30 November 2009

Chasing Words

Anyone who knows me will say that I have a love of words. I spend hours pouring over dictionaries and Thesaurus, hunting out word meanings, to give titles to my work or inspiration. Well in August 2010 I have my second solo exhibition, but it was way back in the Spring that I had to sign the Contract and give an exhibition title. I chose a very obscure word, not in present usage which meant "a kind of fabric". But its so obscure that it doesn't really give even a hint of what the exhibition is about. So decided to change it. Much pouring over the books, the internet, making up my own words combining real ones, trying to find something which sounds enticing, will give the lay person an idea. After all "stitch on paper, or fabric, collage or montage, or everything all at once, also with added twiddlly bits, by hand or machine, abstract, but could be based on realistic images" - isn't exactly catchy!
The word I've chosen, means "the act or process of making, creating, manufacture" and gives a subtle hint towards fibre and textiles. My second solo exhibition is entitled:

23 November 2009


What on earth is this? Well actually the photo was because a friend wanted to see the close up on my camera - so French Knots in detail. But this is part of my current playings, stitching white thread on paper. Not sure where its going yet, may get painted over and coloured - but it has me down as this mad person, producing little scraps of paper with handstitch on them, but its design development - honest!!

And at this time of the year this is the other thing which occupies me. Hanging out of the window taking pictures of the sky, because it really is that colour - you should see the oranges and deep blues... I'm thinking of making work based on colour - and my sky photos might well provide the answer. Mhmmm I could paint my white stitching in pinks....

08 November 2009

Rochford Art Trail....

is now up and running. I set up my small display, (3 pieces) in Barclays Bank on Friday. They are on a cabinet at the far end of the Bank as you go in. You can't miss the Bank at the moment as its shrouded in scaffolding. As I'm not in a window you will need to go in to see - so weekdays only. I didn't take any photos - doubtful photography inside a bank is appropriate!!! Attended the Launch yesterday, tried to do some networking, interfacing or whatever its called!!! If you are around this coming week, do visit the Trail - its small, but lots of lovely work from many talented people. Juliet is at Rochford Hospital, where she tells me there is a really nice cafe. Then there are other cafes in the town with art work displayed, shop windows and business premises hosting too. Hopefully if this is well supported it will re-appear next year. A new venture and I think a good time of year, bringing some brightness and interest to grey November days.

In the meantime, I'm going to change the title of the exhibition which I have in August 2010 - when I think of a new name, I'll let you know. Also exhibiting at Farleigh Hospice in February - which is not open to the public - but plans are moving on for that, and I will make a site visit soon.