29 February 2012

Extra Day - yes please, anyone seen one?

Y a w n - sorry I'm soooooo tired.  Three trips to Romford last week and a visit to Norfolk, ended up so utterly tired out that I couldn't sleep!!!  But Romford was for The Material Girls Exhibition - do go across to the blog to see snippets of the display.   Its still on, until 3pm on Friday, so get along for a look.

Btw - have you noticed, well you won't if you view via Google Reader - but I've changed my mouse pointer on here, to a larger coloured arrowhead.  Was visiting one of the blogs of Carolyn Saxby, and saw the heart icon for the mouse pointer, and had to investigate how to do it for myself!

Meantime I've been buying - anyone who knows me realises I very rarely buy threads, have miles of them already, back in the days of City & Guilds, we used to go slightly mad with purchases, plus what I've got from my gran and donations from friends,  But there are other things I can't resist - one of which is very sad.... storage boxes!!!  There's something addictive about a nice clear plastic box and it was so rude not to buy them.  I didn't sell any cards at our pv, but that's OK, cos I have some new A6 sized clear plastic boxes, and they all fit in one of those rather nicely.  See told you I was sad, cos I was so thrilled by that!!!  So they will be kept clean and crisp until the next outing at Horndon.
I also have a new toy... well three of them  - which do this:

I just love love lurve this - I have plans - as usual in my head already created the most magnificent piece of artwork......or six.  So that's a watch this space. Not as if I don't have a gazillion of other things to do, but somehow the next project always seems more exciting than the one currently in progress.  Guess that's what drives us all onwards.
Oh yes - Happy 29th - no I didn't ask anyone to marry me - one husband is enough!!!

24 February 2012

Exhibition NOW ON!!!

The Material Girls Exhibition is now on - see the flyer below or via my MG page above.
Last night was the Private View, on an unusually warm February evening.  Lots of support from visitors who seemed to enjoy the display.
Go to The Material Girls blog where you can see a snapshot detail of the Thames Barges made by the group (not myself as I joined after this project was completed).   If you don't know... the Thames Barge is a style sail boat, particular to the area.
The Exhibition is OPEN TOMORROW MORNING - I will be there stewarding, alongside Chris and Margaret so do come along and say hello.

21 February 2012

Tick, tick, tick

Its nearly here.... The Material Girls Exhibition "Articulated Materials - Bridging Waters".  Yesterday I went to help hang the exhibition, although not sure how much help I was, being a newbie to the group there's an element of needing to observe and work out where you can slot into a process and a venue they already know.
Its opens tomorrow:
PV is Thursday evening... and I will be there on Sat morning to steward (you may need to press the gate button to get in....)
Got home yesterday and could barely get out of the car.... hurt my shoulder on my trip away and now my back is sore and the arthritic knee is being a bleep too.  Doesn't help things to sit here on the puter chair as it slowly sinks til the knees are higher than your ears... well not quite.  I'm turning into a decrepit old bag!  May have to get more industrial strength painkillers, train the cat to warm up and fetch the microwavable wheat bags, and while its at it, it can learn to put the kettle on.
In the meantime what to do art wise.... trouble is its so easy to get settled leaning over a table and then realise you can't get up!!!

