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27 June 2013

Thwarted Intentions

Mhmmm, I follow a blog where the artist seems to be very disciplined.  I mean incredibly focussed and diligent, setting X amont of creative time per week.  If not achieved she will get up with the birds to find the the hours to work, to keep to the schedule.  I read in awe and amazement, to be so strong, single minded.  I find myself full of envy one minute, and then... hang on, my life doesn't work like that.  I have a "him indoors" to put up with share space and time, but no other family.  But still things conspire against me creating.
This past week good intentions got diverted.  Found a tiny wet patch on the floor near a radiator... investigations needed, phone call.  Can't find source,  blaming him, its his side of the table, he has a permanent glass of water, I think he sploshed some.
Answered the phone to find I was the wrong number, but turned out the caller wanted info on textile shops, exhibitions venues etc.  So I spent 20 minutes helping out a complete stranger.
I did do some dyeing... but in the process discovered the cupboard contaminated with yeuk.  Tempted to shut the door on it, but no.  So whole cupboard had to be emptied, washed out and everything fitted back in.
Does the above person not have any of these things happen to her?  And yes I wake up regularly, but unintentionally at 5am, but I'd be a health and safety nightmare to let me anywhere near, a scalpel, needle or sewing machine, at that time of day. Heck some days even at 11am I seriously worry about being 'with it' enough to not to need an ambulance on speed dial.
But I have done some things... bought two generic sewing machine feet, and took pliers to them to modify to my needs... fixed another..  So quite smug!
Oh and I've now lost more time, cold fingers and my ring fell off. 20 minutes later can't find it.  When him indoors gets in more searching, moving furniture, emptying magazine rack, flicking through each page.  And its bin day, so facing possibility of a yeuk rummage. Eventually found it, dropped and rolled and disappeared under a corner of carpet.  I think I spend most of my time being busy, doing nothing! No wonder I've become such an expert at it.
And here's the dyeing.... for a project not to be shared... yet.
This is paper
Tea bag and repair tissue

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