30 August 2015

August Disappeared Somewhere

Wow, can't believe so much time has passed since I last blogged.  Just really not in the right frame of mind for things.  However, the art work hasn't stopped, just needed some space, and the blog/Facebook etc fell aside.

So, we continue with our work in The Material Girls - lots of things going forward to be considered.  We have a new logo, which you will see on future publicity etc.  Its already up on the website and blog

Our current project involves working with the National Trust.  Go to The Girls' blog and look through past posts, where you will find taster images of the work we've prepared.  More likely to follow.  We've attending meetings, and are party to a lot of 'behind the scenes' preparations, its certainly opened our eyes, in all sorts of ways.

You can see an image of my work on the blog - but here's another - there are other pieces, but I'm not even going to sneak a look at those yet.

In the meantime Rochford Art Trail is fast approaching, and work is still ongoing for that.  Ideas not a problem, just wish I had a studio so I could lay everything out.  Working in a room which is not totally my own has its limits.
But to keep you guessing on this one, here are some backgrounds made.

And there's been another one of the usual "can you just".... ha, but I'm getting the hang of this, always expect there to be another 'something' whatever the event.  It could be another make, it could be additional stewarding, it could be a photo needed.

Oh, and on the never ending quest for suitable light for using with the sewing machine - well I've hit the 'buy button' again today, and so we will see.  If not, I will soon open my own light store.

Please support The Material Girls, via, their website, blog and Facebook pages.  So much work being put in to Exhibitions for you to see,

Don't forget to add the Rochford Art Trail to your diary, 17th-26th September.

Please check in with me, via my website, and my Facebook page too.