20 February 2013

Book Review: The Story of Colour in Textiles

My first impressions were, this is a bit dull... certainly wouldn't grab this off the shelf.  Odd for a book on colour, but then I realised it was MY thinking, I was expected bright modern candy colours on a cover, not the subtle.  It all made sense when opening the book to find the sub heading:
 "Imperial Purple to Denim Blue"
I flicked through the 176 pages, there's a lot of words! Actually its a book crammed to the brim with facts and information. It did seem a bit daunting, where to start?
I decided obvious I'd read the entire book, which I have. Not sure its necessary for a review, but hey, why else do you buy a book, but to look at and read, so I did!
I struggled a bit with the first chapter, because there is so much factual information, dates, names, etc, thought I'll never cope with this, too much to take in.  But I continued, deciding to read rather than trying to retain all the facts as well, and soon found myself itching to read on and find out more.  For me suddenly I had a book of history, with social conventions from royalty to the ordinary man.  Laws and rules, country pitted against country, secrets, it was like reading a mystery novel, what happens next? It became obvious that there is so much to this topic, colour and the producing of it covers multiple aspects, its why the book exists in the first place.  I won't think of "masterpiece" in the same way again.
The book is factual, there is a lot of information, and also colour plates.
At the end of each chapter there is a list of References, which would allow anyone the opportunity for further exploration into the subject.
For anyone who is interested in the history of colour, the how where what and why, I'd certainly say get this book. As some elements re-occur in the book as the timeline progresses,  I'd recommend you do as I did, read it, like a novel, then go back for the facts.

The Story of Colour in Textiles  by  Susan Kay-Williams
ISBN  978-1-4081-3450-4
Bloomsbury Publishing Plc

14 February 2013

Saying No....

I've finally had to admit defeat... and I'm not submitting an application to an Art Trail which I've been part of for a few years.

Last year was tough, personally.  I expected a slump to hit me around Sept/Oct when everything was all but done and dusted.  But it didn't happen.  Other arty things got added onto my agenda, and there were difficulties with them, which I didn't need. Xmas/New Year then on the horizon with lots of emotions flying around everywhere and other personal things suddenly appeared which got me disproportionately worried. Got through those not understanding why in retrospect I was being so stupid.  And then splat, the slump hit. Ideas no problem, just the strength to do them.

I like this Art Trail, its the first I joined in with, but I know they have rules - high quality work, original work, and work which is new to the Trail.  And in time for submission I just can't fulfil those obligations, well not to my personal satisfaction.
So of course having made that decision, removed self pressure, now I've time to be ill, and have been welded to the house this past week.
Still today a good job done finally.  I can't stitch when ill, and don't like to try in case I infuse bugs into the fabrics!!!  But I had another task where the brain fog was too much, and yet today, sat down, tap tap tap, did it straight off.  Kinda proves the point of not being in the right place.
New photos added to Small Art Works, Ecclectic and Books.
I have been doing some stitching, just not for the things I should be, but in honour of the day...


06 February 2013

Bye dear friend

Very suddenly and sadly we have lost our beloved furry friend today.  A rescue cat, we were never sure of how old he was.  We had him for 9 1/2 years.  When he first arrived litteraly skin and bone, and would steal from the rubbish bin.  Loved the smell of takeaways, particularly Chinese, we suspect he lived on the streets for a while.  Quite why anyone would abandon him has always puzzled us, as he was the most docile/gentle cat I've ever come across.  He brought us lots of happiness and will be greatly missed, but we know he was happy too, and so pleased that when we went to the rehoming day, it was him who chose us.

03 February 2013

A Taste of Textiles - NOW OPEN

Photos from
A Taste of Textiles
Thurs, Fri and Sat, 10am-4pm
until 2nd March 2013
Maeldune Heritage Centre, Maldon, Essex

Do please go along and visit, a wide range of styles of textile art, to include... hand and machine embroidery, hand and machine knitting, fabric manipulation and felt.  There are large scale pieces and small items, wearable pieces and textile gifts.  One day in to the Exhibition and already sales have been made.
Those participating in this exhibition are:
Frances Austen-Hardy - Sue Beardsworth - Juliet Bryson - Hazel Dale-Evans - Beverley Folkard - Jill Hipsey - Pat Mullins - Coral Skelsey - Sheila Warner.