21 June 2017

Paper and Pages of Books, Events and Inspiration

Well the tidy desk soon became a mess again.

Covered with papers, buttons, paints, glue,
with the window sill occupied too
more paints, paperwork etc

So next tidy up will be when I lose something.

So what have I been doing.... well the Embroiderers' Guild Branch Exhibition is now over.
Lots of lovely work, met up with those not seen in a while and new faces too.  Please come along to the Branch.
The Spring Open Exhibition where I had one piece in, has also ended - told there should be another around October time.

I've entered the Rochford Art Trail - waiting for my venue.  Someone asked me how many years it had been going, well.....this will be Number 9.  I've been in every one, inc the pre-Trail tester exhibition.

I've also sent off a Statement of Intent for an Embroiderers' Guild event, but so far nothing more than that is in hand - pile of paperwork on window sill, its in there somewhere.

And now yesterday info on another local event, which I will have to be quick on, if I want to enter as deadline is only 10 days away!.

Toddled off to see a couple of things.  Up to Norwich to look at Turn the Page Exhibition, which is nothing but book art.  Lovely. Click on the link to see images from the event on their Facebook page.
I've seen some of the Exhibitors several times, can recognise their style. I saw a first time Exhibitor who clicked with me, Paula MacGregor.  One of these spooky muzak things, as I'd been working on 'found poetry' or 'found stories' - been frustrated by my efforts though.  If you don't know, its where you take original text on a page and highlight words to make something else.  I've managed to turn Charles Dickens into a daring burglary and escape by plane.  But my means to reveal this aren't as I'd like.  Paula's work showed me I could have a different viewpoint of this.  It felt much more comfortable to see her interpretations.

Keeping with books, I went to see friend Juliet's work with the group she belongs to - Seven.  Wonderful collection of Art Journals.  They had some common elements to use and/or techniques, but each gave their own interpretation to the artwork, in gorgeously well expanded accordion books. bursting with colour.

I'm currently doing lots of book things, ideas aplenty, hope it doesn't look like I'm copying because some of my ideas have been in existence prior to seeing others work.

I had better post this, before I lose yet another week and nothing gets done here.