24 December 2010

Happy Holidays

What is this?  Well I don't quite know how to describe the finished version.  But these are pages for a book, small 6" x 4".  2011 will be the sixth year I've kept this little book.  Its important to me the size, and the pages, always made from multi coloured paper, this time K & Co scrapbook paper.  Its one week over two pages, and its a record/diary/accounts book I suppose.  First started because whenever people asked me, "what are you making" I'd usually say, oh nothing.  Thinking that actually I didn't spend much time doing, I decided to actually record what I did do.  So in this book, bullet point type notes, eg "worked on pink panel" - no details, just that.  I also list when I done tasks for my EG, things I order or buy, the price and where from, and when magazines arrive.  This week I've had Fiberarts, Embroidery and CPS digital came last night.  All of this is really useful, especially if you need to check up on when did I make that order, should my magazine have arrived this month - I want more of that product where did I get it.  A few years back I came across the phrase "that which is recorded gets done" - so I guess as I work in isolation, this little book helps me focus, and importantly is evidence that I am actually doing!
The pages need shuffling so not all the same colours are together, and its need assembling and the date labels, which are prepped, but the printer died yesterday.  So to my reluctance I think over the holidays we will have to go shopping, a new printer will be governed by certain things, price, what will fit in the space and whatever the shops have!!!
Jingle Bells, well that is the last thing which are added to my book.  Spiral bound I attach tiny bells (off the cat's toy actually, he doesn't like) - so useful to find the book amongst everything, just have to knock the table to hear a ringing to find it.
Wishing you all the very best for the holidays, thank you so much for dropping by to read, and we will continue with the art journey in 2011.

14 December 2010

Commissions, Planning Ahead

I have made and delivered my Postcard commissions. P bought the one on the left wanting local places where she has lived, where she lives now, and a blue/green.  She also liked the Heart postcard which was on display at the Rochford Art Trail, its Jane Austin's Emma background.   C wanted one for her daughter, who lives away, and so that has towns from her home and the brown colourway.  I have ideas to make more, and am open to further requests for these.
So that is almost the planned art for 2010 completed.  I am currently working on my Lines & Grids Sketchbook for The Sketchbook Project - well two actually.  I decided not to pay for it to be copied, and not to photo as I go, instead, to make a duplicate, so that way I have the information.
I have the application form for the Burnham Art Trail - not due in until February, but I intend to enter.
The Eastern Region of the Embroiderers' Guild have an Exhibition planned for the Summer.  Having submitted previously, I intend to give that a go, but the details won't be issued for that until January, so I've put dates in the diary for guessed deadlines.
And of course the big one for me, the juried exhibition for the ERTF "Concepts & Meanings" - I've already completed an Intent Form, and more information will follow, again in the New Year.  However, the ERTF/Owen Jones project starts touring from January, work was made and delivered for that one early October.  Dates for everything I'm involved with will appear on the right.
I don't have any solos planned, but am hoping, as this year, that opportunities arise, certainly one contact finds another, one opportunity gives another.  I may arrange solo for 2012, gosh what a long way off - but venues work far ahead, and one at least I've got to wait until the New Year before their diary opens up again.
Oh yes, my PictureTrail Web Album is now no more... please visit my website.

02 December 2010

Losing Days...

I don't make things for Xmas.... so for me to participate is a big deal.  These are the cards I made for the Burnham Xmas Art Sale which is on this week.  Not cost effective at all, as I spend so much time fiddling and thinking, making, scrapping.
It turns out to be a good thing that I am not contributing more for this event.  I've spent the past 5-6 days with a nasty stomach bug, which refused to go away - missed out on going to an ERTF Essex meeting in the process, which I was really miffed about.  And now here we are blanketed in deep snow.  So I would have let people down.
Time to be thinking ahead for 2011 art events.  Nothing of my own planned for the year, so it will be entering and trying out for whatever comes my way.  Ideas/techniques to explore, and perhaps finding niche small sellable items to make.
At the moment I've my small commission postcards to make, but I'm not doing so until I feel 100% better - have a fear of handing over complete with nasty bugs trapped in the stitching!!!
I guess most places in the UK now have snow.... stay warm and safe... take lots of arty photos... and keep the kettle on the go!

15 November 2010

Dragons & Dungeons (well cellars...)

