28 September 2012

If it looks like a duck......

Last week still chilling, and had lunch out with him indoors, of course I picked the surprise venue, well it did involve a little extra excursion up the road to Hobbycraft, just so rude not to visit when 80% there already.  But we came back and had lunch at the reservoir cafe.  Here's one of the other visitors:
I've no idea on such things, I said it looked like a duck cos it has a duck's face!!!  However I'm told its an Egyptian Goose.  Although I am partially right, cos its related to a Shelduck.   Beautiful colours in the feathers.

Been having a play, and working on little bits which need finishing off.
The red and the purple splodges might get threads and beads added, or might be filed!

Also been having a moan.  I am a rare female, hate clothes shopping.  Have hated it all my life, childhood traisping in and out of shops, walking miles only to return to the very first item in the very first shop.  I'm go with, if its the colour I want, suitable for the purpose, it fits, I buy - I'm not looking in 20 other shops for stuff.  However, moan time, have you noticed loads of clothes about, and cheap, but also really awful fabrics, the type that weld you to village hall seats.  Horrible, tacky.  Friends are saying the same thing.  So I went catalogue shopping, looked at the clothes I have already made sure I only ordered the same fibres in the same perecentages, and guess what, items arrive with stickers on them "fibre content not as advertised". Grrrr.  Seriously I'm thinking of going back to dressmaking.  I used to do it.  But of course nowadays, much like knitting (but I don't knit) its actually not a cheaper alternative, fabrics and patterns are expensive.  I have loads of dress patterns.... trouble is they tend to look like this now.
I think I might need to lay down for a while and let the moment pass - using dress patterns like this is soooo much more fun than practical stuff.

21 September 2012

Chilling, Typing and Buying

I write with nothing to show of my own again…. and I haven’t been making anything. That’s because I’m supposed to be taking time out, recharging the batteries and trying to get refreshed. Not quite happening at the moment, don’t actually feel that way, still hovering too close to the edge. Its been a funny old week, bad stuff, good stuff, surprising stuff, sometimes all in one day!  I think it needs more cake or chocolate to help sort it all.
I have been very productive on the old puter. Gosh its like being at work the amount of stuff I’ve been typing, reports for this and that, and comparisons and assessments, all textile things. Send this to that person, can I have this, you can now add that, find web addresses, can you fill in this online table to find a get together. I get fearful of missing something, or sending to the wrong person, because its not from one organisation, its several. Dunno about a paperless office, bright pink, lime green post-its are a necessity.
The puter has brought me nice things, invite to a private view and I’ve done some puter shopping, waiting for a design cd, and some paper arrived, specialist handmade paper for use with inkjet printers, expensive, but I’ve been looking at it for months. So now I have it and I can stare and coo over it….
And I’ve been art shopping
This looks like a painted stone, but its not.  Its actually lightweight and a ceramic.  Just had to have it because its in my fave colour, well its rude not to isn't it.  Its by Emma Williams.
I also bought myself a piece of work by Michelle Holmes.
I just had to buy this piece... any idea what its called - naaah you'll never guess.“Betty in her new gansey.”
Michelle has a whole series showing Betty with various adventures.  This one I had to buy because I knew what the title meant.
If you don’t know a Gansey is actually a fisherman’s jumper, knitted by the family, warm hardwearing, and importantly, constructed with a particular pattern, not only for the area where it was made, but also to the person who wore it. As, should someone be lost at sea, they could be identified by the pattern on their gansey. It’s a term found in several places.
However, in my home county of Norfolk, even us country people use the word gansey to describe a jumper or cardigan of any sort. So I thought I must have this, because not only do I know what a Gansey is, its also a term I’ve used, and if you don’t know, then the title of the piece doesn’t make sense! (It is actually writtern underneath, but I hid that from you).

13 September 2012

Repurpose, Recyle, Remember

You might recall in a previous posting that I mentioned I don't keep unfinished projects, unless they stop in a good place.  I can't return to something that didn't work because the anxiety immediatley resurfaces.
So it seems quite ironic that on Saturday I purchased a part finished piece.
At my Embroiderers' Guild Branch, three of us share a little bit of uniqueness, for such a small Membership, we have the same birthday.
Alongside me, one of the other ladies is Lucie, lovely lady makes beautiful work.  However, I believe she is now 92/93 and has this Summer had to move out of the area, and so the Guild had some of her stash to sell.  I know the third person in our connection bought a finished piece of Lucie's.
So I looked and I hesitated... and asked fellow Members, if I buy this, is it respectful to cut it up and use it for other things.  Its one thing to buy  from charity shops and make them live again, its another to have something from someone you know, it really was a big consideration for me, because I don't wish to be insulting and detrimental to the work or the person.  Anyway the opinion was if I bought it, it becomes mine and I can do as I wish with it.
Here it is
Its a tablecloth in the finest linen, by my reckoning its about 40 threads to the inch, the part pattern already worked is over 2 threads.  It also has, and what I was drawn to, a lovely crocheted border.
So, I'm going to cut it up.... repurpose, recyle, upcycle, whatever you want to call it.  I think in respect to Lucie I will cut out the element already stitched make it in to something new, as a feature.
The border I have other plans for....

06 September 2012


I have bought myself a new toy....
Its a zapper so I can wield it on anyone who annoys me.  Hang on, what did you say, oh right, not allowed to do that, tsk, spoil all my fun, and I'd got them all lined up ready - I have a list!  Its actually for zapping ends of threads to seal them.  And no I probably don't need it... but purely in the interests of research don't you know...
Good News - I have my venue for the Rochford Art Trail - I'm going to be back at the same place as before.  There is no say in what venue you are allocated, you take what you're given.  Mendoza Opticians.  I'm getting the hang of this now, third time at this place, and the glass boxes which are held by wires to the ceiling and floor.  They have only certain access, and only certain sized pieces will fit in, and there is a tiny amount of sway.... but its all the challenge of doing an art trail, dealing with what the venue gives you, meeting their needs as much as your own.  So I need to finish off some work for it, or get on and make, the ideas are all there, just been so tied up with other stuff.
I've done some tidying.... not in the house, don't be silly, squint and you can't see the dust.  No tidying up of items on the computer. This past year with all the hoo haa going on things have been chucked in a rough section of where they belong.  I've more actual work to do on the puter, organisations I do things for have more tasks - sometimes I wish we were back to carrier pigeon, as soon as one email goes and the task is done, the answer is back and more work is needed.
Soon the last Material Girls exhibition will finish for the year, the puter will be organised, stuff will be back in cupboards, everything neat, brain space found, and all ready for the next project. By which time I think I will be ready to look at it - I've done minimal so far, because I knew I couldn't add another item into the mix otherwise I'd burst - but actually waiting, giving things time to spark is not a bad thing.
Oh not another thing and it would be too much, so why did news of an opportunity come my way last week, and I'm thinking about it...... well it is a small task and achieveable, so may be.