23 July 2019

Coming up - 1

Well, I'm busy making, and for my sins am helping by being on the Working Party of
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12th-26th September

I have been a part of this since the Taster event.  This year we are coming back stronger than ever.  Events are planned - Workshops which can be booked through Eventbrite - also guided Tours of the town and art work.  There will be Free Art Friday - with work from artists which is yours to keep - if you find it!  We hope to have a plethora of Postcards - from the Artists and local schools, which are yours to buy for a suggested donation of £5.  Also a photography competition, with super prizes, and charity auction.
You will find Links as we gear up via the Facebook page, which you can click on above.

Please support - at very least please tell your friends and share the FB page as much as you can.  Thank you.

Oh, and me... well I'll have work in Oak Dental which is right in the Square (the bus stop is outside) Actually I used to work in this building when it was a Solicitors office.  I'm displaying book art.

10 July 2019

Dear Diary

Oi - are you reading
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Wow, wow, wow - half a year has gone by and I've not posted here.
Truth is I've been feeling out of sorts for a long time, and so the blog was neglected.
In an effort to recharge - few weeks ago I revamped the blog, making it a much simpler layout and style.  I've removed lots of extras, gone right back to basics, with the hope that simplified means I can return to more of a diary of my art life, leaving all the extra and more formal info on my website, and snippets on my FB page.

Soooo what's happened then?
Well lots and nothing all at the same time.

I have become involved in the Working Party of the Rochford Art Trail, which to date is very interesting, and reveals what talented people there are around, aside from beautiful art work, all sorts of skills are needed to assist with organising such an event.
I continue to be a Member of The Material Girls, with Exhibitions around the corner, which require work, of course for group projects and individual art pieces.
The Embroiderers' Guild is still a very important element, with shared interests, guest speakers.  I've been a guest speaker myself at Suffolk East Branch.
And along the way visited excellent Exhibitions both locally and many miles away - oh and bought some artwork too.

Trying to juggle all of the above in my head is my main difficulty, especially not feeling so vibrant as I should.  One week I had two committee events - was asked to look over legal based paperwork for another, trying to do work for a third group and asked to deliver info to yet another group.

fallen asleep yet - Bandit

So let's hope the blog will put me more on track, in terms of noting what is to be done, and what I am doing.

I will be back with some nice info - a poster for an Exhibition, and news of another event.  But I think I'll save that until anyone wakes up to see. Meantime, highlighted links above take you to the various Facebook pages, where you can find more information.
See you soon....

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