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22 July 2010

Meetings, meetings and beautiful views

Well in less than 24 hours this week, I've been doing arty things with different organisations.  The first saw me attending a post Art Trail meeting.  This was over at Burnham to discuss how this year's Trail went, ideas for an Xmas event, fundraising etc etc.  Whilst I was in the meeting overlooking the River Crouch - himself went off for a walk, armed with his camera, as the sun was setting.
The 2011 Burnham Art Trail will take place from 25th June until 3rd July.  But already the second weekend clashes with two other things in my diary.  It always happens this way, everything together or nothing!!

Next morning it was off to my EG Branch Meeting - this is a social meeting, bring your stitching and chat.  And very pleasant it was too.
In the afternoon, it was off to see my venue for the Rochford Art Trail in October.  I had a very constructive and helping meeting with Hazel from Mendoza Opticians.  Measured up the space, chatted about things, so hopefully it will all go well.  The Trail is new, so its a learning curve for the local businesses, but my small experience being part of the Burnham Art Trail, helps me to know what I can bring to the event.

And here I am, online and there's a message to say booking has opened for the ERTF November Conference: "Concepts & Meanings" in Norwich.  I'm so looking forward to this, I've had it pencilled in the diary for a while, just need to sort out the logistics of it all now.
So, its back to finalising all the paperwork that these few meetings have generated.

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