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06 September 2012


I have bought myself a new toy....
Its a zapper so I can wield it on anyone who annoys me.  Hang on, what did you say, oh right, not allowed to do that, tsk, spoil all my fun, and I'd got them all lined up ready - I have a list!  Its actually for zapping ends of threads to seal them.  And no I probably don't need it... but purely in the interests of research don't you know...
Good News - I have my venue for the Rochford Art Trail - I'm going to be back at the same place as before.  There is no say in what venue you are allocated, you take what you're given.  Mendoza Opticians.  I'm getting the hang of this now, third time at this place, and the glass boxes which are held by wires to the ceiling and floor.  They have only certain access, and only certain sized pieces will fit in, and there is a tiny amount of sway.... but its all the challenge of doing an art trail, dealing with what the venue gives you, meeting their needs as much as your own.  So I need to finish off some work for it, or get on and make, the ideas are all there, just been so tied up with other stuff.
I've done some tidying.... not in the house, don't be silly, squint and you can't see the dust.  No tidying up of items on the computer. This past year with all the hoo haa going on things have been chucked in a rough section of where they belong.  I've more actual work to do on the puter, organisations I do things for have more tasks - sometimes I wish we were back to carrier pigeon, as soon as one email goes and the task is done, the answer is back and more work is needed.
Soon the last Material Girls exhibition will finish for the year, the puter will be organised, stuff will be back in cupboards, everything neat, brain space found, and all ready for the next project. By which time I think I will be ready to look at it - I've done minimal so far, because I knew I couldn't add another item into the mix otherwise I'd burst - but actually waiting, giving things time to spark is not a bad thing.
Oh not another thing and it would be too much, so why did news of an opportunity come my way last week, and I'm thinking about it...... well it is a small task and achieveable, so may be.

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