What do you find at the end of a handrail in Dragon Hall?
Saturday I attended the ERTF conference in Norwich - my third trip "home" in four weeks, but this time purely for my own indulgence.
It was a wonderful day, I enjoyed it immensely.  Met up with old friends and new, the more you attend these things the more people you get to know.  The subject was "Concepts & Meanings" looking at how other artists facilitate their work, and the subject matter of the ERTF's next exhibition in September 2011. What struck me about all the speakers, was there was no apology for working that way, not that there should be, but often when you have off centre processes there can be an overwhelming need to justify it - but I listened to confidence, this is me, my process, it works for me.... unless they managed to keep that horrid doubting gremlin firmly in place for the talks.

Two people struck chords with me.... Debbie Lyddon, made textile art from listening to music - you can read more here. Having myself done drawing to music in art classes, I understood the process behind this. Dare I say it, back in the day, a lifetime ago, I also learned to type to music... try explaining that to a 12 year old niece! Heck what's a typewriter? Combining the unusual for an end result, not such a leap for me. Les Bicknell, a book artist, also gave us much to consider. A real fun practical exercise, which combined, sound, mark making and words made into a simple book structure. I've done similar exercises, but its a rare and wonderful pleasure to use the written word to inform design ideas... it seems at odds when you favour a visual creative result... but for me, I find words describe my vision far better than any sketch I make.
I had a good wander around Dragon Hall into the cellar/undercroft, found all sorts of hidden gems, as it will be the venue for the Exhibition in September.  I've signed up to submit for it - its juried, so a new challenge for me. The day, the place, inspirational, just need to think about making work to live up to it - mhmmm may be the design exercise, I could write a story illustrated by artwork, now that really would be a new Concept for me!!!

03 November 2010

Busy Busy - Next Exhibition

On Monday I took down my work from the Rochford Art Trail.  No sales as such, but didn't expect any.  However, I have been commissioned to make some postcards - the above shows those recently made (some were on display at the Trail),  Its the first full year of the Trail, so I hope the town and the host venues embrace it... it has the potential for a win win situation all round - more visitors to the town, more sales in the shops/cafes, and opportunities for artists to share their work.  Being involved with the Trail at Burnham on Crouch also, I can see just what a boost it can be for a town, but it takes a little while to get established, and for the concept to be understood and made the most of.
Tuesday I was helping to set up an Exhibition.  The Embroiderers' Guild South & East Essex Branch, have a display (over 40 pieces I believe) at the Adult Community College in Roche Way, Rochford.  All types of textile art.  It lasts until 16th December, so do think about visiting.  Look at our Branch Programme - I just happen to be the Branch IT Rep!!!
Last week I had the offer to participate in the Burnham Xmas sales event.  I would really like to have said Yes... but the year has been full on, with one thing and another, I've nothing suitable and don't want to make pieces in a rush which I will be unhappy with, and think could have been better designed or made.  However, I have said that I will make the Xmas cards as requested of each Art Trail participant.  So that means I still have 3 commitments to deal with.

21 October 2010


starts this coming weekend:  23rd - 31st October for more information please see the Trail website. My work is in place, at Mendoza Opticians

Another new learning curve, as my work is displayed in cubes, which I measured carefuly to make sure the work would fit, but forgot about how to actually get the work inside. The side nearest the shop fittings is open, but its not a huge gap to turn things through, being careful of their display, in this case rows of spectacles, plus its one handed because you can't get both hands in, with only the one side open,  First time I put up the big piece, all nicely in place and then the label fell off!!!  So had to start over.  So another lesson learned, check hanging/display mechanisms, check sizes of display, and now....look at surrounding space/how to manipulate pieces into place.  Never stop learning about presentation.

Aside from this I've been frantically making postcards, six large ones 8" x 6" to go into the Art Trail, (three actually used)  and two smaller ones at 7" x 5" for a commitment to PaperWEIGHT which I've been a member of for many years.

10 October 2010

Special Day!

Today is a special day, being 10-10-10 - for once no confusion between us Brits and Americans on what day it is!!! (I don't like the way blogger insists on archiving with the date the "wrong way" for me, even though the instruction says otherwise). I've been recording these special dates (and others like 1-2-3) with photos, usually around my home, and as I write a diary, there's usually something about what is happening in my life at the time.  The intention is to make art... a piece somehow capturing the photos and the snippets of life.  Anyway here today, its been bright sunshine, blue sky with the tiniest cloud, breezy but relatively warm.  The sun is going down now, so may be more photos to come.  I like these quirky dates, probably because my birthday is one of them, and by fluke my wedding day also.

