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24 December 2010

Happy Holidays

What is this?  Well I don't quite know how to describe the finished version.  But these are pages for a book, small 6" x 4".  2011 will be the sixth year I've kept this little book.  Its important to me the size, and the pages, always made from multi coloured paper, this time K & Co scrapbook paper.  Its one week over two pages, and its a record/diary/accounts book I suppose.  First started because whenever people asked me, "what are you making" I'd usually say, oh nothing.  Thinking that actually I didn't spend much time doing, I decided to actually record what I did do.  So in this book, bullet point type notes, eg "worked on pink panel" - no details, just that.  I also list when I done tasks for my EG, things I order or buy, the price and where from, and when magazines arrive.  This week I've had Fiberarts, Embroidery and CPS digital came last night.  All of this is really useful, especially if you need to check up on when did I make that order, should my magazine have arrived this month - I want more of that product where did I get it.  A few years back I came across the phrase "that which is recorded gets done" - so I guess as I work in isolation, this little book helps me focus, and importantly is evidence that I am actually doing!
The pages need shuffling so not all the same colours are together, and its need assembling and the date labels, which are prepped, but the printer died yesterday.  So to my reluctance I think over the holidays we will have to go shopping, a new printer will be governed by certain things, price, what will fit in the space and whatever the shops have!!!
Jingle Bells, well that is the last thing which are added to my book.  Spiral bound I attach tiny bells (off the cat's toy actually, he doesn't like) - so useful to find the book amongst everything, just have to knock the table to hear a ringing to find it.
Wishing you all the very best for the holidays, thank you so much for dropping by to read, and we will continue with the art journey in 2011.

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