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08 February 2012

Snow and Stitching

I came back home Saturday evening, wary of the weather forecast saying snow would start at dusk.  Had to collect him indoors, had the car engine running, he leaps in and we do the 100+ mile dash home before the snow came.  We made it a couple of hours before it hit here.  No more since, but they do say today we might get another 4"/5" worth.
This is my furry beastie.... he's not impressed.  Lots of - "you expect me to go out in THAT" - he has to inspect from each doorway to see if its different from one side of the house to another, but really he'd rather stay on the duvet thank you very much.
Well did I uncover some dark  family secrets rummaging through possessions - no. I did find my Grandfather's leather baby shoes - he was born in 1904.   However, I came across some things I'd stitched and given as gifts.... sadly never ever used.  A CHiN bag.... Children in Need charity bag pattern - I've made a couple of them.
Also there was a handmade book - I looked at both of them and thought, gosh, these are really very well made, I know I made them, but even so, the stitching and construction on both is very crisp and neat - and yes I'm surprised I did it!!!
I have lots to do art wise - an opportunity came through this past week which I'd like to try for, if I've time, but I've an application to get in for something else in the meantime, and a little matter of finishing stitching a piece... and I want to turn these tabs at the top of the blog, into proper pages - bit of brain failure last time I tried.


Su said...

oh dear, he's really not impressed is he! (neither are mine!)

dianehobbit said...

Probably saved for a special occasion or best.

Miriam Weaver said...

I made my Mother and Father in law and double bed patchwork quilt for Christmas about 8 years ago, hand quilted I put a lot of hours into it! Never seen it since it was unwrapped, probably looks great on my brother and sister in laws bed!!!!! I do hope its not there, I cant bring myself to ask my father in law what happened to it.
As Diane says your Mum probably was keeping these things for use on a special occasion.
Glad you got home safely.