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29 August 2012


Repurpose - otherwise known as, I've changed my mind!
Actually this is quite a good thing that I'm doing, but often I will struggle on with something, to the point of binning it, when may be if I'd thought and taken it elsewhere it would have had more success.

I originally showed a snipped of this in  this previous posting.  Even then, something wasn't right about it, but I was still of the mind to continue with it as it was.  Until yesterday when I took a knife to it!
Originally it was 18" x 6" - I know inches, but its hard to work in cms when the canvas to mount on are in inches!  I do flit between both, often on the same piece.
So yesterday I wielded the knife and now I have two pieces 7" x 5" and already it feels much better.  perhaps the technique/scale was all wrong for a larger piece.  What's more I made myself consider where to cut, none of this if I take it from the edge I'll have a piece left over and I can.....  The two new pieces don't even join up edge to edge - radical hey?
The patterns were drawn on when each colour was whole, which is why the circle, is no longer a circle.
I was describing this item elsewhere, and realised its multi media, multi disciplines, many genres.  The 'fabric' of course, being me, is paper.  The curved piecing is a technique from the world of patchwork, topped off with simple embroidery in silk thread.
I will take it out with me today and continue to stitch the marked patterns, which are combinations of circles and straight lines.  The bonus is, its one thread, one needle, one pair of snips to carry!!!
I don't have many UFOs, because I've found I can't return to something once abandoned, unless it was abandoned in a good place.  If I put it away, because it wasn't working, then immediately I see it again I get anxious over it.  I can't leave them out on my table, and I can't have them in a box nagging at me.  It was years before I took the plunge and threw away what gave me bad feelings.  Worried about the time and money invested.   Phew such a relief, treat them as a learning process, and be rid of.  I feel so much better and happier to work this way, keeping hold of stuff which isn't working was becoming a huge block on actually doing.
So these little pieces now will be finished, because its better that I've repurposed them into a different idea from the original, the anxiety has gone, I'm actually looking forward to completing them.

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