolate cake!

National Celebration of Stitch 6th August 2016

Here is all the information for my local Branch.  Many Members will be present during the day - I will be there in the morning.

13 July 2016

Exhibiting News

Venue News
You will find me here
217 London Road
1st-11th September 2016

Situated on the same side of the road, and a brief walk along from Morrisons.
The display will be inside the clinic in glass cabinets, so do go in and look.

Please note your diaries for a visit to the Trail.

September is going to be a busy, as the second half of the month I will be in Rochford Art Trail.  I have had it confirmed, just awaiting details of the Venue before sharing.

I have however withdrawn from another submission.  Could I manage it, yes, but the logistics over dates for delivery/collection, being a one car household, the other's half's commitments, and not wanting to make my life complicated, it seemed sensible not to go ahead.

On a group level...

National Day of Stitch
Saturday 6th August 2016
Westcliff on Sea Library
will be hosting a chance to meet and chat with Members of
South & East Essex Branch

So if you think the Guild is stuffy and boring, think all we do is stitch crinoline ladies on traycloths, come along for a chat, may be stitch a little....  I will be there during the morning.
If you can't make that, then look out for the Branch promo event on

Saturday 17th September 2016
Southend on Sea

The Material Girls have several ideas pending, with ideas bubbling, research as we are out and about during the Summer months. No I can't reveal what, but will involve individual themes, group projects.

So please make a note to come back and check on progress, and what's on offer, support for all artists is greatly appreciated.