This coming week, DH returns to work full time after his "episode" - 10 months almost of challenges on the domestic front.  Not least in the past few weeks he's been working at home which means two computers on the go at the same time, or papers all over tables.  So my access for my art has been restricted, almost to non existence, what will I do with an extra day?  Oh, well before the end of Oct I've some 7" x 5" pieces to make for PaperWEIGHT, need some small pieces for my Art Trail display, oh and I promised a brand new, made especially for piece, for my Embroiderers' Guild Branch Exhibition.  Mhmmmm is one extra day enough... ought to be a doddle, after all I've managed two solos, an art trail, and piece for touring event with domestic pressure.  One must always remember in times of difficulty, there's always cake... and chocolate!!! ggg

05 October 2010

Busy, busy, busy

Gosh things have been full on for a while... working hard to meet deadlines, thought I was seeing some daylight, but received another "could you just..." request last week.
This is a teaser of my Tudor Rose made for my Embroiderers' Guild Branch Exhibition, which goes up at the beginning of Nov.
Paper and stitch... of course. And I've been busy out and about.  Firstly I went to see OTT's exhibition "Bloomin Marvellous".  A riot of colour focussing on the natural world, so apt being an exhibition at an RHS garden.  I think I've only missed one of this groups exhibitions since they started.
Also I've been along to see EAST's exhibition "Talking Textiles" - again a group I've seen almost all of the exhibition of.  Individually themed quite different from OTT, but that's what's so good, to see such variety in a short space of time.  I also managed to get along to the last day of the Map exhibition at the British Library, it was soooo crowded.  And then I went along to see Origin, my first ever visit.  Enjoyed that and bought myself some beautiful art pieces.

Also I managed to complete and deliver on time my piece for the ERTF Owen Jones touring exhibition.  Here's a taster of Pastiche, guess what, more paper and stitch!!  Met up with other contributors over a delicious late breakfast hosted by Lorraine.  Getting to know more members as I also attended a Tea & Textiles day a couple of weeks back!

I've seen the Rochford Art Trail brochure, quite a shock to find a photo of my work on the front cover.

And my new website, seems to be well received, and in fact I've sold two pieces of work from being seen on the site.  Great news and I'm thrilled, but now in a quandary over what to put in the Art Trail to replace them!
So... I just need to make a new piece of work by the end of October... no pressure then!!!

16 September 2010


After a long time with my Picturetrail album, which has served me very well, taught me so much, including a bit of HTML coding.  I have now made myself a website, which has the benefit of clickable links and option to add on a shop.  A few cross words on the way, mainly because of different terminology for things I actually do know about, as lots of aspects are very similar to using Picturetrail.   So drum roll, trrrrrrrrrrrr

02 September 2010

Photos, Publicity and Lemon Cake!!!

A couple of days after putting up my Fabrication, I received a phone call, re the Press Release.  The local free newspaper wanted a photo of me with my work to run alongside the words.  Well if you know me, you will know that this was a very very big ask of me.  I am very photo phobic, and just the phone call had me close to tears.  But I realise this is the world I'm in, and perhaps the art can't speak for itself, as I always hope, and the face behind it has to emerge.  So I went along on Friday.  A model I will never ever be.  Keep this arm still but move your body, now look here, over there, lift this bit, turn that... needless to say I got a bit hot and bothered.  But it was speedy, over in 10 minutes.  I retired to the cafe - lemon cake and tea this time... much needed as I was physically shaking, and took a while to calm down.  Well the PR and a photo of moi are in this week's Yellow Advertiser.  I have looked through my fingers and squinted eyes, but that's it.  Another new experience to chalk up.
But good news... the sewing machine is back after its repair and service.  Oh how I missed it.  In the meantime I've had to try other things, like the above.  Playing with Golden Molding Paste, think I'm going to like usng this.
And more good news.... I'm in the throws of making a proper website.  I've loved my Picturetrail album because I've been able to do it all myself, and learned so much, but its time for something more professional and interactive.  So watch this space.

17 August 2010

FABRICATION - open to view

Wow, was yesterday a busy day.  Fabrication my solo exhibition at the Mills Arts & Events Centre, Rayleigh, Essex is now up on display.

