02 February 2010

Hospice & Hospitals

Sorry for the delay in updating. Well my work is now up in the Hospice, on display until the end of March. For a few days it was touch and go whether I'd actually go ahead with this or not.
Unfortunately my husband collapsed about 10 days ago, nearly died and required emergency heart bypass surgery. So our lives have been turned upsidedown.
Keeping an appointment, yesterday, to set up art work seemed the least of my worries. However, this arrangement had been made over 2 years ago, and I didn't want to abandon it if at all possible, but with DH now safe post surgery in hospital it proved best to go ahead, as once he comes home he will need more care. So its actually also proved a bit of a milestone of its own right, in that this is the first exhibition, albeit a small display, that I have put up entirely by myself. Previously I've been in with friends, or staff at a venue have helped. I hope the staff and visitors will enjoy what's on offer, lots of people made nice comment when passing through as I set up yesterday.
Next I've to prep the paperwork/photos required for entry to an Art Trail.... not really sure how that is going to work out, as DH will be home soon, and I've only got a couple of weeks, but pressure does focus the mind on decisions. May be I can have some pretty pics to put up here soon, especially by my new bridge camera which arrived in the midst of the crisis and has yet to be unpacked!