24 December 2019

Christmas Poem

Some of you may know that on occasion I take to writing poetry.  I thought about making small art each day for Advent, or sharing wonderful images of something... but errr didn't excite so didn't happen. However, I have written this poem, and decided to share it with you all.

Twas the night before Christmas
And outside the house
The cat brought home a present
A sweet furry mouse

The fire embers were glowing
Beckoning the pair
Mouse settled on the hearth rug
Cat in comfy chair

Pink toes and fur quickly thawed
Soon they were snoring
Distant sleigh bells were tinkling
Sweet Dreams until morning

The quiet night time shattered
Hooves screeched - scraped - bells crashed
Santa and sleigh on the tiles
To chimney he dashed

His sack full and so heavy
Next time not a bike
Elves memo go make Lego
Don’t care what kids like

Fairy was shaking with laughter
He fell on the floor
Silly jolly red faced man
She’d opened the door

Leaving the sack by the tree
Presents for all it hides
Nice not naughty on this list
Santa glows inside

Milk in a glass oh goodness
Wish it was brandy
But I’m in charge of a Sleigh
Stated rather grandly

Rudolph was stamping his feet
Quick let’s get going
It’s hard to park on a roof
When cold and snowing

With a snort and a jingle
Santa’s sleigh took flight
Guided by Rudolph’s red nose
And stars shining bright

Mouse awoke and stretched his legs
Home time through the snow
From his whiskers fell a crumb
Secrets does he know

He reached the door turned to wave
Fairy gave a nod
Cat uncurled and swished his tail
Mouse gave the door a prod

Was it Santa whom they saw
Or dreaming every one
Happy Christmas my dear friends
To all have lots of fun