26 October 2009

Next Appearance!!!

She's here, there and everywhere. It is very true that one thing leads to another, indeed this weekend I've heard of yet another possible....
My next event has had a very quick timescale, 10 weeks from hearing about it, applying, being accepted and then taking part!!
Rochford Art Trail
7th - 15th November, Rochford, Essex.
My work will be in Barclays Bank, 15 West Street, Rochford, SS4 1BE this is right on the corner of the market square (market day is Tuesday). Unfortunately the Bank is undergoing refurbishment, and I will have a small display, 3 pieces. But actually this suits me, given the time scale and other things. And how cool is this - the Manager said my work would be put away at night!!!
I've decided not to join in the Xmas selling event - far too much going on the week prior and that weekend. Much as I want to particpate and support and show that there is an interest in such events, sense does have to win out sometimes. The event I heard about this weekend, when I see the details, will also need very careful consideration.

19 October 2009

Two out of Three Ain't Bad!!!

Well you wait on opportunities, and suddenly all the relevant emails arrive within 12 hours!!!
The bad news is that the calendar opportunity with a piece of my work is not going ahead - too expensive to do. But still I was on the shortlist of work to be featured, so that is a positive.
The other two events are rapidly approaching. One is a local Art Trail - which is a little over 2 1/2 weeks away!!! Thankfully I'd been sensible in my submission in terms of what I could manage. The other event is an Xmas Art selling exhibition, which is due first weekend in December. I've got to think about this, not because I don't want to do it - but simply because it clashes with other personal things, and we have only one car, so logistics to work out before I say Yes. Where would I be without a desk diary, to book custody of the car!
When I have links, more information etc I'll post back.

12 October 2009

Still time to see....

How quickly time races by - I lost last week somewhere!!! Our Knit One Stitch One exhibition is still on, but only two weeks (plus one day) left to go and see it, last day is Monday 26th October. Do go along, and you can always stop by the college cafe.
I've got paperwork laying on my table to check, for 2010 events, frighteningly, in terms of art work, the time flies by and deadlines get ever closer, with neon signs flashing - and I was going to be so efficient, that is until you lose the odd week or three....

05 October 2009

Juliet's Stolen Shrug

Here is a picture of the beautiful Shrug which was taken from our Knit One, Stitch One exhibition. It's a labelled designer piece - see Juliet's blog for more information or to contact her with any news.