This is it, standing facing the entrance to the cafe.  None of the pieces have been shown here before, but there are some older items, some show only once before and some totally brand new - unfortunately with home circumstances thrown into disarray, I lost a lot of prep time. Having been here before I thought I knew what's what.  Unfortunately since last time there are less hangers available, so it meant a bit of jigging and swapping to get 3 hooks on one wire, and 2 on another, with the kind assistance of venue staff, and a ladder!!  Because the Centre is well used and there are often small children/pushchairs around this gallery corridor, pieces have to be out of reach of small hands.  Last time people "complained" to me that I'd hung the work too high - but there is a reason for why it is as it is.

After putting the work up, it was time for "breakfast" in the cafe - well toasted tea cake, and tea, very nice too.
Then back home to collect sewing machine and take it to be mended, and serviced.  It will be away about 10 days.  I have no spare, unless you count my gran's old hand Singer with the long shuttle bobbins.  So I will have to get on with design work - no bad thing I suspect.

Its mid afternoon before I get lunch, and I'm very tired, all this work and rush, and then boom, its done. Then the phone rings....local Council, ringing to get information for a Press Release for this exhibition.  As the venue comes under the remit of the council, in the Contract it states they will do the Press Release.  However, having been promoted in the Rayleigh Arts Festival brochure, I thought that was enough 'exposure' and generous.  So I had to answer questions totally out of the blue, and out of brain cells.  I've little idea now what I said, but I will get to proof it, before publication.  And.... another new experience to chalk up, never done a phone "interview" before!  The minute you take your art out of the home, be that in any form, teaching, exhibiting, publishing, entering events - there is so very much to learn, and to continue to learn, as nothing is ever exactly the same from one experience to another, or so I've found.
And now, as they say, I'm going to chillax for a day, but there is the task, of fitting things back into cupboards... may be.

New work, tasters...

Here are a couple of pics of new pieces I've recently made.  Stitching on paper, as I do a lot of.

The brown is a detail from "Strata", and the green from "Terre Verte".  This is the compromise I had to make, as my sewing machine broke when I was trying to make free machine 'flowers'.
So these pieces completed the work for Fabrication, my solo.

Next project is to make a piece of work for the ERTF Owen Jones inspired project.  After attending a study day on this, I said No to continuing with it, for varying reasons, not least looking back I think I was overwhelmed with all I had plans for plus the enforced difficulties of looking after a sick hubby.  But the opportunity came my way again, and after careful thought, life issues resolving, I changed my mind and said Yes.  So I will need to barely stop for breath before embarking on the next deadline.

11 August 2010

Working hard....

I'm busy juggling here - its like being back studying City & Guilds Embroidery, bits and pieces everywhere, all 90% done, but nothing quite ready.  I will post some pics of the new work, when I actually get around to taking some!!!  Naming the last piece has been hard, I spend ages pouring over books and the internet, checking on things.  But I've found something which sums it up.  Its actually a celebration of green so of course it could have all sorts of natural themes - but the original  inspiration was just playing with greens so the name I've chosen is 'Terre Verte' - or earth green - its actually an artist colour,or a range of colours made from green earth pigments.  So seemed to fit in with all my thoughts.  I've checked, its all go ahead to set up FABRICATION on Monday, I've got my layout plan, so I know what is going where.  After which I plan to collapse in a heap, with a large supply of chocolate - or perhaps consume a large slice of cake from the Centre cafe.
But bad news, my workhorse Bernina is sick - in fact bits dropped off it.  It does work hard, and I do make it stitch through all sorts. It will have to go for repairs, and of course it would do this when I've only got about an hour's machining to do to finish, still the Plan B alternative might actually be a better mix.

07 August 2010

Rayleigh Arts Festival & Fabrication

This week more paperwork has come my way.  I've received the publicity leaflet for the Rayleigh Arts Festival.  You can find mention of me in the diary pages... and a photo of my work.  Fabrication, my next solo exhibition will be on display over the period of the Festival 18th-24th Setpember.  You can find more information here.

In the meantime I'm working frantically to get everything done, as Fabrication set up day is just over a week away.  So I'm running to stand still at the moment!.

22 July 2010

Meetings, meetings and beautiful views

Well in less than 24 hours this week, I've been doing arty things with different organisations.  The first saw me attending a post Art Trail meeting.  This was over at Burnham to discuss how this year's Trail went, ideas for an Xmas event, fundraising etc etc.  Whilst I was in the meeting overlooking the River Crouch - himself went off for a walk, armed with his camera, as the sun was setting.
The 2011 Burnham Art Trail will take place from 25th June until 3rd July.  But already the second weekend clashes with two other things in my diary.  It always happens this way, everything together or nothing!!

