24 July 2013

Up and Coming

I'm back to singing that song again... "busy doing nothing, working the whole day through, trying to find lots of things not to do"
Actually I'm doing a lot of work on a website for a group, lots of on the job learning and doing.

Coming up........
~ Embroiderers' Guild Branch Workshop - 10th August - with little moi, practical afternoon making simple books:

~ Hand and Machine Made Cords 22nd August - click on the link for the venue information.
See previous post for details.

~ Rochford Art Trail, 19th-28th September.  This is my venue.  No, not the inside, you will be looking through the window!  So I will be open 24/7.
For any of you on Facebook, search for Rochford Art Trail to find their page.  Each artist has been asked to submit photos, so its ongoing, but there are taster images appearing, full of wow!

Last Friday, I went out and bought one of these..... 19th July and I have next year's diary!  What's even more jaw dropping is that one day in March has the possibility of being in 4 different places, and not just around the corner, Essex, Norfolk, Suffolk and Herts.  I have this mad life, nothing for weeks, and then everything piles in on one day.
I can also show you these... task for my EG Branch.  We are making a visual record book of techniques.  We each had a colour box and told to use one stitch.  I had the blue so used seeding stitches, then I took a friend's red box and probably my favourite all time stitch, raised chain band.

Right must not take on any more "can you just" - except I've got one more, and to a deadline, sigh.

19 July 2013

Yes, May Be, No - Not me Surely....

Right so last post I signed off mentioning another arty wake up call.  Here's what happened.
Saw a call for entries, on a networking site, exactly me, so acknowledged, few words why, suggested look at website to see if suitable.  Then thought mhmm, bit rude of me, find the email of the person, sent specific photos of items with sizes and techniques/materials for each specified.
This latter may have crossed with the response I got, may not have been read, I don't know - but the response was "can't see what this has to do with the topic"
Huh, jaw drops open, it IS exactly on topic. (I've actually never ever had the ability to bluff my way, too scared to be found out, so would never apply for something not within my remit)  At the moment to me, it looks like an inability to read on the part of the other person.  Actually wondering if they looked, because its so obvious via the photos. I did respond and point out, again, just in case email had not been seen - but heard nothing more.  Of course it could be a roundabout way of saying, you're rubbish don't want you, but hey tell me straight, sideways rebuffs aren't helpful.

But then this is where the profound thinking came in - is my USP not clear enough (Unique Selling Point).  Might need a neon sign pointed at it, marching band have a day off.
Talking with a friend over it, wondered if actually its more of preconceived ideas, ie if it includes X, it must look like Y, not understanding the complexities of another genre, not getting the technical challenges which may arise, or even the possibility that such a combination could exist.  Sigh but why should that matter, its the finished item you look at.  Or.... is it still because it includes textile skills, that we are in the back of beyond in terms of art recognition, or fixated in minds as stitch it looks like this.... doesn't it?  Perhaps I should go back to making the crinoline lady crocheted toilet roll covers - yes I confess, I did make them.  I also made jars of "pickled bums" - but that's a whole other story!  Me - pure fine art you know.

In the meantime, venue being finalised for my Art Trail work, just awaiting confirmation and then I will reveal...
As I can't show work which I'm making for the art trail or exhibitions (I say making, ooops funny falls off chair) how about some of this....

home made texture plates for use with the Gelli Plate mono printing
as yet untested!
click on image, should enlarge

08 July 2013

Lifelong Learning

So you go off on a workshop and what do you hope to achieve?  A nice day out, meeting new people amongst it all, perhaps the chance to learn new things, or be reminded of things already tried, or a new slant on them?  And then home, and what next.
Workshop with Wendy Creak at Art Van Go last Friday
Well to start with the big challenge, fitting things back in cupboards, and in my case pulling out a set of wheelie drawers, something clattered behind them when I was sorting what to take.  Can't remember the last time cleaned behind, to my shame, whole eco system going on.
This got me sidetracked as everything moved off the top too.  There I am with this nice large jar of paintbrushes, is actually one of those big sweetie jars you have at Xmas.  I thought it looked pretty arty and like I'm busy and know what I'm doing... but actually its ended up with another eco system in it.  So I tidied and binned the contents (and the jar) and those of a drawer, and have a lot less.  I decided to bin all the very old and extra paintbrushes, sticks, sponges  that I simply don't use.  Quite ironic when Friday I was using sticks, and bits of stone, and bricks and wood as mark making tools. This brought about another profound thought:
is it OK to stay with what you know
is it necessary to constantly have challenges
You may have noticed that Beverley's Bulletins aren't happening any more.  The idea was to make me look back and revisit things, bring them back to the forefront of thinking, in sharing them with you, it would be a reminder to me.  But in practice its not happening, its not fitting in with how I am...  So back to the Friday workshop, what to do with it next... I have a couple of ideas but actually I'm thinking its one of these things to be absorbed and pulled out when needed, right now, its just not right for my ideas.  To be real its because the class takes place on a particular day and obviously that's not necessarily where you are at that point and time in design or project.  I often find the benefit of a workshop is not what you expect at all... its the throwaway comment which strikes a nerve and inspires, its a trigger for a thought process which races ahead.  And its the act of putting everything away, and realising time to stop holding on to physical things, get rid of some of the clutter, find working space, and brain space.
I enjoyed Friday, all sorts of challenges in the day, processes revisited, and ideas which have (oh that dreaded word) 'potential'.  But what I've learned in the broadest sense will filter through and be used, at some point, but its not necessary right now to explore further.
Its been a profound thinking art weekend... as something else came into the thought process, but I'll save that for another time.

04 July 2013

Get creating

Coming to a Venue near you
(well near me actually, but you get the drift)
Saturday 10th August 2013
1.45pm - 4.30pm
Embroiderers' Guild
Balmoral Community Centre
Salisbury Avenue  Westcliff-on-Sea
"Ties that Bind"
a practical workshop, with me, on simple bookbinding
I will be showing how to make a simple folded book, and a stitched book for beginners and something a little more complex on offer for those who have tried this before.  We are moving to the UPSTAIRS HALL for this meeting (but there is a lift at the back of the building, if you need assistance, let us know and we can arrange this). Check out the South and East Essex Branch on the Embroiderers' Guild website.  or Contact me if you want more information. Beverley@bevfolkard.co.uk
and as if this isn't enough, you can also find me here:
Thursday 22nd August 2013
10.30am - 2.30pm
The Sewing Box
547 Rayleigh Road  Eastwood
"Hand and Machine Made Cords"
Call into the shop for more information, see their website for details.  We will be learning how to make a variety of cords, to have as a reference point for future projects.  It is my intention that we use the sewing machines at the shop.  Materials needed are machine threads, and any others for the hand work, ie embroidery thread, knitting yarn, and a notebook.
Looking forward to seeing you at one, or both, of these events.