15 February 2012

Moving Onwards

Let's start off with some colour...
This is the pom pom yarn which I made up using Tunisian Crochet.  Its wonderfully squishy (very technical textile term) and hugable, so I think it might end up as a squishy cushion.  Definitely not being offered to the cat to raise his whiskers at.
Yesterday was the Material Girls last meeting before our Exhibition opens next week.  Such a full on session with lots to settle.  But it was wonderful for me to see so many beautiful things coming out of bags and boxes - there were a few big gulps on my part.  Also saw the work from Canada for the first time.  For two groups across the world from each other, working on their own "Bridging Waters" project its uncanny how things will tie in with each other.   I'm sure the whole Exhibition is going to look splendid.  I'm still not showing you my pieces, as I believe visitors to the Exhibition should have first dibs, but once its under way....  Suffice to say that I've completed my tasks, which I'm pleased about.... that is all except making a few pieces for shop sales - which I believe is only going to be at the pv.  Actually I'm not good at card making, in the sense that these little pieces of art usually cause me the most anxiety, I can get so worked up over them, value for money, but not looking cheap, enough work in them but not taking so long that materials and effort far outweigh return.   After all, to be blunt and real, it is supposed to be a money making enterprise. Give me a panel to make any day!!!
I came home and finalised an Art Trail application.... hope its OK, so many different things in my head at the moment I always get hyper worried I've missed a vital  task.  But I am getting the hang of "in 35 words or less...."    So now its wait.
I know its mid Feb, but I think its time to start with this:
A new sketchbook.  The old one isn't quite complete, but I'll cut out the blank pages, to use as pockets for things in this one, but I feel the need for a new start.  I realised after submitting the art trail application, part of my, did you remember, have you done... was simply because I'd not written it out in my sketchbook and ticked it off as I'd done it.  Oh dear, really am an old bag, need lists now, and bright post-its - but there's nothing quite so satisfying a a nice big tick to say its done!!!

10 February 2012


I am a happy bunny - I've managed to get the tabs at the top of the blog to work.  It was simple really, when you bother to engage the brain.  But if you see any typos, you will let me know, please.

So the above tabs, click on them to what they call "stand alone pages" with a brief summary about each topic.  My idea is that its informal and a bit of background to the how, what, why about me - a compliment to the formality of my own website, and perhaps a little added insight to what I write in my blog pages.

08 February 2012

Snow and Stitching

I came back home Saturday evening, wary of the weather forecast saying snow would start at dusk.  Had to collect him indoors, had the car engine running, he leaps in and we do the 100+ mile dash home before the snow came.  We made it a couple of hours before it hit here.  No more since, but they do say today we might get another 4"/5" worth.
This is my furry beastie.... he's not impressed.  Lots of - "you expect me to go out in THAT" - he has to inspect from each doorway to see if its different from one side of the house to another, but really he'd rather stay on the duvet thank you very much.
Well did I uncover some dark  family secrets rummaging through possessions - no. I did find my Grandfather's leather baby shoes - he was born in 1904.   However, I came across some things I'd stitched and given as gifts.... sadly never ever used.  A CHiN bag.... Children in Need charity bag pattern - I've made a couple of them.
Also there was a handmade book - I looked at both of them and thought, gosh, these are really very well made, I know I made them, but even so, the stitching and construction on both is very crisp and neat - and yes I'm surprised I did it!!!
I have lots to do art wise - an opportunity came through this past week which I'd like to try for, if I've time, but I've an application to get in for something else in the meantime, and a little matter of finishing stitching a piece... and I want to turn these tabs at the top of the blog, into proper pages - bit of brain failure last time I tried.

01 February 2012

Trying to create - honest!!!

Slightly blurry photo, but adds to the mystery - because this is all to do with my 3d piece for The Material Girls forthcoming exhibition.  Doesn't look like this now, not quite finished, but plodding on.  Trying to do as much as I can when I can - but personal life is intruding still more than I want.  Not helped by things going wrong in this house at the same time, as other stuff.  Like the iron gave up, the washing machine has a distinct coloured patch emerging from underneath and the bathroom sink decided to leak.  And now the new patio doors are squeaking..... and this morning the printer says its not connected.  Does everything have to all go wrong at the same time, and when you've no brain space for it?  I have shut the door on a couple of problems because its just been a case of no ability to deal with them properly.  At least the plumber has been today, hooray!!!
I'm going away for a couple of days, not holiday, more house sorting elsewhere.  But it has occurred to me, I'm going to have to take photos of my home town, record it as my history.   I've not lived there for over 20 years... my brother for longer, my niece and nephew don't live in the same county, they have no connection to the place, unless we give them one.  This is from my hometown.... its HUGE, can be seen for miles.
Perhaps it should become an art project.... before time evaporates and there's yet another collection of photos, this time on the computer, with just a digital number and no explanation of the who and the what....