Next morning it was off to my EG Branch Meeting - this is a social meeting, bring your stitching and chat.  And very pleasant it was too.
In the afternoon, it was off to see my venue for the Rochford Art Trail in October.  I had a very constructive and helping meeting with Hazel from Mendoza Opticians.  Measured up the space, chatted about things, so hopefully it will all go well.  The Trail is new, so its a learning curve for the local businesses, but my small experience being part of the Burnham Art Trail, helps me to know what I can bring to the event.

And here I am, online and there's a message to say booking has opened for the ERTF November Conference: "Concepts & Meanings" in Norwich.  I'm so looking forward to this, I've had it pencilled in the diary for a while, just need to sort out the logistics of it all now.
So, its back to finalising all the paperwork that these few meetings have generated.

15 July 2010

Which piece of paper first?

This is my workspace at the moment, trying to sort out , what where, why, when. I have my allocation for the Rochford Art Trail - local opticians, which needs a site visit and more paperwork completed. A form to complete post Burnham Art Trail. A piece of work to be made for my Embroiderers' Guild Branch based on the Tudor Rose. Another opportunity which I need to think about, all the paperwork there to be completed if yes. I've got to check over the EG Branch programme for next year - I've done the actual typing/presentation of, possibly another presentation leaflet to do as well. So glad our main computer is fixed - it came down with "the black screen of death". Luckily I save things to a separate hard drive, so haven't lost anything, but trying to work on a laptop, especially emails which save to there and then can't be re-accessed from the main computer.... sigh. And I was going to do stitching this morning.... may be after lunch now!! No-one tells you, that making the art work is one thing, but time needed for all the paperwork, labels, packaging, artist statements, cv etc - well that's quite another. I need staff!!!

02 July 2010

Next... Sketchbooks... and 2011

My Burnham Art Trail display is all over for now. Items still available and for sale so do ask. And if you missed seeing them, you find pics on my web album - and some items will appear at my next Exhibition - 16th August - 24th September Rayleigh Mill Arts & Events Centre.
I have to make more work for that Exhibition, domestic issues have delayed everything, but then a friend said "what's the fun in actually being prepared in advance, the whole point is to work like crazy to the last minute". Actually last minute does make the mind focus, and force you into decisions.

I'm writing this, with one eye on the street, looking for the delivery van, to bring me a supply of sketchbooks. I've bought from Seawhite, (or Artsaver). Took me a long time to get comfortable with using sketchbooks, but then I discovered the size, form, orientation of the book was a huge factor. I prefer A5 portrait Euro Wire. I wish the content could be beautiful and make people oooh and aaaah, but my sketchbooks tend to look more like architectural records, with lots of measurements etc. But I've learned to relax and accept this is how my working information is recorded, and it suits me.

So why you might ask, is someone who doesn't do beautiful arty sketchbooks, signed up to The Sketchbook Project? Well I was looking to see what art things I had in the diary for 2011, came across the project and decided it was good to have a challenge for the long grey Winter months. I signed up on 18th June ($25 plus $3 p&p) and today (2nd July) my sketchbook has arrived. I've chosen the theme of Lines & Grids, partly because I realised lots of my work involves that at the moment. So to be posted off by mid Jan. Plenty of time... cough!!

17 June 2010

Ready for Burnham Art Trail

Here it is my work set up for the Burnham Art Trail which runs from 19th - 27th June. Work has to stay in place for the entire duration, but it is available to be purchased, so you can either take details when you visit, or email me, click on the link in my profile.

The picture is not to good, as its taken through glass, but it gives a flavour.

I will be stewarding at the Museum in Coronation Road, on Monday 21st June, 1.30- 5.30pm, so if you're around do pop by to say hello.

New pics have been added to the rotating icon on the right. If you want better views (hopefully) then please check out my web album here.

07 June 2010

Sneaky Peek

Here's a little taster of a piece which will be on display at the Burnham Art Trail.
I enjoyed making this, so intend to do more... and yes its all stitching on paper.

27 May 2010

Burnham Art Trail Venue

I've been on a site visit, measured up, surveyed the space, gulped... but here is a photo of my venue for the Burnham Art Trail, 19th/27th June. Its a window in the Tourist Information Office. Bit of thought needed as it has permanent display boards, my textile art is too thick to slide into the frame fittings, so I guess it will be cv/artist statement. As you can see you can literally park a pavement's width away from the window....
Oh, and you will find me stewarding at the Museum on the afternoon of Monday 21st June.

