21 October 2010


starts this coming weekend:  23rd - 31st October for more information please see the Trail website. My work is in place, at Mendoza Opticians

Another new learning curve, as my work is displayed in cubes, which I measured carefuly to make sure the work would fit, but forgot about how to actually get the work inside. The side nearest the shop fittings is open, but its not a huge gap to turn things through, being careful of their display, in this case rows of spectacles, plus its one handed because you can't get both hands in, with only the one side open,  First time I put up the big piece, all nicely in place and then the label fell off!!!  So had to start over.  So another lesson learned, check hanging/display mechanisms, check sizes of display, and now....look at surrounding space/how to manipulate pieces into place.  Never stop learning about presentation.

Aside from this I've been frantically making postcards, six large ones 8" x 6" to go into the Art Trail, (three actually used)  and two smaller ones at 7" x 5" for a commitment to PaperWEIGHT which I've been a member of for many years.

10 October 2010

Special Day!

Today is a special day, being 10-10-10 - for once no confusion between us Brits and Americans on what day it is!!! (I don't like the way blogger insists on archiving with the date the "wrong way" for me, even though the instruction says otherwise). I've been recording these special dates (and others like 1-2-3) with photos, usually around my home, and as I write a diary, there's usually something about what is happening in my life at the time.  The intention is to make art... a piece somehow capturing the photos and the snippets of life.  Anyway here today, its been bright sunshine, blue sky with the tiniest cloud, breezy but relatively warm.  The sun is going down now, so may be more photos to come.  I like these quirky dates, probably because my birthday is one of them, and by fluke my wedding day also.

This coming week, DH returns to work full time after his "episode" - 10 months almost of challenges on the domestic front.  Not least in the past few weeks he's been working at home which means two computers on the go at the same time, or papers all over tables.  So my access for my art has been restricted, almost to non existence, what will I do with an extra day?  Oh, well before the end of Oct I've some 7" x 5" pieces to make for PaperWEIGHT, need some small pieces for my Art Trail display, oh and I promised a brand new, made especially for piece, for my Embroiderers' Guild Branch Exhibition.  Mhmmmm is one extra day enough... ought to be a doddle, after all I've managed two solos, an art trail, and piece for touring event with domestic pressure.  One must always remember in times of difficulty, there's always cake... and chocolate!!! ggg

05 October 2010

Busy, busy, busy

Gosh things have been full on for a while... working hard to meet deadlines, thought I was seeing some daylight, but received another "could you just..." request last week.
This is a teaser of my Tudor Rose made for my Embroiderers' Guild Branch Exhibition, which goes up at the beginning of Nov.
Paper and stitch... of course. And I've been busy out and about.  Firstly I went to see OTT's exhibition "Bloomin Marvellous".  A riot of colour focussing on the natural world, so apt being an exhibition at an RHS garden.  I think I've only missed one of this groups exhibitions since they started.
Also I've been along to see EAST's exhibition "Talking Textiles" - again a group I've seen almost all of the exhibition of.  Individually themed quite different from OTT, but that's what's so good, to see such variety in a short space of time.  I also managed to get along to the last day of the Map exhibition at the British Library, it was soooo crowded.  And then I went along to see Origin, my first ever visit.  Enjoyed that and bought myself some beautiful art pieces.

Also I managed to complete and deliver on time my piece for the ERTF Owen Jones touring exhibition.  Here's a taster of Pastiche, guess what, more paper and stitch!!  Met up with other contributors over a delicious late breakfast hosted by Lorraine.  Getting to know more members as I also attended a Tea & Textiles day a couple of weeks back!

I've seen the Rochford Art Trail brochure, quite a shock to find a photo of my work on the front cover.

And my new website, seems to be well received, and in fact I've sold two pieces of work from being seen on the site.  Great news and I'm thrilled, but now in a quandary over what to put in the Art Trail to replace them!
So... I just need to make a new piece of work by the end of October... no pressure then!!!