26 January 2011

ERTF - Owen Jones Exhibition - NOW ON!!!

Friday night I attended the Private View of the ERTF Owen Jones Touring Exhibition, at Chelmsford Museum.  As I was there to Meet & Greet, I arrived before time and so was able to get overview photos of the Exhibition, which are here.  (I hope it is OK with all contributors to post, as I don't have individual's permission - let me know if not).
Its been a while since I've been to the Museum, and it has a great relatively new extension, with this lovely area to house exhibitions. We have some beautiful work on display, and I will go back again to study the accompanying sketchbooks, as I'm sure there's much to share.
I was there alongside fellow ERTF member Miriam, to welcome people in and we met many new acquaintances and old friends.  It was lovely to see everyone, and I hope they all enjoyed themselves.  The ERTF embraces a whole range of Textile Art, and you can see that here, from wearable art, 3d construction, to wall art.  Its really nice to be amongst people who have different specialisms, but all with a passion for textiles, so much to share and learn about from each other, and to extend this sharing and knowledge out into the wider community via the Exhibition and related Workshops.  Yes I said Workshops which you can find here - click on the posters to make them larger to read.
This is the first venue for the project, but it will be touring, so do keep an eye out for it near you - and I will post the dates on the righthand side and/or on my website.

12 January 2011


I have completed THE SKETCHBOOK PROJECT and posted back to the USA, and see logo on the right.  This is not to be confused with The Sketchbook Challenge which I am following but not participating in.
My Sketchbook isn't pretty and wonderful... I really don't work that way.  I choose the theme Lines & Grids and could have done more with it but for a couple of things.  Firstly I did everything twice.  I decided not to pay for it to be replicated, and not to photograph it myself, but instead to make it all in duplicate, at least that way I always have a physical copy.  Secondly I kept thinking of ideas, such as, I can stitch over wire, I can cut up the wire mesh I have, I could use wooden bbq sticks - but I started to worry, wire, grids, perhaps not sensible to include in a padded envelope subject to scrutiny!!  And wood is organic matter is it OK to send across the water... I watch too many of these border control programmes!
So now well and truly I start with the 2011 projects.  I did win the Ebay last week, and the item has arrived, and no I'm not telling you what it is, so there!!!  Actually, its because writing down the ideas for you all to read is scary, will confirm it all, and make it real.  At the moment I have a perfectly constructed masterpiece, which looks absolutely gorgeous, admired by all - in my head.  Soon the reality of making and doing, will have other thoughts run through the brain cell - like "who thought of this stupid idea then" - so let's keep the illusion as long as possible!

11 January 2011

Computers Arghhhhhh!!!

Just venting here.  These electronic boxes have taken over my life, indeed they seem to contain my entire life.  How did it get like that, when I said Noooo, we aren't going to let this be the centre of the universe, the internet will be handy for occasional use, ha, how many people fell off the chair at that one!
So I'm venting cos these electronic gismos are causing grief.
First the printer, which still hasn't been replaced.  Last night the netbook refused to switch on, it done that before, but after much poking prodding and shaking its back woking.
But today the external hard drive which contains ALL my stuff is not working.  I don't keep anything on the main computer in case it fails, so everything is on an additional external drive.  It appears to be the power cable, which of course is not just a cable comes with a huge box thing in the middle of it - every gismo in the house seems to have one, and none of them are interchangeable, mad!  Will You (me) go and see about a new one - err no, the moment there's a technical question I will glaze over.  Heck I still use a carriage return, stop shouting hit Enter at me!!
All is not totally lost if the drive is dead cos of lack of power - we are good and do back up everything regularly and it was last done over the Xmas/New Year break, so not that much will be lost - and this is where my little record book comes into its own, cos it will say what it is I've done and when, so I can check for the latest bits.  And there's irony here... last week I ordered some disposable fountain pens, perhaps they should have been quills?  Sigh

04 January 2011


Well, the holidays have passed, and for us ended much as the year began with hospitals.  Himself's side of the family, a relative in for the week before Xmas, unexpectedly, and my side, betwen Xmas/New Year an accident at work resulted in a bad fracture and surgery.  Cross fingers that having been us, and one on each side we're done with hospitals for 2011.
But I try to keep this blog for arty things, life has enough trivia, I don't want to bore with mine!
Boxing Day I discovered himself dismantling the printer, as you do at this time of year.  Hooray it worked.  Boo its died again.  Shock and horror to find that not every printer will print double sided, let alone multi pages on one, booklet printing, so lots of investigation needed to find a replacement.
I've written out my thoughts and ideas for the ERTF juried exhibition: Concepts & Meanings.  I'm hoping to win something on Ebay today, which will help... if not lucky will keep looking, there's time.  I feel excited and also very nervous.  I feel like I'm in with the "big girls" - proper artists - my "concept" is something I've never tried before, and entering a selected event is also new to me, even writing out all my thoughts, inspriations, ideas so far, feels so very grown up!!!  Heck I've even got ideas for work for the accompanying shop - I'll have to have a lie down, its only the 4th Jan - might be peaking too soon!!!