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23 August 2012

And breathe.....

In the last few days I've:
~ prepared and dealt with paperwork
~ finished mini art pieces
~ been on a design/research trip
~ helped to put up an exhibition
~ prepped more paperwork from another source

I very much need to chill, might explode otherwise.  Why does it all arrive at the same time?  I really can't do any more right now, on top of personal stuff, I am worn out.  I had hoped by now to find some peace, but far from it.  As my friend Anne would say, some days have rated themselves as "definitely a 3 chocolate bar day".  And I did buy some, but not touched yet.  As long as I get tea straight into a vein, I can survive - and the design trip out did involved tea and cake!
The three little snippets I showed in a previous post have ended up as these:

They are all actually the same photograph, variously zapped on the puter, printed onto canvas, with hand stitching and beads. Aqueous I, II and III.  Up for sale at the Material Girls Exhibition in Maldon, which opens today!
Very little taster piccies, but I hope you will go along to visit.  This is your last chance to see panels in the UK, in our collaboration between Material Girls and Articulation.  In 2013 all the panels make the journey across to Canada, for display there.
I've one more event to prep for, and then its   b r e a t h e.  Well hopefully, but I know from the past there may well be "can you just....."

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Diane Kelsey said...

Love your work for MG, such a great technique.