26 March 2010

I'm on the Web!

I was thrilled this week when I received news that a pic of my work has been chosen alongside others to illustrate the Rochford Art Trail The Trail takes place the last two weeks of October. This is one page of the Essex Summer of Art, and I will hopefully be participating in the Burnham Art Trail too, if you look at the righthand menu you can see lots of art events.

My work at the Hospice comes down next week, no idea how its all gone, will find out perhaps when I attend. But time will be limited, as I have to drive the 25 miles there, pack up the work and be back home to then take himself to a hospital appointment.

14 March 2010

Catch Up

Although things have been busy on the home front, I have managed to complete my paperwork for the Burnham Art Trail... and next I need to complete paperwork for Rochford Art Trail, 2/3 weeks to go for that one. I don't like leaving it until the last minute, but it the way it is at the moment. I'd forgotten when only one can drive, how much time it takes up, providing taxi service.

Here are a couple of pictures. The first one is called Amongst the Greenery - it doesn't have a 'design source' except for in my head, this stringing is something which I've done beautifully on a virtual piece since before Xmas!!! The other piece is Heart Mosaic and is rough rectangle shapes with "naive" machine quilting - but its not a quilt!!!
The ERTF/Owen Jones project is now on hold, which on a personal level is good, because life has exploded, but I will make something, as again I've got another virtual masterpiece constructed!!
I know my Etsy shop has nothing in it at the moment... I'm afraid it will have to stay that way because there is only so much I can deal with.