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04 January 2011


Well, the holidays have passed, and for us ended much as the year began with hospitals.  Himself's side of the family, a relative in for the week before Xmas, unexpectedly, and my side, betwen Xmas/New Year an accident at work resulted in a bad fracture and surgery.  Cross fingers that having been us, and one on each side we're done with hospitals for 2011.
But I try to keep this blog for arty things, life has enough trivia, I don't want to bore with mine!
Boxing Day I discovered himself dismantling the printer, as you do at this time of year.  Hooray it worked.  Boo its died again.  Shock and horror to find that not every printer will print double sided, let alone multi pages on one, booklet printing, so lots of investigation needed to find a replacement.
I've written out my thoughts and ideas for the ERTF juried exhibition: Concepts & Meanings.  I'm hoping to win something on Ebay today, which will help... if not lucky will keep looking, there's time.  I feel excited and also very nervous.  I feel like I'm in with the "big girls" - proper artists - my "concept" is something I've never tried before, and entering a selected event is also new to me, even writing out all my thoughts, inspriations, ideas so far, feels so very grown up!!!  Heck I've even got ideas for work for the accompanying shop - I'll have to have a lie down, its only the 4th Jan - might be peaking too soon!!!

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Miriam Weaver said...

Sounds like you need a good 2011 too! Your a step ahead of me, I need to get my ideas for 'concepts and meanings' down on paper. Every time I think about it the concept changes at least once they are in Black and White I might be able to focus!
Happy New Year