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21 October 2010


starts this coming weekend:  23rd - 31st October for more information please see the Trail website. My work is in place, at Mendoza Opticians

Another new learning curve, as my work is displayed in cubes, which I measured carefuly to make sure the work would fit, but forgot about how to actually get the work inside. The side nearest the shop fittings is open, but its not a huge gap to turn things through, being careful of their display, in this case rows of spectacles, plus its one handed because you can't get both hands in, with only the one side open,  First time I put up the big piece, all nicely in place and then the label fell off!!!  So had to start over.  So another lesson learned, check hanging/display mechanisms, check sizes of display, and now....look at surrounding space/how to manipulate pieces into place.  Never stop learning about presentation.

Aside from this I've been frantically making postcards, six large ones 8" x 6" to go into the Art Trail, (three actually used)  and two smaller ones at 7" x 5" for a commitment to PaperWEIGHT which I've been a member of for many years.

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