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25 April 2012

Deadlines and more Ticks!!

Busy busy... Monday I arranged for some furniture to be picked up from my mother's home - its coming down to me.  But, I've become very interested in the material use to wrap/pack.  It has a bubble wrap on one side and a cover like aTyvek on the other.  Tried, the bubbles don't pop!  So I hope when the furniture arrives with me, I will get to keep the wrapping - so useful for protecting art pieces.
Had to make a bubblewrap envie for a piece to be delivered today.  Its for my Branch of the Embroiderers' Guild  we are entering the Westcliff Art Trail.  Earlier pic of the main focal point  and recent pics of the backgroundHere's a teaser of the finished piece - full reveal reserved for visitors to the Trail.
And now back to more paperwork, another deadline to meet - tomorrow!!!  And then I can start on the May deadlines.

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