10 May 2010

Apologies a whole month has raced by. Little art work has been done because of the domestic situation, but good news DH starts back to work (restricted hours at first) this week. Unfortunately I've had 3 family bereavements in as many weeks, so time/focus is consumed elsewhere.

The good news however is that I am in the Essex Summer of Art brochure, along with Juliet I'm actually in it twice - well, once and smidge!!! On the Rochford Art Trail page there's a picture of my work, different from the one used on the website. And on the Burnham Art Trail page, the work the children are looking at is mine.

On the 24th April I attended the ERTF Conference - Juliet gave a talk under the Members Spotlight section, which went really well considering she suddenly had to cope with being pushed up the agenda. The Conference was primarily about Fashion, but even as someone who is not a fashionista I thought there were plenty of anecdotes, hints and tips to be universally applied to textile art. I'm looking forward to the next Conference in November, "Concepts and Meanings" - considering my book purchase at this conference was "Signs, Symbols & Ciphers" - I think it will be just what I want. Its in the diary, I've booked the car (we only have the one, so I'm in first!).
Hopfully when I next blog there might be pics of work actually made.... a huge list of ideas waiting to be implemented.

01 April 2010

Good News... & Good News!!!

Collected my work from the Hospice and I've sold FOUR pieces, happy dancing. All four of my Heart Series pieces I put up have found new homes, if you bought them I hope you enjoy, and thank you. I do have two more in the series...

(pink/green) is: Forever Friends. (blue) is: Love Is...
And more news today... I have my allocation for the Burnham Art Trail - I will be in the Tourist Information Centre, end of June.

26 March 2010

I'm on the Web!

I was thrilled this week when I received news that a pic of my work has been chosen alongside others to illustrate the Rochford Art Trail The Trail takes place the last two weeks of October. This is one page of the Essex Summer of Art, and I will hopefully be participating in the Burnham Art Trail too, if you look at the righthand menu you can see lots of art events.

My work at the Hospice comes down next week, no idea how its all gone, will find out perhaps when I attend. But time will be limited, as I have to drive the 25 miles there, pack up the work and be back home to then take himself to a hospital appointment.

14 March 2010

Catch Up

Although things have been busy on the home front, I have managed to complete my paperwork for the Burnham Art Trail... and next I need to complete paperwork for Rochford Art Trail, 2/3 weeks to go for that one. I don't like leaving it until the last minute, but it the way it is at the moment. I'd forgotten when only one can drive, how much time it takes up, providing taxi service.

Here are a couple of pictures. The first one is called Amongst the Greenery - it doesn't have a 'design source' except for in my head, this stringing is something which I've done beautifully on a virtual piece since before Xmas!!! The other piece is Heart Mosaic and is rough rectangle shapes with "naive" machine quilting - but its not a quilt!!!
The ERTF/Owen Jones project is now on hold, which on a personal level is good, because life has exploded, but I will make something, as again I've got another virtual masterpiece constructed!!
I know my Etsy shop has nothing in it at the moment... I'm afraid it will have to stay that way because there is only so much I can deal with.

02 February 2010

Hospice & Hospitals

Sorry for the delay in updating. Well my work is now up in the Hospice, on display until the end of March. For a few days it was touch and go whether I'd actually go ahead with this or not.
Unfortunately my husband collapsed about 10 days ago, nearly died and required emergency heart bypass surgery. So our lives have been turned upsidedown.
Keeping an appointment, yesterday, to set up art work seemed the least of my worries. However, this arrangement had been made over 2 years ago, and I didn't want to abandon it if at all possible, but with DH now safe post surgery in hospital it proved best to go ahead, as once he comes home he will need more care. So its actually also proved a bit of a milestone of its own right, in that this is the first exhibition, albeit a small display, that I have put up entirely by myself. Previously I've been in with friends, or staff at a venue have helped. I hope the staff and visitors will enjoy what's on offer, lots of people made nice comment when passing through as I set up yesterday.
Next I've to prep the paperwork/photos required for entry to an Art Trail.... not really sure how that is going to work out, as DH will be home soon, and I've only got a couple of weeks, but pressure does focus the mind on decisions. May be I can have some pretty pics to put up here soon, especially by my new bridge camera which arrived in the midst of the crisis and has yet to be unpacked!