22 December 2009

Natural light

Last week, back to hanging out of the window taking pictures - this time the early morning light, about 8am, love the soft peaches, and pinks.

Two days later and around the same time in the morning, this is what we have. As an "artist" seeing nature like this makes me so wish I could capture it myself - but I favour Abstract composition - my realistic attempts don't even look good enough to be described as naive art. But then why compete, when Mother Nature has done a pretty good job by herself. A long time ago my C&G tutor said, if you want a piece of work to look like a photograph - just take a photograph - so I'll continue to hang out of the window, and capture nature with the click of a button.

10 December 2009

Looking and Learning

I've been to a site visit for my next exhibition, suppose you could also say its a solo. However, its not open to the public. My work will be up in a corridor of a hospice, its to decorate, give a changing environment, for the benefit of staff and users of the centre. My work is going up in February. Lovely modern building and the display area is just off reception.

In the meantime I've been playing. A quilter I am not, far from it. However, I've been playing with continuous line patterns, in an effort not to keep returning the same one I always use.

These may be added in with the white hand stitching mentioned previously.
My poor little Etsy shop is empty... I will get to making and putting up more things, it's on the list.