25 April 2012

Deadlines and more Ticks!!

Busy busy... Monday I arranged for some furniture to be picked up from my mother's home - its coming down to me.  But, I've become very interested in the material use to wrap/pack.  It has a bubble wrap on one side and a cover like aTyvek on the other.  Tried, the bubbles don't pop!  So I hope when the furniture arrives with me, I will get to keep the wrapping - so useful for protecting art pieces.
Had to make a bubblewrap envie for a piece to be delivered today.  Its for my Branch of the Embroiderers' Guild  we are entering the Westcliff Art Trail.  Earlier pic of the main focal point  and recent pics of the backgroundHere's a teaser of the finished piece - full reveal reserved for visitors to the Trail.
And now back to more paperwork, another deadline to meet - tomorrow!!!  And then I can start on the May deadlines.

17 April 2012

Work, Play, Think.....

Oh I am just sooooooo tired, it seems to be a permanent state these days.  Saturday I went to the ERTF Conference at Girton College, Cambridge - the nearest I get to saying I was at Uni in Cambs!!! he he  Lovely day, its so nice to now be getting to know more and more people.  Chris the leader and Mentor of The Material Girls gave a talk about making art work with a group from another country and exhibiting that work in those respective countries.  You can see more on Chris' blog.  And Chris gave the Materials Girls present a bit of a suprise.... no doubt more of that to come in the future.  Let's just say... gulp!
Today the group is off to London for a research trip on the next project, without me.  I'm not a London person, find it very hard to deal with - but that aside I really don't think I could do the trip justice right now.  I know full well that I wouldn't be able to absorb anything else, and likely come home wishing I'd spent time looking at something else instead of what I did...Too much to think about at the moment - so much so that I missed a personal time sensitive appointment..... and yesterday spent the day on the phone and internet sorting out something else where I'd also missed reading the time line.
There is good news from the ERTF in that the next Exhibition is in the pipeline, so something else to have ticking over in thought, if not in action just yet.
I'm desperate to go and see Collect but find myself fully occupied for the entire four days its on.  What a pain, my life is like that, guarantee big empty spaces and then times (like this past Saturday) where I can easily be in two or three places on the same day.  So I just have to settle for the very entertaining blog of Louise Gardiner.
However, amongst it all I have done some work.  And you can see bits of it below:
Mhmmm, this is Inktense sticks on cartridge paper, but instead of washing over with water, I used gesso, to get a chalky/softer effect.   And stitched on top, will actually be diamonds, not square on.  Its a background for a piece for the EG which needs to be handed in next week!!!
I've also got to do some other bits, plus photos and paperwork for deadline next week.... sigh.
In the meantime there is also this:
This is the green piece from the previous posting after more attacking, with various paints and inks - like it much better now... and original plans when in previous incarnation have now been shelved as it fits in much better with another project.

11 April 2012

Textiles on the Hill 26th/27th May2012

As the time gets nearer to the weekend event of the Material Girls - Textiles on the Hill, at Horndon-on-the-Hill, Essex, its time to publish the Schedule of Demonstrations.  Hopefully you will recognise some of the names as being well known in their field of expertise.  So take a note of who and when, and do come along to see us.
Schedule of Demonstrations
Textiles on the Hill
Saturday 26th May
11.00-12.00  Beverley Folkard  ie ME!
12.30-1.30  Helen Wilson
2.00-3.00  Sara Impey
3.30-4.30  Chris Spencer
Sunday 27th May
11.00-12.00  Margaret Lacy
12.15-1.15  Lynda Monk
1.30-2.30  Janette Bright
2.45-3.45  Juliet Bryson

I'm prepping for my contribution - its on basic bookbinding techniques - I hope some of you will feel able to be there for when the doors open, as I am very first up for the weekend, and I hope to do justice to things and get us off to a good start.  So please make a note in your diary, and don't forget there is the Bridging Waters Exhibition to look at, as well as supplies via Denise Gannon of Craft Arena, and Textile Art for sale from locally based Artists, and not forgetting, tea and cake!!

04 April 2012

Yes she does stitch....

Oh dear, I've written myself a list, noooo, well yes its necessary got to keep track of things, on pink paper so I don't lose the wretched thing! For instance yesterday... regular stitchy meeting, next in May, had been cancelled from the beginning and put to the end of the month, to compensate for not being able to go in June because Lizzie Q is having a party, and we didn't want such a long gap between. Are you following. Well now we've decided to reinstate the May meeting back to the beginning of the month, because it would mean being at the same venue two days running for different organisations! And back to abandoning any meeting in June, so a long gap to July. Phew Now, did I write that down.
One of our ex little flock Members came to spend the session with us yesterday, she now lives in Herts, so quite a trek, but so lovely to see her. And.... I'm choked. Kathleen travelled all the way from Herts to see The Material Girls exhibition back in February - as she doesn't drive, this involved trains, buses, and taxis. Thank you Kathleen, and I'm so pleased you liked what you saw. We also caught up with the work Kathleen is making and she brought along some beautiful things. I continued to work on this..... who knows what it is, oh yes, that's right, its art darlink!!
I'm also working on this, started months ago but couldn't decide what to do with it.
Now I have but don't like my efforts so far - so I think the scissors may come out and it will be re-arranged. I've got loads of ideas for others things, but am hoping that I can hold off doing them but keep the buzz of the idea. Problem is too many things on the go at once at the moment is just too much. It was usual in days of studying C&G, but at the moment I just can't go there. Too much personal stuff in the mix as well. I could easily end up with lots of mediocre when I'd like lots of brilliant. So as well as the dreaded old lady list - I may also need a timeline to plan it all. It does give focus working to a strict plan, written down, its more of a commitment than merely keeping it in the grey cells. And..... I like a nice Tick when its done!!!  Yeah, I know...sad!

03 April 2012


I thought I'd share this blog - very odd that me, as a non Quilter follows this, but its full of things which I enjoy. Over the last few days there's been postings on copyright. Now... I can't say if what is said is absolutely right or wrong, but... importantly it makes for thought and discussion, and seems to be full of common sense. You will need to look at Friday 31st March and Monday 2nd April to see what's being said. Watch the video in the middle, again gives reason to think. Now go visit Leah Day.