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17 August 2010

New work, tasters...

Here are a couple of pics of new pieces I've recently made.  Stitching on paper, as I do a lot of.

The brown is a detail from "Strata", and the green from "Terre Verte".  This is the compromise I had to make, as my sewing machine broke when I was trying to make free machine 'flowers'.
So these pieces completed the work for Fabrication, my solo.

Next project is to make a piece of work for the ERTF Owen Jones inspired project.  After attending a study day on this, I said No to continuing with it, for varying reasons, not least looking back I think I was overwhelmed with all I had plans for plus the enforced difficulties of looking after a sick hubby.  But the opportunity came my way again, and after careful thought, life issues resolving, I changed my mind and said Yes.  So I will need to barely stop for breath before embarking on the next deadline.

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