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15 July 2010

Which piece of paper first?

This is my workspace at the moment, trying to sort out , what where, why, when. I have my allocation for the Rochford Art Trail - local opticians, which needs a site visit and more paperwork completed. A form to complete post Burnham Art Trail. A piece of work to be made for my Embroiderers' Guild Branch based on the Tudor Rose. Another opportunity which I need to think about, all the paperwork there to be completed if yes. I've got to check over the EG Branch programme for next year - I've done the actual typing/presentation of, possibly another presentation leaflet to do as well. So glad our main computer is fixed - it came down with "the black screen of death". Luckily I save things to a separate hard drive, so haven't lost anything, but trying to work on a laptop, especially emails which save to there and then can't be re-accessed from the main computer.... sigh. And I was going to do stitching this morning.... may be after lunch now!! No-one tells you, that making the art work is one thing, but time needed for all the paperwork, labels, packaging, artist statements, cv etc - well that's quite another. I need staff!!!

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chocolatefrog said...

So true, I need a PA, accountant, web designer, etc etc! Ah well, variety is the spice...