28 May 2016

Task Management

Sooooo days have raced past since last posting.

Not exactly feeling my best with one thing and another, and working last minute, not the intention, but just how it happened.
Sent off an application for an Art Trail, day before the deadline - well, its not the rule you have to apply weeks before the deadline, just make it on time, and I did!

So that was what occupied most of a week, and it takes hours to fill in forms - joke its one page - well it does me.  Especially the 'caption contest' bit which seems to take forever, condense your style/the work, and be interesting in 50 words or less.
I write these things and think have no idea who that is... but they sound pretty good!!!

Sunday evening at 8pm I had every intention of just working on what is in my diary, couple of things for this year and a couple already for 2017.
By 1pm on Monday, I'd submitted another Art Trail application.

I had said No to it because it just felt like one ask too many at the time, and then I was asked by a friend if I was entering and suddenly a few questions, a few thoughts on other things, a 'discussion' with him indoors when he barely surfaced above the iPad and I found myself submitting paperwork.

I still feel like I need some head space anyone who shouted out thought it was empty anyway, will be dealt with later so quite why I did this is anybody's guess.

But the most important thing needed for these things is a List..... oh we love a List, it does actually come second to storage boxes.  Cough, bought a set of those recently, well can never have enough, can you?

Not finding what I wanted, I made my own To Do Lists - and having read that listing Three things to do, is very achievable every day.  A big list just makes it overwhelming.  Trouble is I have them and am not using.
In my web wanderings, I've also discovered Bullet Journals - which to me appear to be another way to write Lists!!  Except this time they are divided up into categories.  However, I suspect that much of the Doing Time is spent making said Lists look very pretty.  Take a look here.
I've also found that there is this whole other world which spends time decorating Planners, there are Facebook groups and all sorts devoted to it, people actually own more than one!  I suspect I might need a List of where I keep my Planners!
There's speciality inserts, and paperclips and sticky tape and fancy post-its - Its hard enough finding the yearly diary in Staples, let alone anything else.

Nearest I've come lately is tracking down a pen which will write in blue/black ink.  How hard would you think that is?  I wanted to try and be sophisticlated, elegant, look like I'm writing with consideration.  No I didn't get a fountain pen, too many memories of inky fingers, blotches on paper and sniffing Ink Eradicator.

So instead of making a Journal or prettifying your Planner - if you want to avoid doing any task I have a much more sensible approach.
Drink tea and eat cake!