03 April 2018

More Alien Hunting

Following on from last post.  This section of the Wanderlust course has been about people/portraits.  Totally alien to me as mentioned. I missed out the lesson on drawing a realistic face, I know its more about observing etc but not for me.

So watched the last lesson in the series and its a SELF PORTRAIT - not really super realistic and involved using some out of the ordinary colour.  I was hesitant, there will be an alien by the end of this one, for sure.

I don't do photos, its a very long standing almost phobia.  To say it makes me feel sick, hot, heart racing, tearful to have my photo taken is an understatement.  I usually get past this by being the one who volunteers to take the photos.  I'm trying to get better about it

I was supposed to take a pic, with eyes closed, turn the photo to black and white to show tones and then paint it.
Now even without the blotchy face from a cold, and the extra large suitcases under the eyes still looked like something from a horror film.

However, I have blue eyes, so decided needed a bit of contrast, so kept eyes open.  Also decided that as there were unusual colours in the painting exercise, using the computer and a paint programme with various effects wouldn't be too far a step away.

So my plan, get on with it, fast.  Take photo, alter it, share it, phew.  Big step but quick like ripping off a sticking plaster, walk towards the thing which scares you.  So here it is, not the painting/drawing exercise as required, but a lesson in grasping the fear, getting on with it and doing.

A n d..... I suspect this is the first ever selfie ever shared.  Not likely to be a habit either.