08 February 2017

Thin Lines

A look at some makes...

I've made myself a book - errr why?  Don't I own a zillion sketchbooks already - but of course I do.  However I have a particular project in mind for this.  Yet again I've made a fat book - this time its not long, but has a deep spine. 5cm and thick paper 250 gsm.  I attached each individual page, so teeny stitches, but pleased with my straight lines.

I have been stitching - this is the reverse, and I love it.  Just wondering if its actually worth doing to get this effect, might have to find a means to see something both sides.

Reminds me of this set of design work.

And because you need to see a bit of colour... here's a detail of some paint play.

I am not a stamper (though can't resist buying alphabet stamps) but I particularly like the effect of these thin crackle lines.  Suits my kind of stamping, ie don't put it on a block, just ink it up and press on the bits you want.  Perfect.

Oh bit of a theme, spidery thin lines......

An opportunity came into my inbox last week, requested details and am giving it serious thought - but I suspect it might be something to wait for the next time round.

In the meantime only a few days left to see the Essex Open.

Oh yes, I've changed the name of my Facebook Page its now: Bev Folkard - Paper Stitches.
Truthfully because I discovered you can, and this now seems a better fit.  Its the same URL if you have it down as that.