16 September 2017

Trials, Trails and Exhibitions

September is madness month - at one point between us we had 20 appointments.  Some of them simple, but not so much when you are a one car household and its working out who is where and when.

Today is the 16th... and so far I've attended a Workshop, an AGM, set up work for the Art Trail, been to a finance meeting, a launch party, done two lots of stewarding, answered the 'can you just' which crop up.
Next week, we set up work for The Material Girls Exhibition which opens on Wednesday.

Hopefully I will have pics of it all later for you, but in the meantime, let's have a look see...

My piece for The Material Girls
whilst under construction

Storyjar Preserve
see below in window display

Work on display in Art Trail

So currently my work table/area looks like this