27 June 2013

Thwarted Intentions

Mhmmm, I follow a blog where the artist seems to be very disciplined.  I mean incredibly focussed and diligent, setting X amont of creative time per week.  If not achieved she will get up with the birds to find the the hours to work, to keep to the schedule.  I read in awe and amazement, to be so strong, single minded.  I find myself full of envy one minute, and then... hang on, my life doesn't work like that.  I have a "him indoors" to put up with share space and time, but no other family.  But still things conspire against me creating.
This past week good intentions got diverted.  Found a tiny wet patch on the floor near a radiator... investigations needed, phone call.  Can't find source,  blaming him, its his side of the table, he has a permanent glass of water, I think he sploshed some.
Answered the phone to find I was the wrong number, but turned out the caller wanted info on textile shops, exhibitions venues etc.  So I spent 20 minutes helping out a complete stranger.
I did do some dyeing... but in the process discovered the cupboard contaminated with yeuk.  Tempted to shut the door on it, but no.  So whole cupboard had to be emptied, washed out and everything fitted back in.
Does the above person not have any of these things happen to her?  And yes I wake up regularly, but unintentionally at 5am, but I'd be a health and safety nightmare to let me anywhere near, a scalpel, needle or sewing machine, at that time of day. Heck some days even at 11am I seriously worry about being 'with it' enough to not to need an ambulance on speed dial.
But I have done some things... bought two generic sewing machine feet, and took pliers to them to modify to my needs... fixed another..  So quite smug!
Oh and I've now lost more time, cold fingers and my ring fell off. 20 minutes later can't find it.  When him indoors gets in more searching, moving furniture, emptying magazine rack, flicking through each page.  And its bin day, so facing possibility of a yeuk rummage. Eventually found it, dropped and rolled and disappeared under a corner of carpet.  I think I spend most of my time being busy, doing nothing! No wonder I've become such an expert at it.
And here's the dyeing.... for a project not to be shared... yet.
This is paper
Tea bag and repair tissue

12 June 2013

Teaching and Creating

Roll up, roll up, time to book my class at The Sewing Box.
Tuesday 18th June
not running due to lack of student numbers


Hand and Machine Made Cords
Check with the shop for information - places available

The intention is to use the sewing machines on the premises.  The requirements are a few machine threads, for practice use up the threads/yarns from your stash, knitting yarn, embroidery threads, even string!  It is my intent that we work on a rotation, with some learning the machine techniques, whilst others do the hand and others play with some equipment I have.  So everyone goes home with a range of samples, a practical dictionary if you like for future reference.  But what will I do with them?  As well as being accent decoration for pieces of textile art, there's the practical, light pulls, bag handles, jewellery.  These sample techniques will reference to endless possibilities.

Sigh, I would like to be able to show you all lots of lovely work which I'm doing.  I look at artists on Facebook and see masses of creations appearing on an almost daily basis, and think oh dear, where are mine?  However, what I'm involved with is work for exhibitions and displays.  Personally I don't feel it fair on those attending such events to share it widely first, so hence it looks like not much is hapening.  But have a clue....
A very badly painted sketchbook cover.  I really love these sketchbooks so have to do something to them, so I can find the latest, or the one with specific things in.  And to go in it.... mhmmm
Stage 1 in sampling.........

06 June 2013

The past becomes amusing

At the weekend made a discovery as part of clearing a cupboard... actually friend Helen has a much nicer phrase than tidying, spring cleaning, she called it Life Laundering.
I'm hunting for a book which I'm sure we had, from m-i-l, its a needlewoman book, and of course I want to cut it up.  However, came across another one, which I don't recall seeing before.  I opened it and was howling with laughter, him indoors kept asking what was so funny.

Its called "Gifts You Can Make Yourself"   You may have seen you can buy greetings cards with photos on, of knittings patterns etc with witty words beside them - well I found the original words beside these, just as funny.  I've copied out the words below each pic, as they appear in the book - so you must say them in your very best Celia Johnson clipped English, from Brief Encounter!

A pretty yet practical gift is this unusual and attractive hat box.  It is shaped like a large drum and will hold several hats at one time.

A gift that will always prove useful and cannot fail to please is this attractive tray.
A most attractive "threesome,"
those quotations are in the book, not mine!
A gift that cannot fail to please is this practical set consisting of tennis racquet hold-all, cycle tool bag, and satchel.
Designed for bath-time, this delightful little toy fish will cause endless amusement.
A piece of lead is screwed to the underside of the fish so that is remains horizontal just under the surface of the water.
Three practical gifts for the kitchen that are sure to please.
...an extremely useful iron stand of asbestos supported on a brightly coloured wooden base....
There are loads more of course, some which today are really not very PC at all, and some have very very different meanings today.  And yes, there are knitted knickers in the collection.
But a phrase I'm still trying to work out "For the Matron" - clothing items, like cardigans, but different from "For the Business Woman" and also "For the Smart Matron" - apart from in a hospital, not sure I've heard of women as Matron, not quite sure what defines her.  With lead in toys and asbestos in the home, wonder anyone survived.