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13 September 2012

Repurpose, Recyle, Remember

You might recall in a previous posting that I mentioned I don't keep unfinished projects, unless they stop in a good place.  I can't return to something that didn't work because the anxiety immediatley resurfaces.
So it seems quite ironic that on Saturday I purchased a part finished piece.
At my Embroiderers' Guild Branch, three of us share a little bit of uniqueness, for such a small Membership, we have the same birthday.
Alongside me, one of the other ladies is Lucie, lovely lady makes beautiful work.  However, I believe she is now 92/93 and has this Summer had to move out of the area, and so the Guild had some of her stash to sell.  I know the third person in our connection bought a finished piece of Lucie's.
So I looked and I hesitated... and asked fellow Members, if I buy this, is it respectful to cut it up and use it for other things.  Its one thing to buy  from charity shops and make them live again, its another to have something from someone you know, it really was a big consideration for me, because I don't wish to be insulting and detrimental to the work or the person.  Anyway the opinion was if I bought it, it becomes mine and I can do as I wish with it.
Here it is
Its a tablecloth in the finest linen, by my reckoning its about 40 threads to the inch, the part pattern already worked is over 2 threads.  It also has, and what I was drawn to, a lovely crocheted border.
So, I'm going to cut it up.... repurpose, recyle, upcycle, whatever you want to call it.  I think in respect to Lucie I will cut out the element already stitched make it in to something new, as a feature.
The border I have other plans for....

1 comment:

mimilove forever said...

Coo'ee missus!
A beautiful piece and I think it's wonderful that you're going to blend Lucie's work into your own...if anyone thinks otherwise give 'em a blast from your new Zapper (got to get one of those!)

Look forward to seeing where you take this piece